65 Cute French Tip Nails Design Ideas

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65 Cute French Tip Nails Design Ideas. Let’s find the best French tip ideas that have a cute design to them. There is a lot of great French tip design for fingernails but for some reason, all I can find is the same old manicure style.

Today I’ll be creating a full list of over 60 French tip designs, cute and long. These designs will be perfect for cute things like Holidays like Easter, Valentine’s Day, parties, and even clubbing. If you need a Cute French tip I have the list for you.

French Tip Nails Questions?

Before I get started here are a few questions that everyone has been asking.

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1# Do French tips have to be long? – Answer no, French tips don’t have to be long, and some of the best French tips are short.

2# What are French tip nails? French tip nails are nails with polish or design at the tips. Even though some French tips have nail polish on all the nails the tip of the nails is what defines the design.

3# Are French Tip nails Good for Short nails? Answer Yes, Most would rather have longer nails but Shorter nails make for a fun design and they also take less polish to create simple cute designs.

8 Cute French Tip Nails design ideas from brown, colorful, rainbow nail polish, orange nail design, glitter, rhinestone french manicure

It takes little to no effort to get French tips designs like this, You can do these designs at home, so no need to visit the salon. Some of my cutest nails design ideas are the ones that I made and maybe that’s why I love them so much.

Classic Square Tip Short French Manicure

Square Tip Short French

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French tips don’t have to be long they are equally as gorgeous as short nails, You can use your natural fingernails as a base and color the tip in the polish or design you want. You can also buy a pack of empty press-on clear in the shape you want and use that as the starting point.

Short nails are perfect for work and other office business-type things. These are some of the best ways to get beautiful French designs for your manicure to stay on the trend and have your fingers looking amazing.

Square front design short natural nails color as a base and brown polish at the tip with design and rhinestone on the middle fingernail.

Short Glitter French Tip Chrome Polish

Short white French nails with glitter

Chrome or glitter nail polish will always have that spark associated with it but that’s what makes the design fun. Imagine adding this Stunning Chrome nail polish to the tips of your short nails and Think how beautiful it would look.

Short Square French White Nails 

white French tip nails design ideas and nail polish

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White nails will always look gorgeous no matter the design, especially if you have the right white nail polish that will paint your nails and leave them looking perfect.

There is plenty of nail polish out there but Xtreme is a nice-looking white and with all the great reviews you know it’s trusted to give you the look you want.

Medium Length Nail with White Tip

White medium Length Nails with mix French design and

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White tips give a more classic elegance version and in most cases, this is the perfect choice for nail color. When It comes to Medium length nails people often have mixed feelings.

Most would rather have long nails for fun or short nails for work. But Medium length is a great option when styled with a stunning design.

Sugar Glitter Long Coffin French Tips

Blue long French tip coffin nails with diamonds

Coffin Nails has always been a great nail shape, from the length to the style it gives off an elegance when adding design to the shape. That said, coffin shape with French tips is taking your manicure design to the next level.

This doesn’t only give a stunning but elegant look to the shape but it’s also a very stylish way to create and design unique look nail ideas. This Sugar glitter design on long coffin fingernails looks amazing, especially with the design of the French tips added as the core design look.

Long White Coffin with Diamonds French Design

Long White Coffin French Nails with Diamonds at the Top

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French style Diamond Studs, white tips. Stunning long press-on nails with a fresh look, skin tone base, and white color at the tip, very lovely. The diamond studs are a nice touch to the French design and give an appeal of elegance to the overall design of the nails.

Long Multicolor French Tip with Cute Stones

Long Multicolor French Tip with Cute Stones

Matte Long nails with a multi-color nail polish design, white, burgundy, brown, and cream with rhinestones. These are unique nail designs with darker shade matte colors nail polish to give you a fresh look.

French Tip Manicure with Design

French Tip Nails with Design

It’s always good to start your French tips with a nude base color. That means you will always have a base and all you need is the tip of your nail color.

Everyone has their nail design idea because we all won’t like the same things so it’s very important to use these as ideas to create your design.

French Design in Pink White and Green Polish

Pink White and Green Nail Polish French Tip

Create that fun pastel color design on French tips and get something like this design. Cute French tips with a multicolor polish design are very elegant.

