23 Lovely Swimsuits That Cover Stretch Marks

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Are you looking for a swimsuit that hides stretch marks? well, this is the right article for you. We have some of the best high-quality swimsuits that cover stretch marks.

Sometimes finding the right look takes some time and that is why you are here. You can count on me to find you something suitable. Sometimes we have something about our body we want to hide. Maybe you want a swimsuit that covers arms stretch marks or maybe other reasons.

Stretch marks are very common and are more found in women, these stretch across certain parts of a body, specifically on the buttocks, thighs, breasts, and lower belly. These marks happen when you gain weight too suddenly, and they are common during pregnancy. However, pregnancy is not the only factor there are plenty more.

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Although these are common and normal, not everyone wants to show them off. These can make you feel less confident especially when you have to expose them to others.

For women who may have had a baby and feel ok with their battle stripes, that is great. However, if you are not there yet, it is ok I am here to help you. Whether this is a family vacation or just a day at the waterpark, you want a nice swimsuit that gives you the confidence to enjoy the activities.

These have great coverage and these can hide your tummy bulge if you recently have a baby as well.

Ribbed One Piece Swimsuits Retro

This covers up tummy stretch marks. The best part of such simplicity is that same fact, elegant and simple. The color makes it versatile and you can have it for many visits to the beach.

Dress swimsuit

Here is another lovely choice that not only covers stretch marks but a swimsuit that hides tummy bulges. The color is pretty and you can feel confident and stunning in this high-waisted bottom.

color swimsuit

Comfortable top in bright color and printed shorts idea. Regain your energy and enjoy the fun water activities in this.

black top and leopard print pants

If you are looking for something flirty, try this tankini set with a flowy top.

Here is another pretty tankini set that covers stretch marks. There is a built-in bra for support, which is another plus. The top is made of a soft detachable padded bra that will shape tp your bust.

Tankini Swimsuits That Cover Stretch Marks

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This next look has a pretty ruffle design that will keep the attention where it needs to be. It comes with a cute little boy short also, to hide stretch marks on the buttocks. Also available in plus size here Amazon

2. Swim Dress Swimsuits That Cover Stretch Marks

Here is also another great option for full coverage. Swimdresses allow you to look chic and feminine while enjoying the splash. They are usually flattering to the figure as well.

Swim Dress Swimsuits

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Multicolor plant print swim dress that is stylish and flattering. You can really walk around in this with your whole family or friends. The look is stunning and it covers your stretch marks well.

Swim Dress Swimsuits

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If you are looking for a swimsuit that won’t cling to your body and stay chic all day this is it. with a loose bottom and a snatched waistline. If you want to show off your curves even in a dress you will love this one.

This next look is great for Beach clothes as well. Make sense if you just want to look great and not show too much.

swimsuit dress

The thing I love most about this swimsuit is the pattern, the floral makes it cute and gives a good vibe. I love that it covers the body where stretch marks are common and snatches the tummy as well.

Swim Dress Swimsuits

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This dress gives a slimming effect and the material is breathable. The design is stylish and modern looking for women. You can wear this throughout the day without worries about it riding up.

cute Swim Dress Swimsuits

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This next one will cling to the body so if you are looking for something more relaxing you need to size up. The floral print is pretty and looks awesome for the beach or pool.

3. One-Piece Swimsuits

You can feel safe choosing one piece especially if the stretch marks are on the tummy area, which also offers tummy controls.

cute One-Piece Swimsuits

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This one-piece bathing suit has removable straps that give you a different style and look. One-piece swimsuits that cover stretch marks on the tummy area and not the thighs.

cute One-Piece Swimsuits

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If you want to enjoy the sun in this one piece with an open-back bathing suit. Lovely fit for the woman who wants to show off their beach body but cover-up marks.

This one-piece with long sleeves is perfect for those who want to protect their skin and cover the stretch marks on their arms.

cute One-Piece Swimsuits

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Here is another awesome eye-catching swimsuit with a peekaboo above the navel. The color is pretty and the off-shoulder swimsuit looks cute.

purple swimsuit

Popular print for everyone to enjoy and the color is vibrant and perfect for summer.

cute One-Piece Swimsuits

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A front cutout, in a nice polka dot print, with removable straps. The material has a little stretch so also good for those days when you are a little more bloated.

4. Swim Shorts are great

These will save your day, and weeks if your stretch marks are on the bottom area.

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This next bathing suit is just too cute to not have. These sets include a floral top paired with boy shorts. With this look, you are ready for a resort pool day.

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This next look has stretch in it to give you the freedom to enjoy the water and splash as you feel. The high-waisted look will cover stretch marks on the hip and some on your bottom.

This next set will help you cover more areas such as the chest, arms, and bottom part of your body where stretch marks are common. You are getting nice overall body support with this swimsuit.

Swimsuits That Cover Stretch Marks

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This next bathing suit idea has a beautiful drawstring on the side of the top. The top has a lovely tropical floral print paired with black boy shorts. This is a good one for women who have had a baby recently. The fabric is breathable and looks amazing, and another cool thing is you can get your boyfriend/ husband the matching look here.

Swimsuits That Cover Stretch Marks

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Here is another one that is too cute to pass. I love the tie and dye color, it’s eye-catching and I am so in love with the simple design. The bra has removable pads for that extra support.

How To Choose The Right Swimsuit That Covers Stretchmarks

Here are some tips when selecting the perfect swimsuit for your next beach trip or vacation. First, where is your problem area? after identifying that then you can start selecting which swimsuit to get.

  • For Tummy Control

For new mothers, one-piece or bikini-style helps with tummy control, and support bra, and also gives good coverage.

  • Coverage

The swimwear that gives the most coverage is swim dresses and one-piece with sleeves are best. You can also choose tow a bikini with high waisted bottom

  • Right Support

The next option is something for both plus-size and nursing ladies. Go for a design with pads and straps for practicality.

  • Covers your lower body

The buttocks and thighs are another area on the body that is prone to stretch marks. If you are not comfortable in showing these get a bathing suit with a boyshorts or even a high waited two-piece.

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