12 Oyster Nail Ideas We Are Loving

There have been many different fashionable nail designs, oyster manicure is one of those that have gained major popularity recently. Oyster nails have that sheen that makes it seem like it’s inside of a shell.

What are Oyster Nails?

Mermaid is the latest inspired oyster nails characterized by their pearlescent finish, which shimmers and changes color depending on the light. They can be achieved using a variety of styles, including:

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  • Regular nail polish: You can create a subtle oyster effect at home with the right pearlescent polish.
  • Gel polish: Gel polish provides a longer-lasting option and allows for more intense shimmer effects.
  • Chrome powder: For a stunning oyster look, use chrome powder to achieve an ultra-reflective finish.

Why are Oyster Nails Trending?

There are several reasons why oyster nails are becoming increasingly popular:

  • Unique and eye-catching: The iridescent finish of oyster nails sets them apart from other nail trends, making them a great way to stand out from the crowd.
  • Versatile: Oyster nails can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for any occasion.
  • Easy to achieve: With a variety of techniques available, oyster nails can be created by both professionals and amateurs.

Here are some of the hottest oyster nail trends to try now:

  • Classic oyster: A simple pearlescent finish is always a timeless choice.
  • Gold oyster: Add a touch of luxury with gold glitter or accents.
  • Mermaid oyster: Combine iridescent colors and glitter for a magical effect.
  • Chrome oyster: Create a reflective and futuristic look with chrome powder.
  • Matte oyster: For a more modern take on the trend, try a matte finish.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle shimmer or a full-blown glam look, oyster nails are the perfect way to add some luxury to your fingertips.

1. Gold Oyster Nails

 Oyster Nails


These nails feature a chrome pearl finish and gold seashell decals, every detail is stunning.

2. Oyster Pearl Nails

oyster pearl nails

Image credit @claudia_hrnandez

These trendy oyster-inspired nails are a good choice for weddings too. Like with most trends, these oyster design nails are versatile even for minimalist nail lovers.

3. Water Drops Oyster Inspired Nails

short oyster inspired nails

Image credit @rebeccapaintsnails

This is done on short-looking nails, so for ladies who are looking for something simple but enhanced these are great.

4. Chrome Oyster Nails

Chrome oyster

Image credit @slower.hands

These oyster nail manicures are short and stylish. The oyster-inspired manicure features a unique design on every nail.

6. Mermaid Color Oyster Nails

long coffin oyster nails

I love the multi-color ombre nails with a lot of mixed colors. If you are into mermaid core these nails may be a good choice to try sometime.

7. Pink Pearly Oyster Nails

Pink Pearly Oyster manicure

Image credit @myprettyset

There are so many things to admire about these nail art designs.

8. Pretty Patel Short Oyster Nails

Pink Oyster Nails


Pastel color nails are cute and they compliment all skin tones well. These designs are not only eye-catching but bold and girly too. The design features shimmery pink with molten silver designs.

9. Chrome Designs

Chrome Accented

These oyster metallic finish nail art with unique designs. These are edgy and will be a great choice for the girls with an edge.

10. Short Mermaid Core Nails

lovely nails with shell

These short colorful nails are so pretty. The color green, pink, and pearl white base and small detailed designs such as sea shells, starfish, and pearls.

11. Pretty Rainbow Purple Nails

Rainbow purple oyster nail designs

Image @rebeccapaintsnails

These nails are mesmerizing and eye-catching. These nails have shimmer, copper color, and periwinkle with pearls as top decorations.

12. Long Stiletto Oyster Nail Art

Extra Long Stiletto

Image credit @hotebonynailz

Stiletto nails are popular and easy to pull off a shell-like look. We love how amazing this nail art looks.

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