Pointed Tip Black and Red Long Nails

Pointed Tip Black and Red Long Nails


Pointed-tip nails have been a Halloween Fan favorite and these are the reasons. These long red and black pointed tips have a nice red heart design perfect for Valentine’s Day but you can add another polish color to these long tips and create something stylish.

Oval Shape Short with French Tip Nails Design

Oval Shape Short manicure Design with French Tip

French nails come in all shapes, and oval is just the start. Look at this gold lining, with purple tip nail polish with pink base color. The cute oval shape will almost always give the nail a nice look.

Long French Tip Nails

Long French Nails

Brown nail polish can be popular when you create a perfect blend, mixing beautiful nail polish with long nails and you can get a gorgeous manicure look. Brown is a great idea when blending natural tones with nail polish.

3D Creepy Hand Design with black and red French nails

Long Red and black French Tip with a Creepy Design

Red and black long nails, stunning polish with nude French base, and beautiful design. This is a great example of how a 3D creepy Long Halloween Nail should look. Get stunning Halloween nails with creepy scary design ideas.

Halloween Pumpkin French Nails

Pumpkin Halloween Design French Tip Nails

This looks more like a graphic design than a Halloween Pumpkin nail with Creepy scary designs. But we have a French nail for every event and this is just perfect for Halloween. This pink and yellow Halloween Pumpkin design nails with French design and diamonds are just perfect, and it’s a great idea to try.

Colorful Multi-Design Nails

Multicolor and Multi Designs Nails

There are a lot of gorgeous nail designs to be added. French design comes with a lot of room to explore, but if you have the time try this fingernail design look.

Rounded Nails with French Design Ideas

French Nails Design

Try this lovely shade of green and polish your nails into this stunning shade.

Dior Design with Short White Nails

Dior Design with Short White Nails

Dior is a brand of its own and it’s always a great idea to work with the brand you know, This is a cool white and gold design that you can try out.

Sugar Glitter V Shape French Tips

Long white french tip nails

White nails are one of the popular nail polishes that everyone likes to wear with French manicures and for many reasons. White is a neutral color and it’s one of the most popular nail polish you can find.

Black French tip Nails with Cherry Design

Black French tip Nails with Cherry Design

Black color will always bring out an elegant design and it’s a favorite for many people. I enjoy wearing black as a nail idea and think it’s an overall stunning classy color for nail polish like French designs.

As the base color black or white will always be the number one, doing nail design like this you can add a little more like this 3D cherry. This 3D design adds more than just a design style to the nail look but it also brings flare.

Power Puff Girl Acrylic French Tip Fingernails Design

Power puff girl Acrylic nails design

I do enjoy the look and design of these cartoon creative nail art. This French nail has eye-catching details with natural nail color as the base and white at the top. Try this stunning cartoon design of a classic power puff girl designs for your nail art design.

Short Black and White Nails Strip Design

Short Black and White Nails with Strip Design

We all try to add an extra flair to your French tips. This stripped-tip nail design is the perfect blend of black and white and looks naturally cute.

Flat Green Fingernail Polish with French Tip

Flat green nail polish with French tip

Flat nails have their appeal but I always think flat nails should be short, still, these are very nice and the polish looks great as well.

Long Pink Cute Smiley Nails Design

Long Pink Cute Smiley Nails Design

Smiley face, sad face, how cute, or these long pink nails, these nails have many designs to them, but they are all so cute.

Orange Oval Fingernails with French Tip Design

different color french tip nails

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Orange is a color that brightens up the room and different shades of orange will give you different results. Has someone who enjoys colors and always tries to mix and blend different shades to create something brand new.

This shade of orange is a gem, It’s a stunning color and will be a great choice.

Different Color French Tip Nails

White and red flat French tip nails

Any fingernail shape will do when it comes to French tip designs, Pick a design and choose the style that you want.

Pink French Tip Design

Pink French tip

Beautiful pink V shape long French tips design. Get the best pink nail polish that shines with the glossy shades of baby pink.

Short Purple French Tips with Flowers design

Short Purple French Tip nails with Flowers

Stunning purple floral nails design with white flower design idea. This is a beautiful purple manicure design with springtime flowers.

Black and Red Fire Tips designed

Black and red firenails designed with French tips

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Fire red design with black nail polish just got cooler and mixed with a beautiful set of flat-tip nails.

