14 Travel Outfits Summer

Amazing travel outfits summer ideas as it approaches, we have started coming up with travel plans. In our plans, our wardrobe is a huge part of this as we want to plan according to our travels. Getting the best summer vacation outfits from now on is best.

So whether you go to the beach or a cultural vacation in Europe, no matter where you will be heading this summer you need fresh outfits to feel the best on your summer vacation.

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What should I wear on a summer trip?

There are a lot of options for travel outfits but here are some of the must-haves. These are our personal recommendations for your trip.

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  • Choosing the right fabric clothes is important, for summer. The time is usually warmer so lightweight and breathable clothes are important. Fabrics such as cotton and linen allow good airflow.
  • Choosing the right tops, pack as much as possible in many different colors. People will notice your tops a lot more and you don’t want to seem like you have been eating something too frequently. Pack a mix of shirts, tank tops, and blouses that can be paired with any other piece of clothing.
  • Bottoms like those mentioned above are the more lightweight first choice. If you want to have style but functionality, a flowy skirt, or denim shorts are a good option. To not have to pack too much just make sure they are easy to move in and suitable for your planned trip activities. I personally love full jeans as well, maybe black and blue because they are versatile.
  • One piece such as dresses and rompers are a must-have. These will give you that effortless style look for summer. Pack a mix of dresses and rompers, they can be easily styled up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Swimsuits, if you know you are going to the beach or pool then this. Bring a long swimsuit cover-up and towels and don’t forget sunscreens.

Travel outfits summer

In this list, we have gathered 13 outfit ideas that you will love. These vacation outfits will take you from the comfy airport outfit straight into beach clothes.

Wool Coat and White T-shirt

During the summer we know not everywhere you go will be warm and not all hours of the day. Even in some tropical countries, they do get windy or chilly in the evening hours.

The neutral coat will go with any color item from your wardrobe. The handbag is also a neutral color, with white ankle boots you can replace with sandals for a more summer feel or heeled sandals for a more fancy look.

The cropped denim is a versatile piece I am sure you have one lying around. You don’t need cropped pants to copy this look you can fold the bottom to a length you like.

During August the time may start to get cool so pack something warm as you can never be too prepared. Wool is perfect as it works well with different types of weather.

If you want to copy this look here are the items you may need:

Distress Jeans Here these are quite affordable so you don’t need to break the bank. White ankle boots are fashionable, also shop for your wool coat here.

Dont forget to add the right accessories for your taste such as jewelry, bags, or sunglasses. You can compliment your outfit with bold colors to create a contrast. Orange goes well with neutral colors and they make a statement you could add an orange handbag to your look.

Summer Travel Outfits Denim Overalls

This next look is cute and it’s a chic sporty outfit idea but very relaxed and cool. This look is cute and it will go for women of all ages but you will see that most women of younger age rocking this.

A full denim fashion never gets old and adding some other designer accessories can enhance the look. The sneakers make it easy on your feet while you travel and the cap help take the sun out of your face.

For accessories, like this look, shop this cap on Amazon, and this Saint Laurent handbag here these are not the cheapest but they are a great brand and you deserved to treat yourself every once in a while.

Footwear is an important part of your look, trendy sneakers are fun and they make you look casual and quite comfortable, you can shop these Golden Goose Sneakers here.

Floral Off The Shoulder Long Dress

We just love this next dress and how it hugs the body. The dress is fitted on the top but has a lot of room at the bottom with an alluring slit. If you feel to go dancing or walking down the beach street of your new surrounding this dress is a good fit.

The color is vibrant which makes it a perfect summer dress idea. The flower patterns seem like some exotic flowers, the hoop earrings and flip flops work well together.

One of the main reasons to wear dresses on vacation is that they are quite easy to style. Buying a dress is usually cost-effective as well to buy one piece and they add well if you want to travel light.

girl in fitted colorful long midi dress and sandals

Image source Instagram/lashaemonique

You can pair this dress with almost any color accessories but the neutral color will create a nice contrast as this dress is already bold. Choosing accessories that show off the dress not overshadow it.

Start with lovely gold earrings, you can buy nice neutral sandals here. The right accessories will elevate your look and make it appear more luxurious.

Chic White Summer Dress

Summer dress white is a popular choice, this all-white outfit is angelic. This look is good for the fancy party you may be attending this season. Also if you are going on a romantic date or maybe even a picnic.

As mentioned earlier in this article dress is the perfect piece of vacation item. Here is Kylie Jenner rocking this lovely midi white dress. The beauty of this dress is you could wear it in springtime and summer.

The look also carries a dainty small white handbag and the medium-height heels are not too hard to walk in.

chic white summer dress, celebrity kylie jenenr

So choosing this color combination is a lovely minimalist look. White is a neutral color that is so easy to style and you can’t go wrong with the color it compliments every skin tone.

We recommend this strappy ankle heel on Lulus or if you prefer wedges like me, I recommend this Chunky Band Wedge sandals on Tuckernuck.

There are plenty of cute similar dresses but here is a simple one here.

