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Cute and Cozy ways to Style Chunky Sweater

Cute and Cozy ways to Style Chunky Sweater

Chunky sweater and boots are my favorite way to style during the colder seasons. Oversize sweaters are not only laid back but perfect in everyday. You can wear these to work, date and holiday parties and all appropriate places for cozy attire. As a Woman I want to feel and look stylish no matter the season.

These also makes a great Christmas gift and they last a very long time. So here is why you need some cute Chunky sweater in your life.

Chunky Turtleneck Sweater

Styling this cute crop top sweater with a t-shirt underneath is really clever and looks fab. So dont have to give up on your crop tops yet wear this with jeans for a casual look.

Trying a pencil skirt with turtleneck looks stylish. Although the top is chunky the pencil skirt really slim it down. This looks is also office appropriate.

This is such a cute outfit, dont you think? All the colors compliment each other well.

chunky sweater outfit

Chunky Knit Sweater

This cute knitted sweater is perfect for autumn and winter. You can easily copy this look for a autumn theme touch of orange. This outfit will look great with any boots so dont worry about the colors.


Look chic with this sweater and matching color boots tucked in. Lets get as much out of fall days before they gone. During the winter season you can change the skirt to jeans. This little chunky kited sweater is a keeper.

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Copy the look:

Cute casual oversize knit sweater for the season. Who doesnt want to feel cozy during the these season. Knit to perfection, warm and practical.

Put some colors on it

If you are bored of the regular one color sweater well here are some stripped round neck sweater.

chunky sweater

Getting sweater with mix colors and stripe.

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Cute Knit Dress Sweater

If you are taller this can be worn as a top instead. This outfit can go from day to hot date at night. Wear this with pants for a casual day look. This sweater is so versatile.


Make everything oversize, sweater and handbag. Light color outfit will look great against snow.

chunky sweater


What do you think about styling with leggings? I know lots of us just dont want to let go of leggings even for a season. This is a great idea to keep enjoying your leggings and knee high boot. Also again this sweater could be worn as a sweater dress whenever you want.

Cute and Cozy

Leather pants and soft pink