10 Haircuts For Petite Women To Stand Out From a Crowd


Like clothes that can change how we appear haircuts can do just the same. Haircuts can even make us appear taller. Like most beauty things it’s not easy to find that perfect haircut that matches our style, personality, and our features.

Sometimes even petite girls need a little help with beauty tips. You may want to appear taller to stand out among any crowd.

1 . Bob

Bob Haircut

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The bob is a classic hairstyle that has been around for ages. This style will look good on every woman. When in doubt get a bob cut.

2 . Lob

Haircuts For Petite Women To Stand Out From a Crowd

Lucy Hale / Chrissy Teigen

If you are a petite women and want to try the lob go for it. It’s perfect for women with round faces, it helps to show off your features and your chin.

3 .  Pixie hair

Pixie Hair For Petite Women

Turner-Smith / Meagan Good

Women and girls can cut their hair in a pixie. You can wear your pixie with bangs, textured long or short.

4 . Mullet

Mullet hair

Miley Cyrus / Úrsula Corberó

This style has made a comeback since late, who would have thought this look could be stylish? The cut is short in the front and longer in the back, which can help you appear taller.

5 . Mid-length haircut

midi hair

Jenna Dewan / Riawna Capri

This length of hair is for women who dont really go for short hair. The style barely touches your shoulder but it’s long enough that you can still do a nice ponytail. This is a low-maintenance hairstyle for mothers as well as any busy woman.

6 . Garçon haircut

Garçon haircut

The Garçon is another classic style on this list that has made a spot back in our hearts. This hairstyle is usually best for a triangular shape face but would look good on any woman of any age. Petite women can rock this style plus it shows off the nape, it can make you appear taller while giving you a youthful vibe.

7 . A-line pixie

Haircuts For Petite Women A Line Pixie

unknown / Ruby Rose

Another way to style your pixie cut is a bit longer than the classic pixie. This is a sophisticated look that is traditionally styled with a side part. If you are petite and want to try this softer version of the original pixie go ahead.

8 . Chest-length Hairstyles

long haircut

If you can’t decide you can choose to stay in between, your hair is neither too long nor too short. Simply enjoy the best of both worlds a lot of room to play around with it.

9 . Long and Straight

Haircuts For Petite Women

If you dont like short hair you can get a clean long shortcut. This type of hair makes petite girls appear taller, just go silky straight. You could add curtain bangs to long hair for a glam elevated look.

10 . Sophisticated Stacked Haircut

pretty stacked haircut

Stacked haircut looks great when done correctly. Long in the front and shorter in the back.

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