30+ Easy Christmas Gel Nails Festive Holiday Design 2023

When looking for inspiration having a specific type can be sometimes challenging. If you want to have Christmas nails but gel nails then you want ideas just for that.

For this holiday give yourself a real treat by indulging in a luxurious gel manicure. Beautiful nail art can really boost your confidence just like makeup and that little outfit you love. A good gel manicure can last up to four weeks.

Red and White Short Mani

Acrylic and gel nails are two different things. Acrylic nails are made with a powder dipped in solvent. These are used to lengthen ( great on coffin nails ) the nail or provide a stronger top layer over the natural nail. Gels, on the other hand, are made hard by being cured under a UV or LED lamp. Acrylic nails come in color sometimes but are usually naturally clear-toned while gel nails come in polish-toned.

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Christmas Nails Gel
Christmas Nails Gel

Short Red and Silver nails

This next nail art is done on short nails, beautiful red gel polish with accent ring finger silver. The silver nail has a gift-wrapping design done on it, this helps the design to not be too basic.

Beautiful Gel nail art design

Beautiful Gel nail art design

Up next is a Christmas nail art done on a red base with a design in white. The white has festive elements such as a snowman and snowflakes with Christmas stars.

Red gel nails

Candy canes and a whole lot of bling

This next design has a lot of eye-catching rhinestones. If you are looking for something with all the Christmas elements this design is it.

Holiday spirit with candy stripe

Super cute Christmas nail

I love this nail art because of how the elements work well on this length of the nail. The length of the nails is quite lovely as well. This is a head-turner inspired by traditional colors and elements.

Christmas gel nails

Be careful with your gel nails like you would do with acrylic. Take care of your nail beds and cuticles so application and removal are important. Do not rip your nails off get them removed at a salon or do it yourself at home with acetone, tin foil, cotton balls, and a nail file.

Micro French Tip

This design is in black, white, and clear colors that may not be traditional Christmas colors. Christmas gel nails with small black thin tips and nude base with sparkles.

christmas gel nails

Christmas Red and White

Bring the fun candy color to live with these short nails. The tip is glitter ombre on two fingers, with two candy stripes, and the index finger has a red snowflake with a gem.

christmas gel nails

Tiny Christmas Tree Nail Art Idea

You can have a lot of fun with this design, small trees, branches with ornament, and silver and white ombre another nail is a red base.

Paint light white colors and top them off with small green trees and branches. The red nail acts as an accent nail that draws attention.

christmas tree design

Stunning holiday nails guide

Choose the gel nail polish you want and sometimes you may have to call your salon to get the color you want.

Here are colors you can use when doing it at home and also it is a perfect gift idea. So fitting for the season right?

Chic Greys

The square shape gives you a lot of room to design and the reindeer head and black snowflakes stand out.

chic grey nails

Grey and White Festive Design

I love this next Christmas gel nails, they are not the bright color like some of the others but calmer. One nail has a grey base and a white snowman with small gems as its button.

Two other nails are grey and also have grey glitters which are really lovely. The other two nails are done with a white base and that really helps enhance the whole look and uniform them.

Gray christmas gel nails

Jolly Red Christmas nails

Red glossy nails are hands down the go-to color for the holiday. A nice classic red gel manicure will last all season long. Add other decals to make it even more special like this one.

Red Christmas nails

Christmas Nails Gel Festive Nails

Green Christmas nails are another top favorite of many fashion-forward women. This next design has a green forest look at the top and the bottom, in between it’s like a snow path with reindeer. I love the look of the snow falling and the artwork of the deer, you should save this one for your next visit.

green Christmas nails

Black and Red Christmas Nails

I admire Christmas nail art such as this one that demands attention. Not all Christmas nail art has to be red and green. This gel nail feels perfect for winter days. You may need a steady hand to pull this design off yourself but with some practice, I am sure you will master it.

Christmas gel nails

Blue Christmas Gel Nails Designs

I love this next nail look of ombre pattern in the blue and soft white tip is like an ice snowy mountain. This design also mimics the classic white French tips with snowflakes and glitter that give a fresh spin.

Blue nails for Christmas

Pretty Mismatched Christmas Nail Art Idea

If you are ever confused about which element you need for Christmas, this is exactly what you need. This allows you to play around with all different Christmas designs, one on each nail.

Get the tutorial at So Nailicious

Christmas Nails Gel

Glossy red nails are a popular holiday look. If you love reindeer then copy this idea, the accent nail looks great.

Stiletto shape nails

Gold glittery nails

Glitter Christmas nails will take you beyond the holiday. Calling all the girls who love some gold glitter, here is an easy DIY gel manicure to copy.

Christmas gold nail

Red Minimalist Nail

Elevate simple red nails by adding an accent nail art with white snowflakes and snowfall.

Red nails for the holiday

Red nails, stripe, and polka dot nail

Red Christmas nails with white are so on-brand for the festive season. The Santa hat is painted on so you may need a professional to recreate.

Christmas gel nails

Christmas gel nails With Golden Accent

I love how DIY-worthy this next design is, so you can put those home manicure sets to good use.

Christmas gel nails

Beautiful Holiday Wedding Nails

Getting married and thinking of white Christmas nails.

white christmas nails

Green, Candy Cane, Snowflakes + Long Christmas Nails with tree

This next gel nail design is just so joyful, with snowflakes, candy canes, a Santa hat, a red Christmas tree, and reindeer on long coffin nails.

Festive gel nails

Elegant black and white classic

Black and white snowflake nails for Christmas time if you want an alternative to the classic colors.

Christmas gel nails

Short square Christmas gel nail designs

If you love short nail art we have you covered with this fun nail idea.

snowflake nails with white, red and gold color

Pearly White Nails

The next design has an elegant appeal to it, glitter is always appropriate in manicures.

Christmas gel nails

Red with Stars Snowflake Nails

This is one of our favorite designs, it embraces the whole holiday spirit. If you want a holiday nail art that is also very DIY-friendly then give this mani a try.

Christmas gel nails

These Christmas gel nail designs will put a smile on your face

All the fingers have a unique design to them which is really special. If you are looking for Christmas elements that are cute and fun you will love these Christmas gel nails.

Christmas gel nails

Chic Modern Design

Get you in the holiday spirit without doing too much. These Christmas nail designs feature a lot of wintery holiday elements. The classic color of red and white interloop.

christmas nail designs

All Red

If you want something seasonal and easy classic Christmas colors such as cherry red will do the trick.

classic christmas colors

Image credit @oliveandjune

White, green, and red polka-dot nails

The emerald green stands out and catches my eye instantly. Your mani will have an equal part of what the holiday season brings.

christmas gel nails ideas

Green Hard Gel nails

This matte festive nail design features ornament. Christmas tree and large snowflake. If you love to have your manicure decorated with crystals we think this would be a good fit.

Christmas gel nails

Christmas Stockings and Stars

This next idea you can do yourself, gather your red polish, and white to create the stars. You will need steady hands to design the stocking and to create a subtle sparkle.

Christmas gel nails

Green Color Almond Shape

This is such a beautiful shade of green with a touch of ombre. The darker shade seems to be around the edge but it’s quite subtle.

green color

Image credit @samrosenails

I hope these holiday nail designs will take your manicure to the next level.

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