Stunning Matte Nails To Copy

Matte nails should be on your list of manicures to try this season. I love matte nails not just because they are on trend right now but also because they look sophisticated. These are great for professional women as well.

I have rounded up some of the best matte nails such as coffin nails to stiletto shapes, ombre, and seasonal hues. You’ll love these designs so let’s get right into it!

In this post expect to find black matte nails, red matte nail art, white matte nails, and a whole lots of pink matte nails.

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1. Soft Pink Matte Autumn Leaf Nails

If you want to wear something as edgy as stiletto nails with the matte polish you will love our first design. This is not a simple design but it is sure memorable and will stand out.

Pink Matte Autumn Leaf  Nails

Source kingstonnails

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2. Matte Multicolored Nails

These are so pretty and with the rhinestone placement, it is so perfect. The rhinestones are inexpensive if you want to try doing them yourself. If you ever wanted to try multicolor acrylic nails these are a good first choice.

Matte Multicolored Nails

Source: alinahoyonailartist

3. Beautiful Pink Matte Nails with Heart

This next nail is a nice valentine’s day choice. These stiletto shape matte nails are not as pointy as some. If you are looking for a more practical option this is worth a try.

pink matte nails

Source: botanicnails

4. Beautiful Blue Matte Nail Design

Choosing 5 different nail techniques to go well with matte nail art. This design is really pretty and simple and if you love blue you will love all these different shades. For matte winter nails, this is a lovely look.

Source: alinahoyonailartist

5. Multi-textured Nail Art

Another great way to compliment matte nails is along multi-textured nails. Black nails are among some of the most classic choices. You may also like black acrylic Nail arts.

Multi-textured Black Nail Art

Source Instagram: @solinsnaglar

6. Marble Black Matte Nails

This next design is black matte nails with a marble accent. I love that the design was done in a coffin shape, it is elegant and sublet as well.

Matte Black Nails

7. Floral and Nude Matte Nails

This is another fun way to design your nails. Floral nails are not new but different versions and are perfect for spring and summer seasons. Nude nails carry a subtle, pretty, and sophistication to them.

Source: @nude_sa

8. Matte Burgundy Brown Nails

Brown is not always my favorite color but in this case, it looks great. Burgundy brown coffin nail art design.

Coffin Matte nails

9. Vday Matte Nails

If you are still looking for Valentine’s day nails then maybe should give this mani a try. Matte nails are perfect for such special occasions.

black matte nails

10. Matte Coffin Nails

Matte coffin nails are a great way to elevate your mani and stay in the trend. A matte finish in soft delicate pink is a classy and elegant option that will surely get you noticed.

pink matte nails

11. Nude pink with Mermaid accent glow

Want something with a bit of a fantasy, why not try this? Matte nails alongside mermaid glow on long coffin nails.

Matte nails


12. Long Bling Coffin Matte Nails

If you love to be within the trends maybe you will love your nails with more edge like this next one. Red and purple gem stones on pink base polish nails.

Source: elize_nails

13. Matte Glitter Nail

If anyone ever said you can’t enjoy some glitter with your matte design, here are proof. Beautiful pink glitter accent on black polish. So for a cool look give this a try, lovely two-toned look.

Matte Black Nails

14. Matte Starry Nails

The dark look is really dramatic but the starry design brings the look to another level. If you have a little nerd in you just want to admire the stars you may like this next look. You can recreate this look easily! just need to make some specks and a steady hand.

Matte Starry Nails

Source reddit / aloofloofah

15. Red Matte Nails

We love red coffin nails, not only for a hot date or valentine’s day. This look may be too bright for work but it sure is pretty.

red matte nails

16. Short Matte Nails

White nails are elegant and perfect for special occasions, but it’s important to add nice details to make them interesting. The flowers are painted with black polish on white finish nails.

17. Beautiful Peach and White Ombre

Ombre nails are still popular among the most trendy women. They will work on any clothes you like. What do you think of these beautiful peachy spring colors?

Matte Ombre Nails

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