23 Cute and Cozy Ways to Style Chunky Sweater

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A chunky sweater outfits with boots is my favorite way to style them during the colder seasons. Oversized sweaters are not only laid back but perfect every day. You can wear these cute chunky oversized sweaters to work, dates, and holiday parties, and all appropriate places for cozy attire.

As a Woman, I want to feel and look stylish no matter the season even dressing in a chunky knit sweater. We love our oversized chunky knit sweater so I curated some of the best looks online.

These also make a great Christmas gift and they last a very long time. So here is why you need some cute soft sweaters in your life.

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Trousers with a round-neck sweater

Choosing trousers can look amazing as well with chunky platform shoes. You can wear this casual fit to work or school during this winter. If you are looking for a fresh winter college outfit we recommend this one.

Image credit @chloehayward_

Season Trendy Black Boots

We can’t have a season without the sweater dress and boot outfit. The shoes and the dress make only a small gap which keeps it cute and classy.

cute outfit for women with boots and sweater dress

Image credit @ameliecheval31

Style Them With Your Mom Jeans

Mom jeans and baggy jeans are in trend right now, so if you don’t like skinny or fitted jeans here is a look that is both comfortable and stylish.

This pastel pink color is so pretty and although not a traditional Fall or winter color it is perfect all year round.

pink sweater and mom jeans

Image credit @laraa.gro

Chunky Turtleneck Sweater

Styling this cute crop top sweater with a t-shirt underneath is clever and looks fab. So dont have to give up on your crop tops yet wear this with jeans for a casual look.

oversized chunky knit sweater

Trying a pencil skirt with a turtleneck looks stylish. Although the top is chunky the pencil skirt really slims it down. This look is also office-appropriate.

Casual School Girl Sweater Look

This outfit is ideal for young girls who are looking for a college sweater outfit look. The outfit is by _byleslie, this fall outfit look is perfect. The chunky sweater is paired with a nice pleated skirt.

Chocolate brown matchy-matchy chunky sweater outfit

Wearing brown and white, earthy tones that look great for sweater season.

chunky sweater outfit

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Cute with Pencil Skirt

We don’t want to give up certain pieces during the colder months like this sweater with skirt outfit with sneakers is adorable. I love the detail on this sweater front.

oversized chunky knit sweater

With Orange and Black Leather Pants

This is such a cute outfit, dont you think? All the colors complement each other well. We don’t always get to wear our leather so these are the time to shine.

chunky sweater outfit

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Style with Converse and Cropped Jeans

This next look is fire and it’s current if you want a way to style your sweater this fall. The time is not yet freezing so you can show some ankle with these pants and this wide neck sweater.

style oversized sweater with converse

Image credit @ameliecheval31

Casual Style with a sweater

This style is chic and casual, with bright yellow, and white sneakers, and ankle-length denim. The bright pink lips make the look more beautiful.

bright yellow sweatshirt sweater with blue denim and white sneakers

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Chunky Knit Sweater With Jeans

This cute knitted sweater is perfect for autumn and winter. You can easily copy this look for an autumn-themed touch of orange. This outfit will look great with any boots so dont worry about the colors.

 chunky sweater with jeans


The cute chunky sweater matches them

Look chic with this sweater and matching-colored boots tucked in. Let’s get as much out of fall days before they are gone. During the winter season, you can change the skirt to jeans. This little chunky knitted sweater is a keeper.

chunky knit sweater

Image source

Copy the look:

Coffee Brown Knit Sweater

This cute casual oversized knit sweater is for the season. Who doesn’t want to feel cozy during this season? Knit to perfection, warm and practical. The coffee color is so appropriate for the apple-picking season.

oversized chunky knit sweater

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Style your sweater with a Breezy skirt outfit

Making your sweater look cute and fun, her style is adorable. These are the most trendy type of cardigan right now they look luxurious compared to those fashionable ones.

knitted sweater and skirt

Image from: soumiaelj

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Muti color Chunky sweater and Skinny Jeans

If you are bored of the regular one-color sweater well here are some stripped round-neck sweaters. We love the casual look these are giving with the black sunglasses too.

oversized chunky knit sweater pattern

Fun With Black Ripped Jeans

Getting a sweater with a mix of colors and stripes will go well with any color you choose. These look great with skinny or fitted jeans.

oversized chunky knit sweater pattern

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Cute Knit Dress Sweater

If you are taller this can be worn as a top instead. This outfit can go from day to hot date at night. Wear this with pants for a casual day look. This sweater is so versatile.

brown dress sweater with grey over the knee boots on woman


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Outfit With an Oversized Bag

Make everything oversized, sweaters and handbags. The light-colored outfit will look great against the snow.

What do you think about styling with leggings? I know lots of us just dont want to let go of leggings even for a season.

This is a great idea to keep enjoying your leggings and knee-high boots. Also again this sweater could be worn as a sweater dress whenever you want.

chunky sweater


Chunky oversized sweater, Jeggings, and Boot

Sometimes we don’t want to give up our leggings for winter. In winter we can still add things we love together and keep warm.

oversized chunky knit sweater

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Style with Leather Pants and Boots

Leather pants and a soft pink chunky sweater, the combination is really fun.

oversized chunky knit sweater pattern

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Cardigan Knitted Cute Chunky

You can wear this with anything and you will look and feel great.

chunky sweater cardigan

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Cute cardigan with a leather skirt and a white t-shirt

This is a cute teacher outfit idea for the modern woman. You can switch out the mini skirt to something longer. This oversized chunky knit sweater in grey is a neutral color that compliments any piece in your wardrobe too.

chunky sweater cardigan

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Wear Sweater With White Shorts

This is another way to wear white shorts and a sweater. We just love how adorable and relaxing this sweater outfit idea is.

grey sweater, white shorts and pink bag

Image credit @laraa.gro

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