16 Simple Minimalist Tattoo Ideas That Are the Ideal Balance of Bold and Sophisticated

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Do you want to get tattoos but are afraid it may not be as feminine or maybe too extra? These tattoo ideas show you how elegant simple tattoos can also be. We have gathered some marvelous simple minimalist tattoo ideas.

People with tattoos are not trashy it is one of the best ways of self-expression. Usually, a minimalist tattoo has a deep hidden meaning. No tattoo is ugly or meaningless, if you ask someone with ink there is always something behind it.

Best Minimalist Tattoo Ideas

Minimalist tattoo Flowers

This tattoo is done on the upper arm, just a simple outline. The design is done on the back part of the arm and it looks really good.

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Minimalist Tattoos Ideas

Delicate Minimalist arm Tattoos

This next minimalist tattoo is like a picture with the flower growing straight out of it. I love how simple it looks but quite bold too.

minimalist arm tattoos

Image credit: ann_gilberg

Moon Minimalist tattoo ideas

Choosing the right minimalist tattoo ideas and choosing the right spot is just as important. This back tattoo is simply beautiful, with a moon with hanging flowers.

flower minimalist tattoo

Credit: Reddit

Flower Power on Arm Tatt

A flower tattoo carries a feminine touch to it and this flower minimalist tattoo is no different. Although the tattoo is a bit large it is still very pretty and simple.

Flower Power on Arm Tatt

Small Flower Tattoo

Cute small tattoos flower like this minimalist tattoo close to the shoulder. I think this spot is unusual for a tattoo like this one. This is also a people favorite on a survey I did back before making this post and you can see why.

Simple flower Tattoos

Image from here

Collar Bone Simple Minimalist Tattoos

This is high on my list of tattoo ideas, it’s simple yet super effective. It is flattering for women, showing off the collarbone in a nice cut top.

Simple Minimalist Tattoos

From miltonreistatuador

Minimalist tattoo for a couple

This next beautiful design is a good choice for friends, sisters, or anyone who shares a close bond. A face with one eye covered by a single rose, an identical couple tattoo idea.

Minimalist tattoo for couple

A-Side Bold and Sophisticated Tattoo

This next tattoo is not only eye-catching but it will leave a mark on most people’s heads. I love how the mix of the butterfly and the archer bow is cute. A small mini butterfly is feminine and pretty. The flowers on the bow are super cute and flattering. Will look good on anyone who is bold enough to show it off sometimes.

minimalist tattoos with meaning

Behind-the-ear tattoo

Here is another popular choice by women all over the world. The element of the snake is quite popular before, and this next small minimalist tattoo combines that element. The small snake has two shades and I feel that is a lovely touch.

minimalist tattoos with meaning

Flower idea that is too cute

Light flower design on the side, under the arm as well. This look is good for the girls who dont want anything over the top.

flower tattoo on the side

Image source here

Foot Minimalist Sun Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the top of your foot is more popular in some cultures than in others. The design doesn’t have a lot of colors, just a plain black ink outline. Minimalist tattoo ideas you may want to try and are easily covered when needed.

minimalist tattoos with meaning

Thigh tattoo for with Details

Although this next tattoo has a spiritual feel, it does look good. This spot is an interesting spot and it is becoming more and more popular.

minimalist tattoos ideas

Image Credit: iv0necka

Large Rose Tattoo

Get a rose tattoo in the center of your back. This tattoo is clean and simple and nicely placed in the center of the back which is flattering and bold.

minimalist tattoos ideas

Word tattoo Be Brave

This next minimalist design is not like the others, it is a small tattoo design with meaning as well. I love what it is saying, small be brave we need that encouragement sometimes Most tattoo carries a meaning behind them and this one is powerful.

minimalist tattoos ideas

Rose or Flower Idea

This is another bold statement tattoo but a perfect example of minimalism. This tattoo will make almost anyone want to get ink.

small minimalist tattoo

Minimalist butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoo has to be one of the most stunning and elegant styles for women. These butterflies are simple and cute featuring two small butterflies with small dots and sparks.

minimalist butterfly tattoo

We hope you love these simple minimalist tattoos, they look perfect on everyone.

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