32 Cute Spring Outfits For School, Teens Will Love 2024


Being a girl dressing up is one of the most fun parts, here are spring outfits for school. Getting ready for school daily is a huge moment but can be easy if you have some idea of the look you are going for. Cute spring outfits will make your teen feel confident and cute going to school.

Being a teen you have lots of clothes options and one of the most exciting times to choose your daily outfit. Getting a new wardrobe for spring is so fun, switching things up. If you are in college this will be easier since fewer restrictions.

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Here are thirty-two outfits for back to school that both high school and college teens could enjoy. Every day is unique and dressing for it is important. Being a teenager enjoy all the opportunities to create a unique combination of cute spring outfits for school.

What To Wear To School In Spring?

Spring is such a fun time of the year, it’s not too cold, and it is not too hot. Coming up with a great look should never be hard. Spring is the season you are free to wear your favorite outfit to school.

School is about your education but it is not just about the dull boring stuff it’s ok to look and feel your best. It’s the time you start creating some of the best memories and even some long-lasting friendships. Trendy teen outfits for you to express yourself and also be modern.

Also, a comfortable look can make you feel more confident. You want to wear something that’s relaxing but also shows your personal style and personality.

Denim: This is a must-have for most people because they are also perfect for those capsule wardrobes. Go for comfortable straight jeans, and a skirt if you are not too comfortable in skinny jeans. Ripped Jeans are quite popular at the moment.

Flats or heels? : It’s really up to you, a flat is the most preferred choice since you will be going around school to different classes all day. The flat will be more convenient unless you are a pro in heels. Flats are just as stylish, as lace-up ballet, sneakers, or loafers.

Accessories for a School Girl: You can personalize your outfit but try not to overdo it.

1. Spring is Good For Overalls, Teens will Love

Cute trendy teen outfits that are not too much but show that you want to be noticed. This is such a cute preppy style that is trending right now. This is a lovely cute outfit for girls to stand out on their first day at school.

trendy teen outfits

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2. Pretty Pink Bodycon Dress

This next look is affordable and super cute. The bodycon dress has a minimalist design with printed word graphics of the word “baby” cover in silver. Most of the customers comment on how well this dress fits their bodies.

cute spring outfits


3. Go with a Graphic Tee

Graphics t and shorts denim for those warmer days. The design is cool and casual for a nice day at school this spring. You can accessories with a large handbag or cute mini backpack.

trendy teen outfits

4. Clueless-inspired two-piece

This look is very eye-catching, spring bright yellow with streaks of black. You can really enjoy this outfit and you can even wear a short jacket over it for that clueless touch. I know this look is one of the most popular with our readers.

cute spring outfits
The plaid outfit is just too cute

5. Leather Jacket and flowy skirt

The jacket has a toughness to it but the skirt is cute and sweet which creates a perfect balance. It will look good on a short or tall girl, maybe you can switch out the heels for flats.

Spring Outfits For School Teens
If you like floral skirts and feminine looks this could be for you.

6. Senior Cute spring school outfit

This list of spring school outfits has a range of ideas for all ages. This one is appropriate for seniors. Your teen daughter will love this cute school outfit.

Spring Outfits For School, Teens will Love dress
Pretty girl’s outfit

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7. Pretty Spring Romper

Rompers have been all the rage this year and this one is cute and pretty. If you want to start the new term in something trendy and cute this is worth adding to your wardrobe.

cute spring outfits

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8. Floral Top and Shorts teen outfits for spring

I am sure you have short denim in your wardrobe already pair it with a nice floral top. Denim shorts outfits are always cute and welcome for spring.

trendy teen outfits
Short and cute loose top

9. First-Day Outfit with Sneakers

Wearing sneakers to school is comfortable since you will be on your feet all day. This outfit is cool and easy to put together, an effortless look. Superstar sneakers are a staple for any wardrobe so worth getting.

Skinny Jeans and sneakers are perfect for any day.

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10. Balance Look For Teens

For the more mature teen girl who wants to present herself in such a manner, this is a lovely style idea. The outfit is suitable for interviews, formal and casual at the same time.

cute spring outfits

11. Sweatshirt With the hoodie

A sweatshirt for teenage girls is a great piece to have for those lazy days. Some days will just be a chill day you may not even want to do much with your hair, but you can cover it up.

Spring Outfits For School, Teens will Love

12. Cute spring outfits

For a lovely day, cute spring outfits such as this are welcome. Trendy teen outfits can be cool and relaxed such as this.

cute spring outfits for teens
Transition outfit from winter to spring.

13. Sweater and Denim Trendy Teen Outfits

This is good for the days when the time is colder.

sweater and shorts

14. Teen Outfit For College

This is more college-like than a few of the others.

15. Distress Jeans and graphics Tee

This is a little more rebellious outfit but cute.

Spring Outfits For School, Teens will Love

16. Comfy t-shirt and sneakers outfit

If there is a classic outfit for school this could be it. Simple graphic t-shirt and ripped jeans. You can choose to get a saying that matches your mood.

17. Matching Styles With Bestie

Bff cute outfit, that you can enjoy with your sister or best friend. This will draw all positive attention to you in this outfit.

cute spring outfits

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18. Casual Blacktop

Trendy teen outfits with a baddie top and jeans pants. You can go through the day not having to adjust your top as it’s neatly tucked in.

Teen outfit for Spring
The cute cool girl with her own style.

19. Happy Spring Look

This outfit seems happy and it reminds me of the first week of spring. Everything blooming and coming back up to shine and look lovely.

trend teen outfits

20. Simple Trendy Teen Outfits

trendy teen outfits

21. Teen outfits for spring

A lot of teens love this outfit, it is cute trendy, and not too over the top. A white crop top and short denim jacket will go well with almost anything you already have in your wardrobe.

School Outfits - Trendy outfit
School Outfits – Trendy outfit

22. Cute Simple Ankle Boots

23. Hoodie and Shorts

24. Preppy Look for Spring

Cute preppy outfit for girls with that attitude.

25. Outfit with Zara boots

Cool girl outfit for spring

26. Print Tee

27. Simple effortless look

28. Cute Two Piece and Sandals

29. Cute Overalls and Sweater

Spring outfit for school

30. Cute spring dress

spring dress
Springtime dress

31. Super cute White Dress

This next look is clean and luring for girls who lead the pack. Teen outfits for spring such as this are easy to copy, white mini dress, and sneakers.

Bold Look

32. Graphic Tee + Denim

outfit for school

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