20+ Cute Sporty Outfits for Women


Are you ready to start being active and looking for cute sporty outfits for women? See celebs flaunty their sporting outfit every day. At first, I never consider myself a sporty dresser but lately, I find myself dressing like one.

It is never a bad time to get fit, we may take up exercise again and we are looking for a new sporty outfit. You may be in need of athleisure wear and even gym outfit inspiration. I have made a post for sporty hairstyles, now I wanted to make a post for cute sporty outfits to inspire you to get in shape this year.

Some of these looks are not only for the gym, they are popular even in the office. People are getting on the athleisure trend, mixing stuff up like sporty outfits with leggings for example can bor won every day. Cool sporty outfits that everyone is wearing now are sneakers, leggings, hoodies, and bombers.

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Some of these outfits you will be able to shop if you like them or try to recreate them with items from your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for sportswear, streetwear, or athleisure.

Cute sporty outfits for school And a Casual Look

Sport wears are not only for gym life, like this next design it’s good for traveling. If you are looking for something to wear to the airport.

Cute Sporty Outfits for Women

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Biker Shorts and Loose Sweatshirt

Sporty outfits with biker shorts are among some of the most popular choices. More fun ideas on how to style biker shorts as a summer casual look.

Cute Sporty Outfits for Women

Image Via @Jami Alix

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Edgy Printed Crop Top

Want to be the coolest girl this season? if so check out the next look. Printed black crop, sweatpants, with cool boots with studs.

Cute Sporty Outfits for Women

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White and Pink Sporty Outfits

If you still want to wear the most feminine colors while being a sporty girl. This outfit is great for jogging or other working out.

Cute Sporty Outfits for Women

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High waist and Crop Top Sporty Outfits idea

The next outfit is good for ladies who are not big on showing off too much skin. High-waist pants are useful to cover belly bulges. On those days when you just want to hide your tummy this outfit could do the trick.

Cute Sporty Outfits for Women

Image Via @itsmsmonica

Sport Outfits With Heels

You can enjoy heels with athleisure wear and be the coolest girl in town. This is one of the fun things about this trend, it can be dressed up or down. The next outfit is a perfect example and I hope it inspires you.

Sporty Outfits

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Sporty outfits with leggings

So cute sporty outfits for school such as this one is a mix of items you may already have. Leggings are popular everyone is wearing them. Gery and black are easy colors so they can pair well with anything else.

This is a lovely sporty idea for girls who want to be in trend. College and high school girl outfit idea.

sporty outfits with leggings

Image Via @ Malin Pettersen

Fitness Athletic Sets

Maybe you want to just go out for an early jog but look put together.

sporty outfits with leggings

Image from totallytoriblog

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Sporty Style With Winter Jacket and Leggings

Coming out of summer, this look is good as a fall outfit. For those cold days, you can zip up your jacket. If you are in the winter season may want to check out the warmest winter legging.

sporty style, athletic sets

Image here

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Cute women’s athleisure wear

Here the next women’s athleisure wear is quite cute. Casual sporty outfits for ladies with grey joggers and sporty tops. I think if you are a social influencer or are just looking to make a statement this is a good one.

Sporty Outfits

Image from Pinterest.com

Sweatpants and Pink Blouse

The next look is super cute, Sweatpants with pockets, a long-sleeve pink blouse, and Adidas sneakers. If you are looking for college fall outfits this is nice to add to your wardrobe.

Sporty Outfits

Image from @francinyehlke

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Casual Blouse with Leggings

One of the most casual sporty outfit ideas on this list. The look can be worn to lunch with friends or just hanging out. This stylish athleisure outfit is flexible and functional.

athleisure outfit

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Cute Sporty Outfits

This fits well, tennis skirt was trending last year and I think they will stick around. This is one of the cutest outfit mixes of styles to consider. With the blend of preppy and sporty.

cute white skirt outfit, preppy sporty look

Image via @saraahgardner

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Every girl look

This next look is perfect for every woman and girl. This also makes a lovely summer travel outfit if you want a fresh look. This look is cool and comfortable and you can wear it anywhere.

sporty outfit

Image from Pinterest.com

Sporty Layering Outfits

If you are looking for a cool casual sporty look for winter say no more. This look is perfect for the winter weather and maybe even on snowy days. We love cute athleisure outfits and this speaks for itself.

cute athleisure outfits

Source image @dilekpacacioglu

School Sporty Outfits

If you want a look for school this is good minus the crop top. Always follow your school dress code. If it’s not for school it makes a good summer outfit for all age girls.

summer fits, sporty outfit idea

Casual Look with Cap with a sporty vibe

This look is an everyday look that is comfortable and sporty at the same time. White blouse, black skinny denim jeans, and cap.

White t shirt, black pants

Crop Top and Leather Shorts

Fitted cropped white blouse, leather shorts, sneakers, and a large handbag.

fun stylish look, black leather shorts

Comfortable Cute Sporty Outfit for women

Travel Sporty Outfits

Sporty Outfits for Women Set

Image @ okevaaa

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sporty outfits

Which of these sporty outfits are you planning to copy? maybe more than one because they all look incredible.

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