25 Women Tree Tattoo Ideas

I have gathered these beautiful tree tattoo designs for the ladies. If you are curious about what to get, here we have women’s tree tattoo ideas to help you decide.

Tattoos are popular nowadays so if you are looking for one then you are on the right post. Although they are popular, we don’t all have the same taste. Palm tree tattoos are a popular choice but still, we have more options.

Eerie Back Tattoo Design

Eerie Back Tattoo Design

This first tattoo idea is on the back and it has an eerie feel to it. If you are a person who loves magic and those types of things you may find this great.

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Compass and Tree with Birds

Compass and Tree with Birds

Image source Instagram/all_the_things_tattoo

This next design features a compass, a tree, and birds flying out. Female family tree tattoo with children leaving the nest but the compass will guide them back home when needed.

Coconut Palm Tree with Unique Elements

Coconut tree woman tree tattoo

This is a large coconut palm tree, with lovely straightforward tree tattoo designs. What’s also interesting about this design is the planet and circles.

Image Credit: instagram/hongzo_tt

Sun Symbolism in Tree Tattoo

Sun Symbolism in Tree Tattoo

This women’s tree tattoo with the sun symbolizes a new day and hope.

Hidden Beauty: Half Floral Tree Design

The best part is that this tattoo is on the back and is hidden for a nice peekaboo. The colors and the design of this tattoo are majestic.

Hidden Beauty: Half Floral Tree Design

Photo from: Instagram/ayhankrdg

Pine Tree Tattoo with Intriguing Surroundings

This pine tree tattoo idea has a lot of elements surrounding it which makes it interesting.

Pine tree tattoo ideas

Image source Instagram/fiistattoo

Charming Ribcage Tattoo with Pine Trees

cute Pine tree tattoo ideas

Source Tumblr.com

Here is a cute ribcage tattoo with five little pine trees close together. This tattoo is charming and well-hidden too.

Detailed Tree from Feet to Knee

Large Pine tree tattoo ideas

Image via Instagram/kaspark

Here is a long pointy tree from the bottom of the feet to the knee. The tattoo design shows a full root and different branches on the tree.

Simple Arm Tattoo with Tree Motif

Next up is this simple tree tattoo for females to get on the arm.

Three pine trees

Tree of Life Tattoo Designs

These Tree of Life tattoo designs show a lot of meaning. This could be a home and the children grow up and leave.

Symbolic Tree of Life Designs

A circle symbolizes no end and the tree has a circle around it. If you look closely at this design you will see a heart at the root.

Tree of Life Tattoo Designs

Image via Instagram/yagotav

Bold Tree of Life with Cloud Design

woman tree of life tattoo

Image via issue

This next tree tattoo for women has a large bushy top and large flowy roots. This design is bold and it can be covered up with long sleeve clothing. Woman tree of life tattoo with a cloud puff design and shade.

Detailed Family Tree Tattoo

Tree of Life Tattoo Designs

Image via Pinterest

This next tattoo design has so many details that make it sharp and stand out. Be sure to get the best tanning lotion for your tattoo to help preserve the look. Another female family tree tattoo with beautiful design and details.

Small Tree of Life Tattoo

cute tree tattoo idea for woman

This tree of life tattoo idea is eye-catching and that is something you want for a good inked. Being small and the spot is cute.

Palm Tree Symbolism in Tree Tattoo

Tree of Life Tattoo Designs

I know a lot of you have been wanting more tattoos on the hand and the palm is a popular choice. The design is a bit scary but if you are into those things you may like this.

Meaningful Upper Back Tattoo

Meaningful Upper Back Tattoo

This upper back tattoo is my personal favorite. This seems like there is so much meaning to it, I hope it can inspire your next art. This family tree tattoo for ladies is a lovely one and it being on the back it can be covered when needed.

Colorful Family Tree Tattoo

family tree tattoo for ladies

Image source Unknown

Beautiful tree tattoo idea with color and beautiful details. You will have to get a good tattoo artist to copy this one. Green family tree tattoo for ladies if you need a little more color and life to your design.

Mother and Children Tree Tattoo

Mother and Children Tree Tattoo

Image credit Instagram/tattoosbymarf

This large tattoo would be great for a mother and her children. Tree of life back tattoo female showing how the mother is caring for her little children.

Healing Willow Tree Designs

Willow trees are a decent representation of those still healing. You can consider this dark look.

Healing Willow Tree Designs

Image source @all_the_things_tattoo

Delicate Small Tree Tattoos

Delicate Small Tree Tattoos

Image via Instagram/od_drnu

Here is another pretty willow tree design you can consider.

Large Willow Tattoo Design

Willow trees are beautiful and their real meaning makes them even more interesting.

large willow tree tattoo idea

Small Tattoo on the Foot

Here is a small tree tattoo on the ankle, it is so pretty too. I love the simplicity of small tattoos for girls with a tropical vibe.

small tattoo ideas with tree

Image via Instagram/nextluxtattoos

This tattoo is on the wrist, it’s a tree with all the leaves off. We should never forget the meaning of why we get a tattoo and sometimes it is placed on a spot where you can look at it when need a reminder.

Fall Tree on Innerarm

Tatoo on Inner arm For Woman


Maple Leaf Tree Tattoo

Maple Leaf Tree Tattoo

Image credit maho_tattoo68

I love the maple leaves on the branches of this next woman’s tree tattoo. The design features a little color of brown which makes it even more eye-catching and the rope wrapped around the tree.

Unique and Colorful Tree Tattoo

Unique and Colorful Tree Tattoo

Credit Image: Instagram/mini_tattooer

This next tree tattoo woman is quite unique and colorful too.

Which of these tree tattoo ideas you are considering? are you going for one because they are beautiful or because there is more meaning to them than people think? Choose wisely and you will never regret it.

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