When considering getting fresh new nail designs you should probably look to get it done by a professional. Gel nails are best removed by a professional that knows what they doing.

Watch your manicurist’s removal process, don’t let them scrape your nails too aggressively. You can have complicated designs or simple ideas depending on your mood and where you are going.


Anyway let us get you to what you want, these nail inspo will get you hyped up right now.

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1 . Stiletto Shaped Pointy Nails

Stiletto shape minimalist nails in a beautiful light lavender color. The accent nails feature glitter to make the design a little more eye-catching.


2 . Almond shape With Glitter

When it comes to almond shape nails getting them done with gel polish is the ultimate look of class. If you have been reading my blog for some time you know how I feel about almond shape nails.

gel nails

3. Blue mix Accent Ombre designs

Beautiful elegant nails for any occasion, if you are looking for something that versatile, you are in luck! These next designs are done on coffin-shaped nails, super cute. Finding the right simple gel nail ideas can sometimes take some time but these two simple colors work well together.

Blue mix Accent Ombre designs

4. Pattern Almond Shape Designs

The next gel nail design has a unique pattern on every finger. If you want a nail design that brings interest and boldness then check out the next pick.

gel nails

5 . Pointy Ombre pink hue

The next design is trendy and modern, bold and stylish. The nails are painted with three different shades of pink and gemstones at the bottom.

For more hot pink nail designs

stiletto gel nails

6. Coffin Shaped Gel Pink nails with Rhinestones

The next nail design looks unique and for women who want to wear bubble fun colors, this is a good choice. The design has a lot of rhinestones so though it may not be suitable for some professionals it’s a good party nail.

pink nails

Image source: @margaritasnailz

7. Pointy Ombre nails with Glitter

The next designs are done on long stiletto-shaped nails that have colors purple and pink. Large chunky rhinestones to help the nails stand out.

ombre pink gel nails

8. Short Spring gel nail ideas

The next nail designs are spring nail ready, without flowers. They have a soft touch of pink and white tips and ombre colors.

Short ombre nails

9. Edgy Look With Modern Vibe

What I love about the next nail art designs are all the different variations on each finger. Both hands have different designs as well. Snake theme on one hand and fly design on the other with nude and black nails.

Gel nails

10. Pretty Winter theme gel nails ideas

When it’s Christmas time we want to show off our nails. Here are perfect Christmas gel nails or winter nail designs.

11. Lovely Red Coffin Nails

For inspiration on how to wear your red coffin nails, the next designs are perfect.

12. Cute gel nails ideas

Your nail art can be as playful as you like, cartoon nails embrace that child’s fun. The colors are soft delicate pink and white patterns. Almond shape designs

13 . Pretty Nail art designs

Pretty nail designs that are fit for medium-length nails. For the color block, ask your nail technician to recreate this manicure with your favorite colors.

gel nails ideas

14 . Dotted Style Mani

The design is simple and with 3 main colors. The accent fingers are designed with multi-color sequins.

Classy gel nails

15 . Red and white Gel nails for a Romantic event

Valentine’s nails are inspired, they are done with red, gold, and beige colors. The hearts are carefully placed which creates nice patterns.

Simple Gel nail Ideas

16 . Beautiful gel nail designs

Show this to your nail designer, the colors are not bright. If you are looking for something like that.

Simple Gel nail Ideas

17. Yellow Matte Touch

Yellow nails were a big trend this year and I am sure they will continue to be in the coming years. If you like solid colors this is worth trying and you can do it yourself.

18. Avocado Almond Designs

These Avocado nails are stickers so you can DIY. Just apply the white base as you would usually do, clean your nails up then press the stickers on each nail.

gel nail designs

19. Pretty purple Gel nail designs

Purple gel manicure designs are a popular color for girls. This design is quite interesting but not too much.

gel nail designs

20. Trendy Modest Designs

There is nothing boring about this nail design. I can see it being more appealing to mature women or professional girls.

short gel nail designs

21 . Minimalist Manicure

Getting your nails to stand out doesn’t mean they have to be over the top. Keep things chic and minimalist with a clean design like this next one.

22 . Spicy Purple Hue designs

The next design with a mix of gel nail, matte, and glitter. The nails have a mix of light and dark purple nail art.

purple gel nail designs

23. Box-shaped nails

The next design is done on large shape square nail designs. It has a modern look, these edgy square nail ideas are cute and lovely. The length of these is practical and good for almost everyone.

gel nail designs

24. Pink Coffin Nail Art

The next design is simple clean, and totally DIY worthy.

Soft Pink Gel nails

25. Pearly Elegant gel nails

What is not to love about this next design? Strategically placing gold lining on the nails really adds elegance. This design is perfect for weddings or proms.

gel nail designs

26. Pretty Butterfly Manicure

The perfect design for coffin-shaped nails, this butterfly pattern is just that. I love how the blue and the white go well together.

gel nail designs

27. Multicolor Simple Style For Short Nails

Pretty multi-colored nails, choose all your favorite colors to recreate this fun look. You can enjoy multiple shades of short gel manicure ideas.

Image via @oliveandjune

28. Pretty Mix Finish Style

Here we have a multi-color nail and texture. These charming simple designs and ideas with your favorite polish and some glitter.

The nail art has a sophisticated look to make anyone feel classy wearing them. Save this photo to bring to your next manicure appointment.

gel nail design

29. Soft Light Color

Next up these cute wedding nail art with soft color and silver lines. If you ever wondered if these color combinations could work now you know they do. These nails could be worn to any formal event.

gel nail ideas

30. Pink Ombre Nail Art

Up next we have a beautiful hot pink tip on almond-shaped nails with soft pink. The design is eye-catching and quite romantic.

ombre pink gel nails

31. Pretty V shape Almond Nails

Up next we have this stunning soft blue nail tip on two fingers, one solid blue and the other soft pearl color. If you

gel nail art designs

32. Print nail designs for short

I am loving these animal print nail designs and the fact that you can appreciate that they are done in short nails. The colors of these remind me of cow patterns, the color combination is so cute too.

print nail designs for short

33. Almond Shape Bright Yellow Print

Up next this nail art also has prints but the design is done on longer nails. These will stand out and you will get a lot of compliments on them.

gel nail art designs

I hope you love these gel nail art designs. There are so many interesting and cool designs to go with anything in your closet.

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