20 Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas

Looking for a pinky promise tattoo? well here are some of the best to help inspire you. When it comes to friends there are a few ways we can express ourselves, a cute tattoo with meaning is one of those.

One of the best parts is that you can get a minimalist pinky promise tattoo to show off. There you can get with a special person such as your partner, best friend, or sibling. You can get such a tattoo on your back, fingers, arm, and other great places.

Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas

Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo

Best friends are forever and although you can show your gratitude in other ways a tattoo symbolizes something more permanent. These tattoos are usually cute and a good way to cement your commitment.

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We have shared matching couple tattoo ideas before but here are some for besties also.

Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo

The design is quite small in size but it speaks volumes. If you are looking for simplicity in a design this should inspire you.

tattoo to share with friends

Friendship and besties don’t have to just be two. If it’s four of you then why not get this tattoo? This pinky promise tattoo is a simple outline drawing with an olive branch around the wrist.

cute tattoo for group

There is no rule that it has to be two, so why not a tattoo for three? This way everyone is included. This triple pinky promise tattoo is recommended.

Althought the design looks so crowded it works because of the simple line art. Place it somewhere where you all can show it if needed.

Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo

Pinky promise tattoo designs are great for celebrating lovers, friendship, and even a bond between parents and child. For most of us, our first friend was our parents, and that bond will never be lost.

forever always pinky promise tattoos

Forever and always

Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are some of the most beautiful ones out there. They are not busy and yet they still attract your attention.

Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas


This simple elegant tattoo idea is so adorable. The pinky promise design with a rose and flower makes it more interesting.

Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo

This locking of two people’s pinky fingers at the back of your arm. This is small we use these as a pledge as children but we can embrace them also as an adult.

Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo

Simple tattoo with white and black ink

Cute pinky promise tattoos

Sometimes we choose to get tattoos because they look cute.


The art features a male and a female design with a heart between them. This could have many meanings. As a couple sometimes we want to cement our commitment and getting ink is one such thing.

Best Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas

This pinky promise tattoo at the wrist, with a red ink infinity tattoo around the hands. This is the perfect way to incorporate color into your classic black tattoo.


Matching pinky promise designs with splash of color. I love how the heart has a 3d design and the shades of the hands.

Small Pinky Promise Tattoo

Small pinky promise tattoos are a great choice if you want something simple and modest. Small tattoos can pack a lot of meaning so they don’t need to be large.

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The fun part about getting a temporary tattoo is trying out the design before taking the plunge.

Delicate small pinky promise tattoo ideas such as this is a perfect hidden gem.

Pinky Promise Tattoo With Flowers

Floral tattoos are much feminine as they are gorgeous. This tattoo will stand out and it is powerful because of the meaning behind getting one.

Adding elements such as flowers can draw more attention to an ordinary design. We have selected some of the best floral body art with pinky promise ink.

pinky promise tattoo with flowers

Image via @carlatattoos

I love the design, it looks great on the foot or even leg.

pinky promise tattoo with flowers

Image via Instagram/fine_line_ink_

You can add flowers to your pinky promise tattoo to expand the the size and enhance the apperance.

pinky promise tattoo with flowers


Creating a heart shape floral wreath around the pinky promise tattoo.

Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas

From Instagram

Pinky Promise Tattoo with flowers

Large pinky promise tattoo idea with heart shape line around it and flowers.

Skeleton Friendship Tattoo

her angel eyes tattoo  idea

Source: @audreyartistetattoo via Instagram

pinky promise tattoo on arm

Source: @bentantlers via Instagram

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