40 Trendy wispy curtain bangs long hair Ideas

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Wispy curtain bangs long hair – If you are looking for a new way to style long hair with bangs. Try one of these 40 best long curtain bang hairstyles that look gorgeous on colored hair, straight hair, curly hair, and even thick and thin hair. 

With all the different hair textures and hairstyles this look can upgrade your hair look. Wispy bangs look amazing on all hair types. Get the best bang design for short hair, Layered Medium hair, and long hair. 

​Wispy Curtain is a stylish trendy haircut that will give a stunning hair look to every hair length, you can also use this haircut on most if not all hair types from wavy, curly and straight, and even short and long.

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Face type is also not a thing to worry about because this haircut will match all and create a lovely look. 

Wispy curtain bangs long hair

Here I’ll be listing a few of my favorite wispy bangs for long hair this curtain bang will be perfect for older and more mature ladies because of the sophisticated cut it gives the hair. 

There are a few major different types of wispy curtain bangs, from soft curtain bangs to thick hair and even fringe curtain bang styles.

All these haircuts depend on your hair texture and hair type.  

Most of the top curtain haircuts will look best on long hair but it is always great to see these haircuts on shorter-length hair.

This style is a great option if you looking for a bang style that will look amazing. 

Long curtain bangs

This is gorgeous long hair with curtain bangs, Stunning two-tone hair color.

This is beautiful long layered hair thick, flat iron straight but with the hair color, it sets the tone

Wispy curtain bangs long hair

Chic Straight Medium Layered Bang Two Tone

Beautiful wispy Bang haircut with two-tone hair color stunning blonde hair color at hair front with a bang.

Easy way to add two-tone hair color to your hair bangs with you do a wispy haircut.

Classic hair looks with colorful hair color that matches your skin tone and facial features.

Wavy Hair with a Center Part

Wavy hair with a center part will look amazing with bangs once it has the length and texture that fit the hair flow.

This is a good example of what a wavy hair with a bang should look like.

Stylish Wispy Haircut

Gorgeous fringe bangs on beautiful messy hair with perfect blonde color.

There are a lot of reasons to go with a Fringe bang, maybe you have less volume in your hair.

Are want to try a new look but with the blonde hair color, this is gorgeous. 

Stylish Wispy Haircut

Curtain fringe for Round faces

​Style Your wispy fringe with fine hair and get a haircut like this, Create that beautiful hairstyle idea with long fine hair and show new ways of styling fine are thin hair with new trendy styles. 

Curtain fringe for Round faces

Blunt bangs with side part hair

Discover blunt bang with a side part for a long wispy haircut.

To get this desired look, cut medium-length hair to showcase long wavy hair with side parts and curtain bangs.

Blunt bangs with side part hair

Thick Hair Curtain Bang

​Bright Beautiful wavy curls with thick natural hair and a stunning bright color color.

This curtain bang gives a new look to hair with the perfect hair color shade and a top trending haircut this haircut is one of my favorite hairdos for the season.

Thick Hair Curtain Bang

Long layers hairstyle Flat Iron

Great way to get a stylish look using a blow dryer but getting this wispy style at the end. Very long hair with extra volume but looks good in different lengths.

Long layers hairstyle Flat Iron

Messy Long Hair Feathered Bangs

Creative new ways to feather curtain bang, stunning long black hair with messy wavy wispy ends.

Long bangs are a fan favorite but wavy tips look amazing with any color of hair.

Messy Long Hair Feathered Bangs

Inverted Straight Curtain Bang Medium Length Hair

The best features of this inverted hair is the double color are upside-down look.

This is a great example of what stunning two-shade hair should look like with curtain bangs and a haircut.

Straight Long hair

Getting the right cut for your hair will improve your look no matter what and this is a stunning visual of what a blonde hair with longer lengths can achieve.

Cutting and giving longer-length hair with regular trims is a good idea. But this is an adorable haircut for blonde hair with bangs. 

Straight Long hair

Natural Waves bang style

Amazing Gold brown hair color, Cut new styles in your waves and get the best wavy look haircut that will stun all.

The right waves with the best style and haircut will always give you a style like this. 

Natural Waves bang style

Beautiful Next Level Curtain Bangs

I considered every one of these curtain bangs gorgeous, but this one is my favorite.

From the look to the haircut, even the different ways the length of the hair can be styled with the curtain style.

Longer Layers Bang with Waves

Curls and waves can give a great look, but with haircuts like this you should embrace your natural curls are waves and cut your hair in a design that works with the waves.

Different Hair Lengths Bang Styles

Bangs don’t and should not have to be the same length, as your hairstyle.

But every hairstyle cut should have a different bang length, and depending on your face shape, that’s how you choose. 

Different Hair Lengths Bang Styles

Shoulder-length Hair with Bangs

There is no right length, the same way there is no right cut for any hair, you just have to get the best haircut for your face are head shape. 

