24 Beautiful Palm Tree Tattoo Ideas for Women


Are you looking for small palm tree tattoo ideas? Everyone loves summertime and what it brings. Summer comes and it brings beach nails, beauty, and the fun of the tropical climate. A palm tree tattoo’s meanings are many such as a memory of brighter skies.

If you love the tropics having a palm tree can remind you of that simpler time. The vacation you had or dreaming of. Not every tattoo is suitable for everyone but palm tree tattoos are suitable for everyone on most body parts. They can fit anywhere such as on fingers and in other tiny places. They are some of the best minimalist tattoo ideas.

When you look at the palm tree one of the first things we notice is the lean trunk. Calm and relaxing tropical breeze close to the beaches. A lot of people have a good feeling from palm tree tattoos and so they get them.

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Some people like palm tree tattoos by themselves others like to add other images to them. I still prefer just the palm trees as they remind me of a quiet peaceful time. The seas around the island can remind others of their time on the sea.

1. Small Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is an example of a cute spot to get your simple palm tree tattoo. The designs look good with the right summer nail designs.

Finger tattoo idea

Placing a palm tree tattoo design on the front of the finger. This is pretty and looks good on your hand.

2. Finger Tree Tatt Design

Palm tree tattoos can be small and cute such as this on any finger. If you want to try something without diving in or maybe can’t handle much pain. Go with a cute small tattoo such as this one.

small palm tree tattoo on finger

3. Ankle Tattoos with Palm Trees

Tattoo on the ankle

4. Small Palm Tree Tattoos

Adding colors to your tattoo has become quite popular. This next design is peaceful with the heart symbol. I love how the small heart beside the palm tree helps to make the design stand out.

5. Small Ankle Palm Tree Tattoo

Double palm trees can have some meaning as well. You and a special someone, having a good time with just the two of you. Tattoos with palm trees with just a simple design can pack a bigger meaning than what meets the eye.

palm tree tattoos meaning

6. Traditional Design Tattoo

The tattoos of palm trees sunset have many virtues and meaning to them. Althought these traditional palm tree tattoos don’t have many realistic details such as lines but you can have some colors.

traditional palm tree tattoos

Image Source: Instagram

7. Sunset Palm Trees Tattoo

This next design has a lot of beautiful root elements. The traditional palm tree tattoos have increased in popularity in recent years mainly because of the chill topical vibe they give. The colors help this design to stand out which is great.

sunset palm trees tattoo

Image from Pinterest.com

8. Tattoos of Palm Trees Sunset

These traditional palm tree tattoos have a calming effect to it. The designs feature birds flying off in the sunset, the ocean, and the palm tree. The sunset palm trees tattoo is inked in black which gives more details.

traditional palm tree tattoos

Image from We Heart It

9. Palm Tree Tattoo Arm

You can place tattoos wherever you like. You can choose hidden spots if you dont want everyone to see your tattoo. When it comes to getting a palm tree tattoo you really should consider where you want to get it.

10. Simple Small palm tree tattoos

Your inner arm is a cute spot to get your tattoos and it is a spot that will heal well. Palm tree tattoos for females can be as delicate as this one. The inner arm tattoos are perfect for anyone looking for something dainty.

palm tree tattoos meaning


Up next is a single palm tree with a word tattoo next to it. Your word tattoo can be a memory you want to keep next to your peaceful place.

The next palm tree tattoo idea you will love if you want something unique. Palm Tree and Coconuts Tattoo, the natural fruit from the tree adds a more realistic feel to it. If you are looking to make your message clear you can opt for a design like this.


Palm tree with coconuts

13. Back Palm Tree Sunset Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the back is one of the best places to experiment. You can cover it up if you don’t like it and you can go big. A palm tree with a wave tattoo will look good on you.

palm tree tattoos for females

14. Cute Shoulder Style

15. Cute Palm tree tattoos for females

A palm tree tattoo with birds is a unique variation of a tattoo.

palm tree tattoo design

16. Palm Tree Foot Tattoo

Getting a hidden tattoo is nice for people who just want to have that little secret. The palm tree also symbolizes triumph against death, so these tattoos do come with depth.

Palm Tree Foot Tattoo


Here is another Palm Tree Foot Tattoo that just gives you a summer vibe. Maybe on your last trip to a tropical country you got inspired. This tattoo is cute small and perfect for anyone.

Palm Tree Foot Tattoo


This next idea is the perfect matching tattoo for couples to get together. The minimalism of this idea is cool because it has nothing to distract from the tree.

Palm Tree Foot Tattoo

19. Palm Tree Tattoo Wrist

Palm tree tattoo design with a little wave and heart on the inner forearm tattoo. Cute palm tree tattoos for females such as this are worth calling up a tattoo artist for.

palm tree tattoo design

The palm tree tattoo wrist is pretty charming and I love this idea of how cute it is. I love that the tree seems to have a little dark green. Palm tree tattoo ideas are worth getting because they are so versatile.


Palm tree tattoo wrist

Palm tree tattoo ideas such as this next one are super simple. The design is elegant and you can get it temporary or permanent.

21. Simple Palm Tree with Wave Tattoo

palm tree with wave tattoo

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22. Sunset Tattoo with Palm Tree

The rush of the ocean under a palm tree and sunset. Some people like how the waves hit the palm tree. Palm tree sunset tattoos are gaining popularity because of how relaxed they make you feel.

palm tree tattoo design


This palm tree with a sunset tattoo is large and placed at the back of the leg. This is a good area to explore tattoo placement. If you don’t want anyone to see it just wear long pants or a skirt.

The effect of this tattoo will offer the visual satisfaction you are looking for. The design is not only eye-catching but gives the warmth of sunset.

Palm Tree With Sunset Tattoo

24. Simple Palm Tree Tattoo

A palm tree with a sunset tattoo can have beautiful details. Sunset is a reminder of a never-ending cycle. The sunset also can symbolize, life, beauty, hope, and many more. A palm tree tattoo’s meaning can be this one if that’s what you are seeking.

Palm Tree With Sunset Tattoo

Women tree tattoos are beautiful and you can find something that speaks to you.

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