30+ Hottest Stacked Bob Haircuts Chic and Lovely

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Stacked bob haircuts are shorter haircuts, creating graduated layers in a round shape at the back of the head. Since it is stacked in the back that is the main viewpoint of the style.

The short stacked haircuts are one of the best hairstyles to try, the stacked bob with bangs is both chic and fashionable. You can choose to have your stacked haircuts super short or just enough to touch the collarbone.

One of the most important parts about your stacked cut is the back being cut precisely to perfection. This style can fit every shape face and texture.

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For thick hair, the stacked layered removed unneeded bulk for more desirable movement. Also, the stacked haircuts are great for thin hair as well.

Here at Inspired Beauty, we will show you some of the best options.

Stacked Nape-Length Bob with Elongation

To create a dramatic look the bigger the slant of your angled bob. When getting a stacked bob haircut that shows off the nape, this is a nice choice. Getting a neutral hue is fun and this would look good on silver or blonde hair as well.

stacked bob


Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

Soft waves complement your short stacked haircuts, this hairstyle is a total stunner. The beautiful highlight provides amazing contrast. The dark dimensions look beautiful with a little highlight in the natural color tone.

stacked bob

Instagram @hairby_ericabranch

Straight and Stylish

Soft layers stacked bob look super gorgeous on layered straight hair. The angle is great and the soft layers complement it well. This look is great on anyone and you can add some colors to the end.

Instagram @mandythestylist

Short bob hairstyle

This look is sexy when it’s short ear and neck length so your beautiful neck show. This is a summer hairstyle worth trying.

short stacked bob

Asymmetrical Shaggy Long-Stacked Bob

This asymmetrical bob is fun curly and cute, this is a stunning balayage hair color idea for fall.

Shaggy Long Stacked Bob

Image via headrushdesigns

Edgy Stacked Bob

This amazing stacked bob cut is gorgeous and the highlights really elevate the look, creating stunning contrast on hair with dark roots. This is more of a longer bob if you prefer to keep the hair around your face.

Edgy Stacked Bob

Short Two-Tier Bob Cut

This is perfect for thick hair and if you want to keep some texture. The color of golden blonde works also. The cute stacked bob hairstyle you can rock all year round.


Hidden blue hair with bangs

Adding some color to your stacked bob without overwhelming it. Choose a color you like and color a small section. This will spice up your hairstyle in a modern blue hue underneath. If you are being adventurous you should consider adding a little bold color like this one.

short stacked hair with bangs

INSTAGRAM: @hairbykellybrower

Highlighted Inverted Stacked Bob

Get a good stylist to give you this cut, it’s interesting but still simple. Highlights to the top add an interesting touch to the inverted bob. The razor cut will cut out the thick hair and make it more flowing and stunning.

inverted stacked bob

With a Pixie with V-Cut Nape

The v-shaped nape shows off your neck and shoulder, also an excellent idea if you have nice neck tattoos. The side-swept bang bob is a nice refreshed look—also a nice short haircut for a round face.

short hair cute with pixie


Undercut stacked bob with bangs

Slightly textured cut with a beautiful undercut adding small details like that makes it even more trendy and worth trying. Short stacked bob looks cool and most women are hoping for these shaved side cuts I love how this cut is done, this is good for women with thin hair as well.

undercut stacked bob

INSTAGRAM @shmoakin_hair

Bold Undercut Stacked bob

One of the keys to an amazing stacked bob is cut because that is the main area that we will focus on. As you can see the cut is short in the back so the nape is important. This style features a triangular shape cut in the back which makes a big impact.

undercut stacked bob

Rainbow Color Ends

This hairstyle is a rocking rainbow at the end of the bob cut making it eye-catching and trend-worthy. You can make this style even more pretty by adding waves to the ends. This hairstyle is good for women of younger ages.

