20 Green Christmas Nails

The holiday is all about being festive and Green Christmas nails are in full swing. We want to embrace the holiday spirit with gorgeous Christmas nails. These green Christmas nails will brighten your whole holiday mood. Colors such as emerald green nails, gold and green combinations.

These will go well whether you are taking the idea to a salon to have them done by a specialist or you intend to do them on your own, these pictures will serve as an inspiration. Green nails are trendy doesn’t matter the season.

Video Tutorial: Red and Green Festive Nails

Below is a tutorial to help you create a fancy design.

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Best Green Christmas Nails – Design to Copy

Bwloe is some of the most stunning Christmas nail designs you can copy.

1. Green and gold Nails

This nail art is festive and pretty, the Green and Gold Nail design with the star gem brings you into the Christmas mood.

Gold and Green Manicure Designs

2. Coffin Nails With Pretty Snowflakes

The Christmas winter wouldn’t be in full without some snowflakes and glitter. The green base with snowflakes and glitter looks really cute. The accent nails have a green base and glitter that help make the design even better.

emerald green christmas nails

Image from @_MEJZI

3. Christmas Nail Art Designs

This next design has some pretty gift-wrapped details that let you know it’s the season of giving.

Christmas Nail Art Designs

4. Pretty Stylish With Christmas Tree

Here is a lovely festive nail idea to admire. The nail design has green, nude, and gold metallic nails. One of the nude nails has a candy cane design and the other has a Christmas tree.

simple green christmas nails

Image:  adriannawysocka

5. Red and Green Nail

Xmas green nails can really help you get in that jolly mood. Mixing all your favorite festive colors to create amazing art like this next nail design. Green Christmas Nails with the popular holiday flowers as well.

Green Christmas Nails

6. Green, Red and White

Here we have a DIY design for those days when the salon is not an option. The nail features a red. green and white base. The red base glitter top, green nails will glitter topcoat, and the white accent nails have red and green polka dots.

short manicure with polka dots

7. Pretty Gel Polish

I love the finishing look of this gel Christmas nail, it is pretty but maybe not the most beginner-friendly. If you have short nails this will slay the holiday and they would look good on longer nails as well.

green christmas nails design

8. Nude and Emerald Green Nails

This classy coffin-shaped green and nude nail mix is elegant and pretty. Two nails have a nude base with star decals, others green base one glitter others solid green. You could choose to make only one nail nude with the star and green rhinestone.

Nude and Green Christmas Nails

9. Lovely Almond Shape Green and gold Nails

Almond nail ideas are always welcome during any holiday. These next designs are both festive and elegant suitable for a mature or for a girl at the office. The cream-colored nails are designed with ornament and gold stars.

The other two Christmas green and gold nails are painted in traditional plaid patterns and the gold topcoat is with glitter.

Pointy Green and gold Nails

10. Lovely Marble Green Christmas Nails Vibe

For the 10th nail, this is a glossy marble design, that I just love. The design features a deep emerald  base and two accent nails with a white base

Marble Green Christmas Nails

11. Mistletoe and Christmas Tree

These lovely green xmas manicure nail art designs are new features, sweater designs, small white polka dots, snowflakes and mistletoe, and matte finish. This look is elegant and we love it.

matte Mistletoe and Christmas Tree

Image via nailssbykate

12. Sparkle and Snowflake

This is a lovely choice of nails for the holiday if you want something classy. You know we love classy designs and this is one of our favorites.

Long green almond manicure

Image via elisium_nails

13. Green Xmas Nails

Xmas green and gold nails with soft and minimalist design. I love the square top with the gold glitter French tips.

glitter nail inspiration

Image via Instagram/gelsbybry

We love the color combination, brown and matte green, these are so cute.

green Christmas nails design inspo

Image credit @barbrafeszyn

15. Elf Decoration Design

Add some elves they represent the holiday humor so well. We love these, we think they are so pretty and with holiday cheers.

elf decoration design

Image credit @barbrafeszyn

16. Candy Cane Mixed Mani

The nails feature holiday elements such as candy cane, and a small version and I love the green and red nails.

Mixed Green mani

17. Matte Coffin Nails


18. Gold and Green Combo

Gold and Green Combo

19. Gold and Christmas Tree

Green tree Christmas nails

20. Classic Plaid Designs

Classic Plaid

Green Grinch nail art designs are another way to design your manicure for the holiday.

21. Long green Style

Green Christmas Coffin Nails

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