Long Glossy French Design with Rhinestone

blue tropical long French nails with rhinestones

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Some nail design just has that appeal and these aqua-blue nails with stone and glitter just made my day. I admire the lovely design and love the style of these gorgeous French tips.

Square Fall French Tip

colorful long french tip nails

Showcase that fall French tip add a list of stunning colors to your design and create that fall/ summer style.

White Strips Oval Shape French Tips

Short white oval shaped french tip

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Rounded shapes with French tip designs just have an appeal to them that will make you want to try them all.

Orange long Ombre French Tips

Orange long Ombre French Tips

Instagram Source

Ombre designs look amazing on any nail design. If you are looking for a French tip design then this is a great look too.

Long Glitter Nails design Sparkle and Shine

Stunning glitter long french tip nails

This is a great look for a flare nail shape, Long flare nails will always give a creative look. There are a lot of stunning nail designs we can do with glitter and this looks like a nail design I would love to try.

Blue square long-tip nails

Blue square long French nails

If you’re a fan of blue acrylic then this light beautiful blue is a nice nail polish to try.

Sky Blue Nail Polish French Design

Sky blue long square shape nails with blue floral designs

Sky blue long square-shaped nails with blue floral designs.

Short Round Tips with Black Heart Design

Short black heart design nail designs

Stunning black heart design with dotted head and black nail polish at the tips

Swirl Rainbow Design On Nails Tips

colorful bright medium length striped nails

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Colorful Swirl design on French tips with rainbow color blends as manicure polish creating a unique colorful design.

Black and White V Shape designs

French tip designs

Ready for a black-and-white nail design idea? This French tip design comes in a stylish design and the V shape makes it a stunning look.

Long Square tips with Light Pink Polish

Long square French tip with light pink nail polish

Red Long Snake Design French Nails design

Beautiful long red French Nails with snake design

The taller the nails the better they are but why waste time doing the design yourself when you can get a simple press on nails that can do the job quicker?

Black Red Cute Long Tip Nails designed

Black and red cute long nails with French tip

If you enjoy press-on long nails then this design is perfect. The red and black design creates a stunning design.

Ghost Halloween Designed Square Long French Nail

Ghost Halloween designed Square Long French tip Nail designs

Press on nails for Halloween and just look at the art on these nail designs.

Black Blue with White French Tips

Black, blue, and white French tip design ideas

Another two-color nail design based on French black and blue polish.

Square Long Black Acrylic Nail Design

Square long black acrylic nails design ideas

Style your manicure in this stunning black shade and get a dark tone to your nail tips that looks amazing.

Beautiful Long Orange Nails

Beautiful long orange French Tip nails

Funny how orange nail designs can capture your imagination, from the orange pumpkin design that looks cute with long tips.

Cute Short Pink Tips

Cute Short Pink French Tips

Beautiful short pink French design, simple cute natural base color fingernails.

Pink Shades Colorful Ombre Tips

3 Shades of pink long coffin shape nails french tip nails

Keep trending this summer and try out this lovely set of pink ombre blends. From a coffin French look to these amazing shades of pink, you have the perfect pink nails.

Colorful Green French Tip Coffin Design

4 shade of green long coffin nails french tip

Another green nail design that has some of the best green colors from light to bright green.

Boo Ghost Pink and White Square Tip Nails

Square French Tip Nails

Square shape nails have a lot of potential, you can do so much with them, and create some of the cutest and coolest designs that don’t seem possible with most of the other nail shapes.

Just look at how gorgeous this pink ghost design looks, it’s beautiful and perfect for Halloween.

Snake Design Oval French Tips

Stunning snake design French tip oval long nails

Shop Esty

Beautiful Snake patterns design with French Tips. Get snake design with easy press-on creating a look and ease of use.

Multi-Color Short Oval French Nail Designs

Multi color short oval french tip nail designs

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Going with a different look and style, no one nail shape will give you the appeal that you want but you can try this.

Cute Oval Nails with Stars and Amazing Design Patterns

Cute Oval nails with stars and amazing design patterns

This is another short oval-shaped nail with some cool patterns, the cute little stars with the crazy patterns, really give a creative look and feel to them.

Blue Nail Polish with Almond Shaped Nails

Blue Nail Polish with Oval Shaped Nails

Beautiful Navy blue Tips loving long Almond shape summer blue nail polish.

