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Not every style is flattering for every shape face. I have gathered short haircuts for women with round face that will suit them perfectly. Choosing the right haircut to display your best assets including your face shape. If you are looking for lady looking short haircuts that will show off one or more of your best and most empowering features

Then we are right here for you short haircuts for women with round faces some of the trendies cuts. Unflattering look can leave us feeling a bit down and your face shape with the wrong cut can lead to that. Whether it’s a pixie with lots of long layers or curly chin-length bob, many of today’s hottest hair trends can look fabulous on you.


1. The Modern Pixie

Pixie is one of the shortest hairstyles. This style works for all hair texture and body types. The traditional pixie usually short over but the modern pixie cut is more choppy with long bangs.

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2. Outgrown Pixie Haircut For women with round face

One of the best thing about pixie hair cut is how versatile it is , works for all age woman. A lot of people find short hair fun and its an ageless style. The bang not only make the style looks better but it also brings balance to the cut.

Outgrown Pixie for round face

3. Spice Pixie

This particular pixie is a bit longer than a classic pixie cut. If you are looking for a youthful style this one is very nice. If you have more textured hair it works great still, not overly style so still, show a hint of your natural hair.

short haircut on black woman

4. Side Swept Short Hair

Short haircuts for women with round face like this one is feminine. We sometimes get scared to look too much like a boy when we hear about short style. The color has a tint of red, swept across part of the face bang and body of hair neck length.

short haircuts for women with round face

5. Choppy cut with boyish bang

This short haircut for round face bob hairstyle with straight bangs. The straight fringe lines contrast the round shape, in quite a stunning way. The hair being chopping doesn’t hurt the style either.

short haircuts for women with round face

6. Cute Rounded Bob

This short bob haircut looks full and if you have thin hair, this short haircut for thin hair is worth trying. Adding the volume of the hair in a round style. This look has defined edges and its extremely chic, perfect round hairstyle for a round face.

7. Short Haircuts for Women with Round Faces

Short hair for a chubby face can look very flattering when its cut into classic style. If you have thick hair maybe you want to consider this cut for a refreshing look. You can go for a side part like this or try a nice center part with curtain bangs.

8. Straight Collarbone Lob

Strands are blunt cut and sleek down hair to give your hair a more polish look. This look is quite sassy, when you have nice facial features you want to make them the focus point. This style allows your eyes and cheek bones to pop without distraction.

9. Blunt Shoulder Length Hairstyle around round face

Who doesn’t love a sleek bob cut? If you want to give this a try, think of getting a straight blunt cut right above the shoulders. This style is easy to do and it looks elegant, get yourself a nice flat iron to straighten any shaggy part.

10. Sleek, Sexy Curls short haircuts for round face

11. Curly Cute short haircuts for women with round face

Curly bob hairstyles are soft and romantic. This shag curly bob is stunning and it covers the ears and the bangs bring out the eyes. Hairstyles with a round shape is always a plus for round face.

Curly short haircuts for women with round face

12. Stacked short haircut for women with round face

Stacked bob haircuts like this one, ash blonde with beautiful highlight and lowlights.

13. Smart highlights on bob

This is another short hairstyle for thin hair. The highlight give the illusion that the hair is thicker which is also gorgeous.

14. Tousled Bob with a Side Part

Tousled Bob with a side part looks super cute on any color hair. This particular has beautiful brown highlights. This particular is one of my favorite hair colors for brunettes.

15. The Sideswept Lob

The side sweep draws attention away from the symmetry of a round face. Be bold and edgy with this honey blonde.


16. Blonde with dark roots

Short haircuts for a round face like this one look super cool with dusky blonde and side part. This haircut become edgier when they added the little shave side


17. Cropped Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is especially great for women with an angular jawline. A side sweep in the front makes the style even more pretty. This short hair for chubby face women, who have a flare.



What is a good short haircut for a round face?

Based on the styles listed above bob and pixie cuts remains among the most popular choice.

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