12 What to Wear With a Black Sweater Style Guide


If you’re looking for new ways to wear your black sweater? We have come up with fun interesting ideas on what to wear with a black sweater.

Black sweaters are versatile and they look classy, and chic as well. If you are still looking for new ways to style these timeless pieces, this is a great list for you.

This list contains 12 outfits that show you what to wear with a black sweater, you will get some spring, fall, and winter outfit ideas with grace, sophistication, and best of all modern and classy.

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What To Wear With A Black Sweater


Loafers are one of the most sophisticated types of flats that will compliment your style, straight-leg pants and sweater.

2. With Mini Skirt

black sweater, mini skirt and prada


This look is a nice choice for the modern woman who wants to rock her sweater and skirt during spring.

3. With Biker Shorts

sporty outfit with sweater and biker shorts

This next sweater is styled with LV bag, and Nike biker shorts for athleisure wear.

4. Print Skirt

cute preppy style with sweater and skirt


The preppy style is another popular way to embrace wearing a sweater.


5. With Overalls

outfit with Overalls


This look is relaxed and very easy to recreate, you can be a mom and this look will work for you as well.


6. Straight-Leg Jeans

traight-Leg Jeans with black sweater and long coat


Straight-leg jeans are fashionable at the moment which makes them ideal to style with a black sweater. This creates a cute comfortable look for any season and any day of the week. Finish the look by adding a black wool coat and stretchy ankle boots.

7. With White trousers

white trousers and black long sleeve sweater


Dress pants or a tailored pair of chinos elevate the look for work or a night out. This look is casual and simple great especially if you will be on your feet a lot.

8. Black Turtleneck with Leather Pants

black sweater with leather pants

Sporty look with a turtleneck sweater, black leather pants, black glasses, handbag, and shoes.

9. With Satin Pants

with satin pants


A button-up black cardigan sweater is another style to consider, looks great when paid with satin pants. This particular color of satin pants adds an additional luxury to the outfit.

10. Black Leather Skirt Outfit

all black long leather skirt and sweater outfit


Choose a leather maxi skirt such as this is a classy choice the all-black outfit is quite elegant.

11. With Midi Skirt

With Midi Skirt


Here is another version of a long midi skirt, paired with sneakers for a laid-back look. The cropped sweater is cute and makes the whole look even more interesting.

12. With Denim Skirt

black sweater With Denim Skirt


Denim is a lovely piece for casual activities, pair your black sweater with one for a stylish fall look. The boots look great but you can also switch them out for ankle boots or loafers.

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