Press on pearl white French Design

Flat White Rhinestone French Tip nail designs

Shop Esty

Get that press-on with pearl design French tips in beautiful white that look amazing.

Halloween Nail Design White Tips

Creative Halloween nail design ideas with French tip design

Step into the world of Halloween and get one of these stunning white tips nails

Ghost Pumpkin French Tips

Halloween French tip nails

Getting creative for Halloween is something we all want and try to do, but mixing up styles and trying more creative nail designs should be something we all try. I like the Ghost and Pumpkin Halloween design of these nails they are very creative.

White Long French tip Fingernails

White Long French tip nails with black and white checkered pattern design

This is a gorgeous white nail with a checkered pattern design, Long nails will always look the best with stripes, lines, or checkered designs. The reason is that long nails have more room to put designs.

Short V Shape Two Tone Design

Short French tip nails for work

It is an exciting feeling when you see different styles of short nails because short nails aren’t the popular choice when it comes to nail design.

White with black Star French Tips

Black and white star long French tips

Short nails are best for working women, so finding a new design to give my short nails a cute look is very important to me.

Clear light tip nails

Clear light flat tip nails

Clear light tip nails, The flat tip, and the shape of these nails the design a nice look, I am a big fan of the overall shape and the colors look nice as well.

Green Short Tip Nails

Green Short French Tip Nails

Another cute oval nail with a nice green nail polish. The one-strip design that leads into the tip is a very creative way of doing nail design and it’s something I never thought about before this.

Yellow and Pink Tip Nail Flash Design with Almond Shape

Yellow and Pink French Tip Nail Flash Design with Almond Shape

Wearing the shape nails that you think are most cute is really up to you, for me, it doesn’t matter if it’s the almond shape or coffin nails, I’ll wear any nail design that I like.

Short Green with French tip design

Short Green nails with French tip design

Finding the right shade of green that fits the look and style you want for your nails isn’t as simple as one, two three. Green is a hard color to fit, but this shade of green looks gorgeous and I can see myself wearing this same shade with this nail design.

French Tip Manicure with Coffin

French tip coffin nails with glitter

Gorgeous white sugar glitter powdery design unique and elegant. This is a great French tip design perfect for weddings and graduations.

Long Brown French Coffin Nails with glitter

Long Brown French tip coffin nails with glitter

Glitter has changed the way nail design looks and works, right now everyone wants to design their nail art with glitter to give it that sparkly glow. The best thing about glitter on nails is that it doesn’t matter what color polish you use the glitter will bring off the look.

French Tips with Almond Shape

Pink French Tip Nails almond shape

Shop Esty

Pink is one of my favorite colors and you can see why I like it so much, the color just looks amazing with the almond shape and the French tips.

Red French Design Almond Shape

Red French Tip Nails almond shape

If you’re not into pink you can always go red, in this case, rose red, and just look how beautiful it looks.

This isn’t a design you can do on your own if you’re new to the nail design game, but it is still a great idea to try. Short rose-red almond nails with design ideas that look very cute.

Short Blue Almond Shape French Tip

blue French Tip Nails almond shape

We all see colors differently and sometimes some colors look better than others but this is a beautiful shade of blue and I can see why she chose to do her nails in this color and style.

Create that French design with short nails and see just how stunning your manicure can look. Navy blue tips French Design.

Almond Shape Green Tip Nails

green French Tip Nails almond shape

Green is a fun color, but it’s not a color that people get up and wear every day, still, you can find a lot of purposes for green so why not start here?

Black Medium Almond Shape French Tips

Black French Tip Nails almond shape

Shop Esty

Black nails have always had an appeal to them, not sure if it’s the color but there is something that makes black acrylic nail designs look dark and mysterious.

Still, I just can’t get over how beautiful this black nail polish looks, and it fits perfectly with the almond design style.

What are French tip nails?

French tip nails is a manicure design that paints the tip/top of the fingernails. This design is a fun but creative manicure style that is very popular and worn for weddings and other elegant events.

Still, this is a classic and it has a great look to it so I do recommend this nail design to anyone wanting to try something new.

Every nail design is based on how you do it, so be creative when designing your acrylic nails, and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Remember every idea is an expression of yourself, so if you don’t create the idea you want it won’t look the way you want it to look.

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