INSTAGRAM : garrettkenroach

Sleek-Feathered Jaw-Length Bob

A stacked bob haircut like this one is beautifully layered in chestnut brown hair color. Short in the back and longer down the front touching the chin. This is a nice style for women experiencing thinning of hair.

feathered Jaw-Length Bob

Asymmetrical Stacked Bob

This asymmetry in bobs looks great and makes a beautiful smash. Because one side is longer than one it will be more noticeable. If you want a cut that stands out consider this one and the highlights make it even better.

Asymmetrical Stacked Bob

White Choppy Pixie For Older Women

A short-stacked bob haircut like this is every woman’s maintenance style. If you want a chic style without everyday effort this is a great short hairstyle. This works perfectly for someone with wavy hair, or a mature person with grey hair.

stacked bob with bangs

Medium a Lined bob with stacked layers

Stacked bob haircuts such as this one with mild streaks of highlights. One side is long and the other side is short. This style can be quite flattering and good for women who don’t want to have a full shortcut.

Long stacked bob hair

INSTAGRAM: @betofaria_coiffeur

Blonde Highlight Short Hair Stacked in Back

If you want to show off your long-nape neckline this is a sure way to rock those stacked bob haircuts. The style is lovely, with a blonde color crop top look. The color adds shape and volume to the style of flat hair. Wear this with a nice top that brings off a feminine look.

Stacked Bob Haircuts

Caramel Inverted Bob

This short haircut is perfect for women with straight hair. The is a lovely brunettes color really goes well with the whole cut.

Stacked Bob Haircuts


Short and Layered Bob

The bob is cut to create a beautiful round look. A short-stacked bob hairstyle is a never-dying trend for short hair. The tint highlight enhances the hairstyle making it even more beautiful and standing out.

Short Stacked Layered Bob

Add a Side Braid

Bob’s haircut is beautiful on straight or curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair then the styling technique may be different. The strongly inverted bobs put together with the disconnected curls create a beautiful shape.

stacked bob haircut

Bob Haircut with Auburn Lowlights

The auburn color is bold alongside the blonde hair color, which is an unusual mix. This short stacked bob with an undercut is fun and edgy. This is why a lot of women love the undercut. If they are unsure about a straight cut they can get an angled style with an undercut.

stacked bob haircut

Funky Look

These are beautiful short hairstyles for older women. The style is not only fun and cute but easy to maintain.

funky short stacked bob

Pastel Blue Hue

This next cut with bangs in a beautiful purple-grey tone which looks so different than natural colors. This stacked bob features a side part and long bangs that look stunning.

bob cut with blue hue

Image via headrushdesigns

Wavy Stacked Medium Length Bob

This medium stacked-length bob is adorable and elegant on rose-blonde hair. We think this would look great on any hair color and would make the perfect hairstyle to try out for women over 50 as well.

Wavy Stacked Medium Length Bob

Image via c_mercedes_hair

Bayalage Blonde for Over 50

Hands down stacked bob is an amazing option for women over 50. The hair is short which makes it easy to maintain and it doesn’t cause discomfort.

Layered bob will work both with natural hair color or dyed hair. If you are looking for a style for thinning hair you should try a stacked bob.

Blonde Stacked Bob for Over 50

Image via By Julie Holbrook

Mixed Highlights

If you are looking for a volume and textured haircut this may be for you. This bob has amazing highlights that look amazing on all hair types and textures. This is simply elegant and should be considered.

Stacked Bob with Mixed Highlights

Image via marlee_ann24

Angled Cut on Grey Hair

This angled bob cut is simply classy and a great option for women with grey hair. Besides waves, you can add some layers to your stacked bob haircut. Cute and charming classy short hairstyle for older women.

Angled Cut on Grey Hair

Image via Instagram

Charming Inverted Bob Haircut

An inverted bob is another must-try in the bob variation, longer in the front and short in the back. This short hair stacked in the back helps the hair appear more full.

Inverted Bob Haircut on grey blonde hair

Image via thedollfaces_salonandboutique

A-Line Bob Hairstyle

With fire-red hair, your A-line short hair stacked in back will surely stand out and look fresh.

red culy hair with bob cut

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