16 White Blazer Outfit Ideas You Need to Try This Season

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Are you looking for refreshing ways to style a white blazer outfit? Well, you are in the perfect place. When it comes to formal looks a blazer will not stare you wrong.

White blazer outfit ideas can be formal, casual, or chic. The styling accessories and whatever else another clothing item you choose to pair them with. During the summer you can go for cropped blazers and during winter oversize ones are best.

Stylish White Blazer Outfit Ideas

1. Textured Blazer Meets Khaki Shorts & Flats

This is one of our favorite looks, the blazer has a texture with medium-sized buttons, and it is not too long. The look is styled with flats and the blazer paired with high-waisted Khaki shorts.

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white blazer outfit ideas

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Image via @estheraguirre

2. High-Waisted Paper Bag Pants & White Blazer Elegance

This look features nude pants and shoes, and the tops are basically neutral. The right accessories can help elevate the look such as bags, shades, and pumps for a dressed-up look.

High Wasist Paper Bag Pants with White Blazer

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3. Open Blazer & Biker Shorts

Third on this list is this open blazer with trendy black biker shorts. The look is so cool and if you are bold enough to rock it why not.

To make this casual add sneakers and to dress it up a bit go with heels.

White Blazer with Biker Shorts

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4. Crisp White Suit for Maximum Impact

Sometimes white pants seem to be hard to pull off but here is an idea on how you can wear them. This all-white suit is a nice professional look for the boss ladies.

Crisp White Suit for Maximum Impact

5. Black & White Chic Mini Dress & Pointy Toes for Effortless Style

The next look on our list is quite fancy, cute mini black dress, pointy toe shoes, black bag, with sunglasses and necklace.

This style goes well with a nice clean ponytail hairstyle or if you want to let your hair down, and have a drink after work.

Black & White Chic: Mini Dress & Pointy Toes for Effortless Style

6. Denim Chic With Your Closet Staples

If you want work clothes on a budget with blue denim from your closet.

Denim Chic With Your Closet Staples

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7. Slim-Fit Blazer Outfits for Insta-Worthy Pics

If you wanted more inspiration for your social media page here is how you can rock this and pull off a great photo. I know some of my old friends would dress like this to go to the club too.

If you are thinking of an alternative wedding outfit this is worth checking out too.

Slim-Fit Blazer Outfits for Insta-Worthy Pics

8. Blazer Suit Chic for Summer Elegance

This next look is chic and it features a white blazer shorts suit. There are some feminity and elegance to shorts with a blazer. When people hear short they usually think casual but this is quite the opposite of that when paired with heels.

Blazer Suit Chic for Summer Elegance

Image via @laurajadestone

9. Denim Shorts, Tee, & Blazer with a Gucci Touch

For a cute shorts outfit for summer with a structured blazer top and Gucci tee. The look is elevated with the high heels that are perfect if you can handle being on your feet for some time.

denim short with blazer and white tee

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10. Graphic Tees Get Grown-UpRelaxed Blazer Styling for Comfort & Cool

A lot of women prefer flats because they are comfortable and more practical for a long day on your feet. So this is another way you can style your blazer over a graphic tee for a relaxed look.

denim shorts, graphics tee look

11. Boots & Blazer with a Western Twist

This next look is a great way how to dress like a cowgirl with a modern twist. I love this look, featuring low-rise denim shorts, a tank top, cowboy boots and a white blazer.

cowboy boots, denim shorts, tank top and white blazer

12. Polished Midi Skirt & Blazer Combination

This is a formal look and you will see a lot of educators loving this. White blazer outfit women’s

blazer with blue skirt

13. Mini Skirt & Blazer – Sophistication for All

This next look is not only feminine and sophisticated it’s also suitable for women of any age. The skirt features simple details, in a light brown, white button-down shirt. white blazer and white casual sneakers.

white blazer with mini skirt

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14. Rock Your Black Jeans with a White Blazer (Gen Z Options too!)

Skinny jeans may not be the most popular among Gen Z but it was a Mellneial staple for a long time. Here is how you can wear your white blazer over your black skinny jeans.

If you are Genz that is not ready to embrace skinny jeans you could switch them out for straight-fitted jeans as well. Stiletto heels may not be the most comfortable you can switch those out for chunky heels like this Acee Black Suede Platform Heels.

Rock Your Black Jeans with a White Blazer (Gen Z Options too!)

15. All-White Blazer & Skirt for a Polished Look

white skirt outfit

16. Off-White Pantsuit for Soft Elegance

White blazer outfit womens are not just always milk tone but cream white are also popular.

Off-White Pantsuit for Soft Elegance

Image via @cristinahudacov

Which of these white blazer outfit ideas is your favorite? Let us know by dropping a comment on any of our socials or the comment section below.

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