Platinum Blonde Balayage Style That You Will Fall In Love with


Platinum blonde balayage is a technique used to create natural looking hair color, which is mostly best for growing out. This technique is tailored to you personally as everyone its custom blend. The natural look of highlights and lowlights throughout the hair. Dark root platinum blonde balayage is one of the most popular choices for brunettes.

Platinum blonde balayage has become popular because of our modern influencers. Also you cant go wrong with the lovely platinum blonde hair. We have gathered some amazing color ideas to inspire your hairdo.

Cute Platinum Blonde Balayage

Dark Root Platinum Blonde Balayage

When you mix the hair color with blonde, it creates a dimension. The wave on the hair is quite attractive and is a great summer hairstyle idea. This style looks better on women with long or medium length hair.

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Dark root platinum blonde balayage

Wavy and Fun

White blonde balayage with very dark roots. When you have long hair this hair color will look even more beautiful. This is a low maintenance hairstyle since you wont need a lot of touch ups.

white balayage hair

Platinum Blonde Balayage on Braids

The braids give each color the opportunity to be more emphasized. Flawless and simple transition look for a flirty romantic look. This hairstyle is perfect for all seasons and balayage hair looks great on long hair.

Balayage Hair Blonde

The Product every Ice Blonde Must Have

Waterfall Crown on Blonde Balayage

The beautiful effect made by the waterfall braids. If you have colored your hair like this then you will find so many flattering styles. Crown braid is an ageless hairstyle so doesn’t matter if you are young or old. This style will flatter any woman or girl and any occasion.

Balayage Hair Blonde

Brown Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights

If you have brown hair naturally this will look amazing on you as well. The style is sleek and pretty and if you have a good stylist you don’t even have to have brown hair naturally. A good stylist can do this brown hair that blends into the blonde color.

Brown Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights

By Caitlin

Ash-Toned Blonde Balayage Look

Ash tone colors have been around for some time what better way to incorporate two favorites.

Long Balayage Hair Blonde

Hot Short Platinum Blonde Balayage

The short hairstyle is fierce and has a certain boldness of it, with the touch of Balayage color its on another level. If you are thinking of a new haircut and a new hair color at this time I recommend something like this.

Balayage Hair Blonde Bob cut


Middle bun Platinum blonde ends

Although showing a clear two-tone is what makes it special. This adorable style just shows you can enjoy platinum blonde even when your hair is growing out. We adore this style and its simplicity of it.

Medium Balayage Hair Blonde

Flirty Platinum Blonde Balayage Highlights

Adding your belief to this medium length hair can have amazing results. With light-looking streaks of black, blonde, ash, and platinum balayage give each color the opportunity to shine through. Adding a snap clip gives a cute 90,s vibe.

Balayage Hair Blonde Medium

Gold Blonde Balayage on Curly Hair

Darker roots faded down gold caramel balayage. If you are curious about how balayage looks on curly hair, this is a lovely example. Rock those curls with light ends that will pop.

Balayage on Curly Hair

Balayage Bob Haircut

Trying balayage on short stacked bob can look really amazing. This very light tone at the end is great for people with natural black hair.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Lowlights

If you want a style that has a nice gel of blonde without going platinum this is your option. Enjoying the best of both worlds, warm gold color highlights with lowlights. The style is pretty and suitable for any type of hair and length.

Image ambermcmahen

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