30 Most Stunning Burgundy Nails To Try Anytime of the Year

Have you been wanting to try the classic burgundy nails but are not sure what designs to get? Well in this post we have amazing wine color nails and combinations of designs to help you choose the perfect manicure.

Burgundy nails are an amazing color and a lot of people become interested in it at this time of the year. Maroon nails are a lovely fall nail color as well as for winter.

If you have heard the term and are not sure what the color is well it is a shade of deep plum red. The color has an elegant hue like violet which gives a pretty plum-ish look.

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burgundy nail ideas

Wine color nails are a popular color choice during the fall and the festive seasons. If you choose to wear them all year round, keep away from the colors and patterns of certain seasons including Christmas.

Burgandy manicures look especially great in a matte finish. In this post, we will have lovely press-on nails you can buy on Etsy. However, if you want to go with a manicure you can save these images and bring them to your local nail tech.

Amazing Burgundy Nails To Try

The first one on this list is multi-color and design which is quite interesting. burgundy nail ideas

gold and burgundy nails

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Gold Accent and Gold Ombre

These wine color nails are striking, the silver accent nail and ombre glitter one are cute. These glitter coffin nails are a good choice for an elegant Christmas party. Gold and burgundy nails are so pretty and classy too.

long Nails with gold Glitter

Long Coffin Nails

This next idea is a simple and elegant, solid wine-red nail design. If you are looking for something to do yourself this is a good one.

Coffin Burgundy color Nails

Wine Color Nails Matte

Matte nail idea with a little witchy feel to it. There are many interesting designs on every finger and the matte creates balance.

Burgundy matte Nails with flower pattern

Black & Red Dark ombre Finish

These black and burgundy nails are a perfect Halloween nail manicure. The very black blends out into dark red tips.

black and burgundy nails

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Short Glossy with Gold Glitter Edges

This next burgundy manicure is done on short nails with a glitter gold outline and a glossy finish.

short pretty nail ideas with gold shimmer

Matte Finish with Pointy Tips

Pretty color combination to break up the burgundy. These nails will save you time and they are not costly.

Matte Burgundy Nails

Get these nails on Etsy

Long Coffin Ombre Burgundy Nail Designs

If you are a fan of minimalist coffin nail design then you will love these wine-red nails. I love how these look like velvet and they are appropriate for the professional woman.

Matte Burgundy Nails

Feminine Purple Blend

If you are a fan of dark burgundy manicures you will enjoy these short almond shape nails. If you don’t buy these you can save the images and have them done at your salon.

burgundy nails with design

Lovely Festive For Special Holiday

Looking for Christmas nail designs for long enough to stand out you will love these.

From Etsy

Elegant Matte Burgundy Color Nail

Here is a lovely burgundy nail art with a multi-textured finish. Each nail art has a unique look that makes me smile.

Elegant Matte Burgundy Color Nail

Image via fiina_naillounge

Nail With Snowflakes and Glossy Burgandy Finish

Snowflake nails are most prevalent during the winter. These charming round-tip burgundy nails are stunning. The snowflake symbolizes and embraces seasonal change.

dark burgundy nails

Source: nailsbypaulin – instagram.com

Short Square Look with Black silver Embellishment

Anyone who likes short nails is going to like these short burgundy nails. This features a black metallic leaf design and glossy and matte nail art. These dark burgundy nails can go with anything and to any event.

Short Square Look with Black silver Embellishment

Touch of Cocoa by Bagabieva Nails

Pretty French Tip

Here is another elegant option for you if you want something not too much. There is beauty in simplicity and these nails are a good example.

burgundy nail designs

Burgundy Tips by Isabel May

Heart Square Matte Nail Idea

These short manicures sparkle and have a romantic vibe. These have natural-looking lengths that are both bold and feminine. If you have a little experience you can recreate these glittery heart nail ideas.

matte burgundy nail

Image via nailsbyballanora

Trendy Long Nail Manicure

Here is a lovely long acrylic nail for those who are bold enough to pull them off. The design is not overly complicated but eye-catching. Save this image and book your next manicure with something that can create this detail.

burgundy nail

Image via gmarienails

Short and Shiny

Classy shades such as these will pop among any clothes. The color combination looks cute and elegant.

pretty red shade

Image via Instagram/merlin_nails

Long Marble Nails

If you want something stunning that seems like the outer world this is for you.

marble nails with design

Image via fiina_naillounge

Brick – Wood grain – Marble Burgundy Nails with Design

Here is a unique way to incorporate a burgundy brick-looking design into your nails. I love the matte as it is sophisticated but the design is bold and eye-catching.

burgundy nails with design

Image via kingstonnails

Matte Slim Tip Nails

Matte also with glossy tips, short and cute in length. The design is clean and perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to over-design nail art. All in all, these are amazing and we love them.

Matte Slim Tip Nail Art

Pretty Glossy Burgundy Nail Art

Pretty deep burgundy nails which are chic and you can even DIY. We love the small details on them too. If you are looking for a modest design that is equally stunning.

dark burgundy nails

Almond Gel Nail Ideas

Almond-shaped nail art is not only chic but also a great alternative to stiletto nails. If you are looking for a fall homecoming nail art design this is a good choice.

almond burgundy manicure

Beautiful Short designs with flowers

If you want to fall nail art with leaf and this deep pretty shade of burgundy above all they are practical.

Beautiful Short designs with flowers

French Tip Mani Idea

These cute French tip nails are stunning, with burgundy at the tip. This nail art design features nude nails at the bottom with a small detail of glitter. Maroon nails with silver glitter that you can get.

French tips maroon nails

Image credit @nailsxjazmarie

Burgundy with Silver Accent

This next burgundy nail art inspo features an ombre color and silver accent glitter nails. These are pretty and they make great winter style, weddings, or other formal events.

burgundy nails with silver

Rhinestones with Marble Blend

Up next is this amazing design with so many different things to focus on. This nail features multiple designs, an ombre with a marble top, a matte burgundy nail with rhinestones, a glossy burgundy nail, and an accent marble nail with a drip of burgundy.

maroon nails

Which of these nails with design are you going to try eventually this time around? If you are looking for something bold but don’t want to wear red burgundy nails is the way to go.

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