20 Stylish Black Blazer Outfit Ideas

A black blazer is a staple piece every adult should own at least one. We have gathered chic black blazer outfit ideas for you to copy. You are in luck we have created this what to wear with a black blazer style guide for you!

You will get a mix of classy styles, sporty and casual streetwear looks, We have gathered something for any mood or occasion.

Have you seen our last post about how to style a white blazer? Now well here is your time to get some new ideas for your black blazer as well. Whether you already own one or looking to purchase one and may be curious about how to style these.

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Classic ideas are to go with the smart look of pants suit which is most obvious but you can style them casually with denim jeans, or shorts for weekend looks or glam them up with a more structured skirt or pants for a special occasion look.

We want to give you 20 black blazer outfits for women to get you started. We have included a lot of different variations for you to be able to find something to match your personal style.

There are links to some of the items or similar for you to be able to shop the look. Also, fashion is all about experimenting so you can simply use these ideas to guide you and recreate your own look.

So let’s learn how to wear a black blazer like a pro!

Chic Black Blazer Outfit Ideas

Black Blazer Outfit Ideas

Black Blazer Outfit Ideas

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Image credit @aurajadestone

We want to start this post off with one of the coolest ways to wear your leather shorts. The blazer around the same length as your shorts and high waist are so popular now.

With Wide Leg Trousers

tube top with black blazer over with with wide leg cotton pants

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A Similar Black Tube Top on Revolve

Image credit @malwinaobrzut

Blazers are an easy way to elevate any look, giving you smart and sophisticated at the same time. You may already have a black basic tube top and looking for a new way to wear it and this is a nice style.

Classic Way to Style

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If you are looking for a black business casual outfit idea this is a nice way to wear your blazer. Black blazer outfits that are both comfortable and casual also can be worn to work is a plus.

With Biker Shorts and Sneakers

blazer over biker suit with sneakers

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Image credit @vitaliia

We told you at the start we got you covered and that meant a sporty look as well. Here is an everyday style you can wear a blazer over your biker outfit. The sneakers are comfortable and if you want to do some more walking you can with this outfit idea.

All Black Fashion Idea

Black Blazer Outfits for Women

Image credit @malwinaobrzut

An attire like these black blazer outfits for women who are trendsetters. The look is cool, laidback, rich, and minimalist. I love how this look is playing on the line of gender as well, many people are going for unisex looks.

So if you are thinking of how to wear your black denim shorts with a black blazer this is it. Cool black outfit ideas that anyone can wear no matter your age and you will look glam without trying too hard.

Black Blazer and Black Leather Pants

Black Blazer Outfit Ideas

Image credit @aurajadestone

Get on board with these stylish high-waist leather pants, white cropped top and black blazer. I love how flattering everything looks and they complement each other so well.

If you are like me on the shorter side maybe you would prefer to wear your pants lower to give the same look effect.

Cropped Blazer with

cropped black blazer, white tee and baggy blue jeans

Image via Instagram

These bright blue denim pants with very wide legs could be considered baggy. The look features a cropped black blazer which is a bit edgy and more street. Simply put these are cute jeans outfits for ladies who are simply fine without trying hard.

Oversized Blazer with Denim Skirt

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Image via @vitaliia

For a college look, this is a great fit, we love Adidas sneakers and especially for schools and fitness activities. If you’re thinking of running some basic errands this outfit works well too.

This look is youthful and simple and you probably have most of these in your closet already.

Black Blazer Outfit Ideas with a Long Floral Skirt

Black Blazer Outfits for Women

This is a nice casual fall outfit for those over 50 who are looking for a modest look. Black blazer outfits for women who want sophistication but are modern and look fresh.

As a Dress With Boots

chic black blazer outfit ideas

Image via @ani.maar

For more chic black blazer outfit ideas, you can turn it into a dress and if you want still wear a mini skirt underneath. Blazers don’t have to be put away during the summer here is an alternative way to enjoy them.

Creamed Pants with White Blouse and Black Blazer

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Image credit @mildagud

Here is another favorite of ours, khaki pants, a blazer, and shoes with medium heels. We at Inspired Beauty love the effortless chic look.

Black Blazer Dress With Stockings and Combat Boots

chic black blazer outfit ideas

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Image via Pinterest

The list is not complete without combat boots which are lovely for fall too. This style features black fishnet stockings, platform boots with lace, a blazer, and a Gucci bag.

Black outfit with white boots

chic black blazer outfit ideas for women

Image via Tumblr

This next look features white boots under the knee really brings out the whole look. This look is a lovely choice for the fall and winter seasons.

White Slip Dress

black blazer with white slip dtess and adidas sneakers

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Linen White Maxi Dress Shop Nordstrom

The Blazer (Sofia Satin Blazer on Revolve)

Image credit @lglora

For an amazing minimalist and timeless look. A lot of girls are going for this style right now so it’s a trend that won’t really ever go away.

The look is styled with a white slip-dress, oversized black blazer, and Adidas sneakers for a casual finish. To make the look complete the outfit is accessories with a small shoulder bag, sunglasses, a watch, and a dainty chain.

Leather blazer with Distress Jeans

Leather blazer with Distress Jeans

This is a little more street style, distressed jeans, leather blazer, and black tank top. The look is complete with heels to elevate it and beautiful makeup.

With Sweater Dress Black Blazer Outfit Ideas

sweater dress, black blazer adn water boots

Fall sweater dress outfit idea with blazer and rain boots. The look is a fall must-try, sweater dresses are a great option and they are versatile as well.

With Joggers

chic black blazer outfit ideas

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Would you have thought you could pair the blazer with joggers? Here is proof that you can and they actually work well. Black blazer outfits for women can be as comfortable and cozy as this.

With Brown Trousers

Black blazer outfit ideas for women

With a Mini Skirt Black Blazer Outfits For Women

Grey mini skirt, black blazer and flats

We love this cute preppy blazer outfit idea, what do you think? The school girls look with a mature style.

Black Blazer with Leggings

black blazer, with leggings

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For skinny leather leggings here

Image credit @kateehutchins

During the colder months, you can wear your blazers with layers and leggings to keep yourself warm and cozy. So Fall and winter you can still look classy and sophisticated.

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