16 Emerald Green Hair That Is Trending in 2024

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Are you thinking of a bold new hair color? How about Emerald green hair as it’s been trending for the last few years? There are so many different shades of green hair and finding the perfect style and shade may take some time.

Showing up to your stylist you want to be prepared and here are some ideas to help you. These reference pictures are beautiful and will save you a lot of time.

Emerald Green Hair

Mid-Length Emerald Green Hair

If you are feeling like a glamorous woman from the old movies don’t miss out on this look. The hair is full green with an elegant style blunt bob cut.

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emerald green hair

Dark Roots

Green and black create one of the best contrast, if you want something fresh and dynamic. The waves are soft and stand out quite a lot. The ombre technique with the black getting lighter green at the mid toward the ends.

black ombre green hair

Image credit: Instagram/theameeefamily

Shoulder Lenght Green Hair

Ombre emerald green hair is iconic and we can’t help but love them, you see them a lot in celebrities.

Dark Emerald Green

If you want a shade that is close to black why not this next idea? Deep emerald green hair dye can be elegant and still bold. With a professional applying for your next dye job, you look great.

green hairstyle for women

Image credit Instagram/dyedhappy.byholly

Half Lemon Half Emerald

Wanting beautiful two-tone green hair? Here is how you can enjoy two vibrant shades of green. If you love green well now you don’t have to choose which is best for you.

lovely green hair

Lovely Dark Forest Shade

Here is another charming shade of green emerald hair that you can appreciate. There are a few different shades of forest green, but we love this shade and it works well on all hair types.

Dark Forest Color

Long Micro Green Braids

Box braids can create some of the most exciting hairstyles and synthetic hair is inexpensive.

Lovely Long Loose Wave

This is an excellent option if you want a baddie hairstyle with vibrant green color. You can have a glam style with thick and wavy hair.

emerald green hair

Emerald Emerald Green Hair Highlights

Highlights are a subtle way to add color to your hair. This style features a small portion of emerald green hair in the front and the rest of the natural color.

Emerald Green Highlights

Pixie Cut

If you are looking for a pixie cut that is super bold then you will love this next emerald hairstyle idea.

pixie cute hair idea

Image via Instagram/kisscolors

Emerald Green Highlights on Brown Hair

If you have naturally brown hair you may have to bleach your hair to apply green dye. But in the meantime let us admire how beautiful this style looks with the small details of emerald green on brown hair.

emerald green highlights on brown hair

Green Hair With Glasses

Wearing glasses and finding the right hairstyles is important just as the color. The side bang is a more edgy look as it makes you more mysterious.

emerald green bob hair

Black and emerald green hair

Emerald and black hair make a beautiful, emerald green color is perfect for people with dark hair.

black and emerald green hair

Black hair with dark green underneath

Black hair with dark green underneath looks really good, and everyone loves the peekaboo trend. The green is not easily seen when the hair is down but if you should try half up and half down then the magic happens.

black hair with dark green underneath

Ombre Emerald Green Braids

Up next this elegant ombre hair color is done with box braids. The hairstyle consists of different shades of green and a hint of emerald green color braids.

Purple and emerald green hair

We love how pretty this next one is, it sure gives us a fantasy hairstyle with the color and accessories. Purple hair is trendy and mixing it with green is so refreshing.

purple and emerald green hair

Emerald Green and Blonde Hair

Here is another idea for emerald green hairstyles on blonde color hair.

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