25 Cute Thanksgiving Nails and Designs 2023

Cute Thanksgiving nails and designs are just as interesting and exciting as Halloween nails. Bring the feast on your turkey design nails this Thanksgiving with these interesting ideas. With your nails, you can express a particular event.

Thanksgiving nails also called November nails are good in general but maybe you want to change things up for the holiday. Take your nails to another level with some creativity that is not for everyday wear. You will enjoy these small changes nothing said you had to stick to one theme.

25 Best Thanksgiving Nails

Nude + Forest Green Pumpkin Nails

Design your nails with a drawn-on pumpkin, adding this element to your design makes it more Thanksgiving and fall.

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Thanksgiving nails


The neutral color and gold

Three fingers are done in solid orange, and the other two center fingers are in a cream base with an orange pumpkin design. The colors are bright and joyful and fit well in the season.

Orange Almond shape Pumpkin Mani

This glossy design is stunning and the creative design is embracing the season.

pumpkin nails


Pumpkin Tip Coffin Nails

These designs are gorgeous and having a long nail is a good way to express your design with a lot of room.

nails with french pumpkin tips

Hand-Painted Turkey Design Nails

This design is about fall, a Thanksgiving list would not be complete without funny turkey art. Every time you look at this you will laugh as it is funny and appropriate.

This gives you an idea of how you can have a turkey pattern on your nail art. Featuring dark colors on most nails with the turkey face being the main design.

thanksgiving glitter nails
turkey brown nail ideas


Nail Design with Turkey

Choosing nails that are really about Thanksgiving with turkey is simple. If you are looking for DIY Thanksgiving nails

thanksgiving glitter nails


DIY Design Ideas

Try our next cute Thanksgiving nails, easy to do, and super adorable. Four nails are painted in a brown-red color and with an accent nail, hand-painted turkey. Although these DIY Thanksgiving nail ideas look simple it may still take some practice to recreate the turkey.

thanksgiving designs for nails

This next nail art is very cute, pastel orange and other bright colors with one finger have the turkey. This is a nice style for teenage girls or women with youthful tastes.

nails for thanksgiving

Feast Element nails for Thanksgiving

Adding the whole feast on your fingers this fall. Elements such as glitter, basket, pumpkin, turkey, and leaves fall. Show everyone you are ready for a lot of food, feeling all stuffed after.

cute thanksgiving nails

Pie and Turkey Design Nails

For foody design, this next nail art has pie-looking and turkey art. Showcase your love for this family event with some of your favorite food.

cute thanksgiving nails

Similar to our previous design but done on shorter nails. Thanksgiving basket, pie, and turkey, one finger with stripe and bow.

Thanksgiving nails

Mauve Glitter with Turkey and Dotted Detail Nail Design

These other designs will look good even after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving colors for nails that will look great. Not necessary with the holiday theme but you can add the theme colors to create interesting nail art. Choose colors such as brown, green, orange, and bright yellow to take the look to another level.

Mauve Glitter with Leaf Detail Nail Design

Glitter Thanksgiving Nail Designs

Cute Thanksgiving nail colors are often colors we dont use all year round and are one of the reasons they are so good. This fall nail design is an ombre wine red to orange leafy look.

Mocha Brown Nails

Pretty leafy design

The next mocha brown nails with painted brown-orange tone leaves on the accent nail with a white base. Accent nails really help a simple design to be more interesting.

thanksgiving colors for nails

Cute Long Leafy Designs

Leaf nail designs are a popular choice for the Fall season. With four different designs on each finger, we have something to keep looking at. Everyone could appreciate this, and you can show them off around your friends and family.

Image via ninjanailz__

Short Red Nail Design For Thanksgiving

If you have short natural nails you may appreciate this idea. All the nails are in red but the accent nail has a turkey decal.

Image via Instagram/nailsby_lisacd

Short Pointy Tips

The next design is done on short nails. Shape nails, the bottom of the nails are in natural color, and the tip is painted with Thanksgiving traditional plaid and season color theme.

short thanksgiving nails

Source: polishedtwins via Instagram

Seasonal Colors and Pointy Tips

Choosing to do your nails in the seasonal colors for Thanksgiving. The colors that are most popular during the fall are Orange, brown, and plaid patterns. This next design is just stylish and cool. Pointy stiletto nails but not too long and this is why these nails are so cute.

thanksgiving nails

Long Coffin Orange Color + Designs

The cute thanksgiving nails idea is this long coffin nail art with orange and leaf decals. The coffin nail shape looks great on all designs really. Three fingers are painted orange and the other two fingers are in clear acrylic and multi-color fall leaf. You can shop fall decals on Amazon here.

Thanksgiving Colors For Nails


Press On Thanksgiving Nails

Choosing to get press on nail art can save you time and money for a mani. Gold glitter is a good autumn color for your nails.

Thanksgiving Colors For Nails

70 Aesthetic Nail Style

With multiple colors, lines, curves and it’s giving us a groovy look. Althought this design doesn’t scream Thanksgiving it gives more room for creativity.

Nails for thanksgiving

Image via Instagram/nailartfairy

Elegant Nail Designs

This trendy design features multiple colors and swirly designs on each nail art. Coffin nail designs always give a lot of space to create interesting designs such as this one.

Image via @nailsby_lisacd

Sweater Pattern with Gold and Brown

Like many of the other nail designs on this list, details make this special. For your turkey day, this is an ideal nail art idea. One nail is in solid brown, the accent fingers have diamond patterns and then thin crisis cross gold lines, and the other line glitter gold.

Image via polishmeliz

Which of these Thanksgiving nails was your favorite design? do you see yourself doing any of these this holiday? If so try them out a few days before so you will have it down before the big day.

f you are planning on doing it yourself, ask a friend or family member to help you out.

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