Vintage Summer Inspiration

Our next look is cute and such a happy color. This vintage outfit idea features yellow and white stripe shorts, and an embellished crochet top which is so charming. The colors are so sweet and just make you feel happy.

Vintage looks are a popular choice as vacation outfits as they bring you back in time and we want to just relax. If you are traveling to Europe or other exotic locations pack yourself one of these traveling outfits.

Vintage summer travel outfits

Image Credit thefrenchmadrilene

The look really comes together from the brown belt to the matching color handbag. and sunglasses. If you are just feeling to dress chic and elegant on a particular day get yourself some high-waisted shorts. These shorts will work on all body types and they are a good way to hide the bloated tummy.

Rompers are Fun Travel Outfits Summer

Over recent years rompers have gotten popular because they are casual and versatile. This blue and white striper romper can go to the beach and then walk into any restaurant for lunch.

This outfit idea we recommend comes in many sizes so women of all body types can try this out. I like wearing rompers on Sunday as they are just so comfy and relaxing.

If you are heading to the beach you can wear your bathing suit under your fit. This will make it easy for you to switch in and out of your look.

blue and white stripe romper for summer travel look

If you are looking to purchase this romper you can get them at Pink Lily and you will find other items to help complete this look such as these brown sandals here.

We have a list of designer sandals here that you can check out if you want more great ideas. We also want to share shoes for older women who want a fun look as well. We feel the right summer travel outfits are ones that you can wear to multiple places.

Cute Maternity Summer Travel Outfits

Sometimes you may wish to travel even while pregnant. This next dress looks cute and it will cover your baby bump perfectly leaving you lots of room for movement as well.

A maxi dress is not only comfortable but they are practical for all women. The length is good and the color is neutral style it however you wish. Also, it is not a maternity dress so you don’t have to be pregnant to rock it.

travel outfits summer

Get this dress on Pink Lily

Two Piece Sets Summer Vacation Outfits

Crochet comes in and out of style but right now it has made a comeback. This look is topical and does give summer. You can style this with gladiator sandals or other closed-toe shoes.

If you are trying to go all out and carry that resort feel, the straw hat and this oversized handbag are a nice touch. You are going to the beach but you also don’t want to wear a bikini this is a nice alternative.

summer vacation outfits

Image credit Instagram/thefrenchmadrilene

Sleeve Flap Detail Shirt Dress Without Belt

Here is another summer classic, the shirt dress in nice brown color. This dress can be worn with many different items and styles in many different ways. This dress can be styled with or without a belt.

You can accessories for summer travel outfits with gold earrings and jewelry. You can get this dress off, Shein and you can get it in other colors if this is not to your liking.

travel outfits summer

Choosing a summer vacation outfit such as this will be a nice addition to your travels.

White Golf Cardigan

During your summer trip you may try out some golfing, most resorts provide these. This preppy style outfit doesn’t even have to go golf, it’s quite fashionable. We love this look and the pattern on the skirt and you can shop this style here.

White Golf Cardigan

Swimsuit for Beach Time

You can’t be planning a summer vacation and left out your swimsuit. This one-piece swimsuit is good to cover stretch marks on the tummy.

summer swimsuit vacation outfit idea

Shop this on Lulus

This type of swimsuit is basically classic that never gets old, accessories with sunglasses and hats with the right wedge or sandals. So for summer travel outfits add a lovely swimsuit and you can also take a cover-up with you.

For Working Out and Airport Fit

Even on vacation, you may want to keep up with your workout and luckily almost all hotels provide a gym. So here is another versatile piece you can wear as athleisure outfits are in style and if you need to really work out.

This is how you can pack as a minimalist and save space. This is perfect you can also add a small gym bag if this is really a thing you want to do during your summer.

sporty summer outfit for travel

This outfit features an oversized sporty bag you can get here at Walmart, a sports bra here and you can also get these sneakers at Walmart as well.

Cropped Top and Straight Denim Jeans

Pack blue denim and distressed jeans are an affordable option, a simple white cropped top is a youthful and viable option. These will be comfortable to wear on a casual outing while your travel this summer.

vacation outfits with denim jeans and white blouse

Image source Instagram/petite3ssence

Comfortable Look For The Airport

What Should I Wear on a Tropical Vacation?

I can tell this is an exciting trip of yours, we have some exciting suggestions for you to wear on this tropical gateway.

  1. Variety of swimwear, you know for sure you will be hitting the beach so be sure to have a swimsuit, swim short,s or even a dress. If you are heading to a beach theme party check out our post on 6 things to wear.
  2. Tops with tropical patterns, loose-fitting tops, and lightweight blouses. Something that looks good even at the poolside casually.
  3. For footwear, we suggest sandals and flip-flops as these are the two main essential ones. These are perfect for a casual walk or a stretch down the beach. If you are planning to do more water adventures bring water shoes that are sturdy and comfortable. We recommend these water shoes on Amazon Aqua Drying shoes.
  4. Layers, yes you should still pack maybe two pieces of these. Even though you are on a tropical vacation the temperature may get cooler evening especially closer to the water. So pack yourself a lightweight cardigan or wrap.

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