25 Best Glitter Nail Designs To Copy

Glitter nail designs are beautiful no matter the season. Christmas glitter nails are stunning but what about the other season? We need glitter all year round to sparkle.

Ombre glitter nail designs are modern cute and fun as well. Glitter is an easy way to elevate even the dullest of designs. Glitter nails are suitable for any age and make no one tell you otherwise.

Black Glitter Nail Designs

Glitter Nail Arts

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Black nails with glitter like this one will suit well for the New Year party. The matte black nails look good with the touch of glitter. The design is done on coffin nails but would also look good on almond shape nails.

Pink Glitter Nail Arts

glitter Nail Designs

This nail design has a multi-design on each nail. The trend to give each nail a unique design is increasing daily.

Black glitter nail designs

glitter nail designs

Here is another version to style your black nails that look stunning, shiny, and glittering.

Blue Nails with Glitter

glitter nail designs

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These nails are stunning and will save you time, a modern look too. These designs have multiple features such as rhinestones, ombre glitter nails, and v french tips.

Striking Red Glitter Nail Designs

Red Glitter Nail Designs

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These bold red coffin nails are perfect for Valentine’s. The design is simple enough for you to DIY or save yourself time and buy it from the link provided.

Pink Heart Press On Nails

white glitter nails

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This design is so pretty and creative so many interesting things to look at. You can enjoy these long coffin shape nails with glitter and a stunning ombre design technique.

Glitter Line Nails

glitter nails

Image via @aliciatnails

This next design is perfect for school, work, and for those looking for a modest look. With little effort, this nail is giving a stunning vibe to the minimalist.

Soft Pink and silver

Sparkle Nail Designs

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With this fantastic simple design, soft glossy pink with a silver lining. The silver glitter lining makes the nail even more eye-catching. The design is pretty, I love gloss nail color.

Pretty ombre glitter nail designs

glitter nail polish

With more chunky glitter on the nude base mix. This Ombre design is pretty and is done on short nail. I love how easy these are to do with a clear base and large gold glitter to create a lovely ombre.

Black Matte with Gold Lining

glitter nail art

Matte nail designs with two fingers curve gold like this one will grab the eyes of all your friends. If you are looking for a design with sophistication copy this look.

Cute and Easy Nails

glitter nail polish

This ombre glitter on pink base nail art design. If you are going to a wedding this design will look wonderful on you either as a bride or guest. The polish glitters in the middle of the pink polish.

Burgundy glitter nail designs

burgundy glitter nail art

Burgundy color glitter nail designs are popular for those who don’t like red. I love this, the combination and mixture of design and colors are pretty. With soft pink almost see-through, gloss burgundy, and glitter accent burgundy nails. I am in love with this flattering shape.

Cute shades of Pink Finish

glitter nail art

Love this! wanting to get a manicure to feel like a princess. All nails are painted with different shades of pink, glitter, and rhinestones. Bringing all your favorite patterns in this manicure.

Black Textured Manicure

glitter nail art

Black nails can be edgy and sophisticated all at the same time. I just love that each nail has a unique black design to it. One solid matte color, matte and black rhinestones, pure black glitter, the ring finger has an ombre black glitter, and the index is covered with black rhinestones.

Beautiful Ombre Design

nails with glitter tips


This Ombre design is quite unique to others listed in this post. Soft rosy pink base, black lines with dots, the glitter of gold, and a butterfly on each finger. Although the nails are uniform they are not boring!

Pink with gold glitter nail designs

nails with glitter tips

source: instagram.com/sloteazzy

Glitter nail designs like these have a Barbie vibe to them, not too childish but not too old for fun. Pink base with a mixture of fine and chunky gold glitter.

Chic Glitter Nail Designs with Decals

glitter nail designs


This is one of my favorites, who doesn’t love this earth-tone design? I am usually not the first to go for a manicure in this color but this combination works so well.

Delicate Pink Nails

glitter nail art


Long Elegant Nail

glitter nail art

source: instagram.com/p/B6mX0xNl9mC

Black and Gold ombre nails

french nails with glitter tips


These black and gold nail designs are perfect for any classy event. One of the best things about this design is impossible to mess up. The glitters are only one nail which makes it a simple design.

Half Moon glitter nail designs

french nails with glitter tips

svetsky_nails via Instagram

This design is one of my favorites because it looks so good on short nails and surely would look good on longer nails as well.

Beautiful White Glitter Nails

glitter nail art


Wearing white and silver has been popular for some time. To bring another touch to white nails is the shimmery white glitter to give a snowy manicure. If you are still in search of an elegant winter manicure this is a good one to copy.

Stiletto Shape Nails

french glitter nail designs


Stiletto nails are not for everyone as they are not as practical for daily use. However, we can make an exception for this lovely design right? Sugary pink glitter stiletto nails to make you a bit extra this season.

Glitter Stars

glitter nails


Were you just as surprised as we were about how a single star on nude nails can look so cute? If you choose to copy this look, you will be getting a lot of compliments.

Nude Shimmer Nail

glitter nail art

This one is my personal favorite because I love soft colors. The design features two nails in full glitter, chunky and colorful the peach nails have a shimmer of ombre glitter quite delicate.

Which of these glitter nails are you thinking of giving a try?

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