29 Trendy Spring Nail Designs For 2024

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Spring nail designs have bright colors full of flowers, easter eggs, and joy. Springtime is the time when we leave the winter cold behind. Time to shake things up and jump into a pop of colors. The right design can come from any source around us.

The spring season is right around the corner and there are a few stand-out holidays in such a season. One of the ones that we get hyped for is Easter nail ideas for the holiday and spring. We want to shed the winter and elevate our nails by going with spring colors.

Spring Nail designs

So I have yet again rounded up the cutest and trendy ready spring mani ideas that are totally worth checking out. The nails will be a mix of shoppable ideas for you to choose from.

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Whatever your mood maybe we have you covered as usual.

When I think of spring, I just think of lots of light colors, such as pastel nails.

1. Pastel classy spring nail idea

Springs bring a lot of joy and life to the plants, it is good to embrace. These colors are a bit softer but show the fun fresh look of spring.  Pastel green and purple with matte polish.

spring nails

2. Easy blue designs with Daisy

For a simple nail design, this pretty blue daisy nail art. The length is not too long or too short they look amazing. These will look good with your spring outfit for school.

spring nail designs

3 . Pretty Square Top Nail

These next nails are square-shaped, with small triangle patterns. The color combination is beautiful, I really like this one.

spring nails

4. Spring Flower in Pastel Hue

Each nail features its own unique color and the accent nail has pretty daisy flowers. If you want to embrace the spring season why not get something with floral designs?

spring nail designs

5. Cool Palm tree

Palm trees are never old, they are good for spring and summer nails. If you are looking for a versatile style to transition from spring to summer. Ombre colors cute designs for short nails.

Cool hello

6. Light Yellow Matte Nail Art

Long fun color nail designs that can be simply effective are the goal. The design is pretty will stand out and won’t cost much for those who want to DIY.

spring nail designs

7. Pink Donut Nails

For the nest design, it is a treat, I love the colors and you may too. The design resembles sprinkles on a donut. Pink base colors that look like donut glaze, white, with multi-color sprinkles.

8. Glossy Hot Pink 

Shades of pink are always welcome, and for the spring trends, there is no exception.  The nail art colors are perfect for spring. Simple classy design will speak for itself.

Spring nails

9. Rainbow Spring manicure ideas

Short nails such as these colorful ones are perfect for spring events. For the ladies who prefer a more practical manicure, these are for you.

spring manicure ideas

10 . Baby Pink manicure for Spring

This next nail is one of my personal favorites for two main reasons. The length is perfect and the nail design matches my aesthetic. If you want something chic, and fun but not too fun at the same time then check out this nail design.

Pink spring nails

11. Matte color Designs + Daisies

If you are wearing dark nails from winter, you can still carry that dark look over in spring. Dark nails usually have sophistication to them. Although the next design has a matte base the flowers add a touch of spring feeling to it.

spring nails

12. Black and Peach Color Combo

Would you have thought this color combination could be so beautiful?

spring nail colors designs

13. Glitter Pink Soft Designs

If you are thinking shiny, cute, and delicate then you will love the next nail idea. Glitter will go well with almost all your spring accessories. You can choose from mixing the nails or just going all out with glitter on all.

Nail trends for spring

14. Retro Y2k Design Inspiration

The colors on this nail design are vibrant walk into the new season with confidence. For vibrant spring nail colors, you can opt for this manicure.

Spring Nail Ideas

15. Glitz Nails For Birthday Theme

This next nail is amazing, but not very beginner-friendly. Save the image and check with your nail professional ahead to be sure they can recreate this design. If you want birthday nail designs that stand out this could do just that.

Spring nail color trends

16. Milky Strawberry Pastel Nails

A milky design with light brown strawberry is a pretty pastel color mix. I love pastel colors as a whole and adding these sweet touches to your manicure will leave you with a smile. Each time you look at your fingers they look good enough to eat.

Milky Strawberry Pastel Nails

17. Simple Mutte Colors

These almond-shaped nails with dark and pastel color mix. The soft neutral almond design that you can do with your friends.

multi color nail trend

18. Design With Multi Bright Colors

So up next is this trendy nail color, this is stunning and the colors are great. This design is beautiful, coffin shape but easy to do. Gather all your favorite color nail polish and have fun.

spring nails design

19. Mix and match Spring Nail Designs

When it comes to choosing one favorite nail art, may be hard. With these talented artists, we don’t have to choose. Each nail has its own unique design that demands its own attention.

Mix and match

20. Pink French Tip

Cute french tip nails in pretty vibrant pink to show off to your friends. The nail design is a classic that you can’t really ever go wrong with.

pink French tip nails

21. Simple Line Nails

Line nails can be ever-changing they are stunning and simply elegant. For the ever-stylish girl, this is worth checking out. They are the balance of bold and minimalism.

Spring Nail Ideas

22. Glossy Long Nails

This is a trendy nail design and the bunny is a popular symbol of spring. The glossy finish is lovely and the accent nail enhances a design that could be considered basic.

Bad bunny spring nail art

23. Abstract Minimalist French Tip

This next set of nail art is breathtaking, and the minimalism is perfect. The design features two dominant colors blue and white and the bottom is done in a clear finish.

Abstract French Tip

24. Flower Acrylic Nails

This next idea, it’s bright yellow nails with beige matte flower designs. If you are looking for a fresh matte design these are actually so cute.

acrylic spring nails

Image via louis__escape

25. Pink Matte Nails

These next heart-shaped designs are both elegant and romantic. The pastel colors are memorable and will stand out in any season. You could always use these for your next pink Valentine’s nails.

cute spring nails with flowers

26. Cute Daisy Flower

If you want something that will make you smile, this is a lovely design for that.

cute spring nails

27. Cute Greem and Clear

This classy nail design idea is perfection with a minimalist touch but enough to leave a mark.

Image via braliz96

28. Classy and sophisticated neutral on coffin shape

We have a lot of readers who are looking for these kinds of designs. If you are looking for spring nail art that is effortlessly stunning try this one.

29. Cute Almond Nails for Spring

Getting the perfect nails for spring depends on your personality and taste. This next design features three short French tip nails and two with cute little wildflowers on them.

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These fun spring nails will look awesome when you are also enjoying yourself. I hope you find a manicure inspo that matches you.

spring break manicure
spring break

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