This shoulder-length bang style is a nice look with the wavy hairstyle. 

Shoulder-length Hair with Bangs

Front part Curtain Bang

The front part is the best way to start a curtain bang style, this look makes it easy to get the curtain look fairly fast. The front part is also simple to style with long hair.

Pastel Pink Highlights with Bangs

Stunning Pastel pink hair color highlights with middle part curtain bangs for long hair.

Long Hairstyle Pink Front View

​Beautiful pink colored hair, front view with part long and wavy. Put a little effort into getting a haircut like this stunning wavy and pink. 

Face-Framing Bangs with Colored Hair

There is a lot of haircut for different face shape or face-frames.

This amazing style is highlighted in this stunning hair color orange frames her face well and looks perfect in any light.

Curtain bangs Long Blonde style

​Dry highlights with blonde hair long curtain style idea. When it comes to your own bangs it’s always great to see the beauty in the hairstyle you want.

This is a very nice curtain style with blonde hair highlights. 

Curly Hair Face-framing Layers

Beautiful curly layered hair with front part and front view. Dark hair looks amazing with a shag cut curtain bangs and longer lengths hair, are even shorter hair. 

Fringe Style Natural Waves Bangs

A curling iron or hair straightener will give your hair the look you want when it comes to styling.

This Fringe style with natural waves are hot tool waves can be a nice look.

Asian Curtain Bangs

Every hair can look amazing with curtain bangs but Asian hair has a natural bang look and the hair is lighter and easier to do the bang with.

You can also try out messy bun ate side-swept bangs with long hair like this.

Face-framing fringe Bang for Black Hair

Perfect Thin Black Hair great for curtain style, straight and beautiful long with wispy end.

Curtain bangs will look great on thin are thick hair, this stunning silky black long hair is thin but looks beautiful with the thin curtain bang.

Black Curtain Hair Long

We are looking for a new style to do with Shoulder-length black Straight Hair. Try this curtain bang for thin black hair.

Feathered Cut Bang Hair

Feathered cuts have become very popular and this trendy look can be easily achieved with a simple hairstyle change.

Discover haircut ideas like this curtain bang with feathered cut tips designed perfectly to match the bang. 

Blonde shoulder-length bang style

Bang cut with shoulder-length hair is a stunning combo, but this haircut does a great job showcasing the look and style in great detail.

Here you will see just how easy you can add bang to your shoulder-length, short hair, and even long hair. 

​Haircolor long hair with bangs

Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to hair color, and this brownish, blonde, white, multicolor hairstyle with curtain bangs.

This is a great look for those looking to experiment with hair color and style ideas. 

Ginger Hair with Bangs Curtain style

Long curtain bangs can look amazing on any hair, this is a great example of curtain bangs on redheads or ginger hair. 

Curtain bangs looks amazing on any hair color are texture, look at this ginger hair with curls and tips and thick bang.

High Ponytail with thin Bang haircut

Ponytail or pulled-back hair looks great with bangs as well but this style needs a thinner bang cut to get a look like this.

Every hairstyle looks amazing but getting the style you want for your face-frame can make a lot of difference.

Best Wispy Haircut for Wsipy look

Not sure what wispy curtain style to get try this side-swept curtain cut and see. But if this style doesn’t do it for you I have one that comes close to it.

Wispy Long Hair with Front Part

Long Stunning wispy curtain cut with long Wispy ends, a beautiful black haircut that styles perfectly.

Side-swept Bang With Wispy Style

dark and brown highlighted hair with a wispy bang. Her hair is stunning from color to texture and you can see that she spends a lot of time taking care of her hair.

This is also a great look for her face, with the long curtain bang that shows her eyes in a side-swept view.

High Ponytail with Curtin Bang Cute Wispy Style

You can also style black hair with a wispy curtain look. This is another simple but great black long hair that has a high ponytail with a stunning wispy bang.

Long Bang for Blonde Wispy Medium hair

Textured and shoulder-length hair can also be a great combination for haircuts like this.

With every hair color your haircut will also look different.

Wispy Curtain Face Bang

With different face shapes and face frames, you can get a look like this. Black hair is very popular for wispy curtains.

Wispy Wavy Hair Long Front View

Long or short hair in different shades and styles with different cuts. Discover the best haircut with the hairstyle you need.

Wispy long highlighted haircut.

Sleek Straight Wispy Bang cut

Style your wispy cut with two-tone hair, and stunning hair color shades that go from black to dark brown in a blended look.

If you’re not sure how to style your long two-shade hair cut it in a wispy bang and get a style like this.

Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

Need a new look for long hair try out these curtain bangs for long hair and get the haircut you need.

These are all new trendy hairstyle ideas that have bangs and are perfect for long hair.

All these hairstyles will be perfect for wavy, curly are straight hair.

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