20 St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs 2024

Everyone knows green is a must color for St Patrick’s Day and your nails are no exception. Here are twenty St Patrick’s Day nail designs for march nail ideas look this year.

If you celebrate St Patrick’s day then you should go all out and paint your nails and embrace the lucky holiday. The most famous Irish symbol is the clover which means luck. If you don’t usually wear green what better time of the year to wear green and look fabulous?

These march nails will help you celebrate this holiday as well as a new mani for the month.

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Cute St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

1. Coffin shape St Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas

For the first nail art, we have beautiful shellac-looking green nails with a pattern and clover leaf. The length of the nails is bold and the design is trendy and fashionable.

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

Image via riyathai87

2. Unicorn and gold St Patrick’s Nail Arts

If you are a fan of unicorns then you will love my second nail design. Three of the nails are painted with pastel green gel nails, one in glitter gold and others white base unicorn and rainbow.

saint patrick nails

Nails from @marissaaug

3. Simple st Patrick’s day nail Designs

The nails are polished green with speckles of gold on the bottom, and the accent nails are striped in three colors, green, white, and orange. Green nails can seem a bit hard to go with items from your wardrobe but these won’t.

Simple saint patrick nails

Image via @oohlulunailtech

4. Glitz and rainbow four leaf clover nail art

This next nail design is done on almond shape nails for women who want something practical and elegant at the same time.

Simple st Patrick's day nails

Nails via IG | Shop the Nails Decals here

5. The 4 Leaf Clover St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

Saint Patrick nails in a simple beautiful form, white base with accent nails with single clover. The design is minimalist for a girl who likes a clean look for this holiday.

four leaf clover nail art

Image source

6. Clover Pond Mani

7. Cute Pond Shamrock Classy st Patricks Day Nails

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

8. Luck and Pot o’ Gold Saint Patrick nails

9. Glitter Green Top

St Patrick’s Day Nail Designs like this one is beginners friendly. The base is done with clear polish and medium-sized green glitter Ombre top. If you are in the mood for something simple and effective this could be it.

shamrock classy st Patricks day nails

10. Short Green Saint Patrick Nails

Looking for short acrylic day that expresses your love for the holiday? Look at my next pick, it’s quite cute and the green is not too dark. Four leaf clover nail design with soft greeny touch and white.

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

11. Chrome Classy St Patricks Day nails

St Patrick’s Day nail designs like this one are super stunning and will stand out against any crowd. If you love flashy-type nails in the lucky color with clover give this a try.

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

12. Polka Classy St Patrick’s day nails

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

13. Super Cute

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

14. Simple st Patrick’s day nails

Short nail designs can be just as cute as longer versions. This design was done on natural short nails, painted with bright colors.

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

15. French st Patrick’s day nail art

Clear base polish with light green tip and silver lining. French St Patrick’s day nail art for women with practicality.

french st patrick's day nail art

16. Muti color green nails

The next nail, I am loving is this metallic green, dark green, and rough coat green. The nails are cool for professional girls as well.

saint patrick nails

17. Green Matte Nails

Matte nails are high on every stylish girl’s list. Green matte nails with golden clover, the accent nail is gold glitter with rainbow cloud stripe.

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

18. Stiletto St Patrick’s Day Nails

The next design is done on short nails, unlike some long stiletto shaped nails.

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

19. Short Cute Nail Art Designs

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs

20. Rainbow Accent Nail Design

St Patrick's Day Nail Designs



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