6 Floral Skirt Outfit Ideas For Spring and Summer Under $20


Looking for Floral skirt outfit ideas on a budget? These are pretty and can be styled with almost anything. When the season changes, we are leaving winter and shedding our winter clothes. Choosing pretty skirts with flair and colors is a good spring and summer color.

Choosing to dress up with a comfortable skirt outfit. The looks I have gathered are for girls who want to feel cute this spring and summer season, also without breaking the bank.

Meet the Parents outfit Floral Skirt Outfit Ideas

Floral skirt outfit ideas

1 . Ditsy Floral Skirt Drawstring Waist Frill Trim Skirt

The first look is affordable but doesn’t look cheap. The style features a playful off-the-shoulder top, wide earrings, a headscarf, and with a matching necklace.

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Floral Skirt Outfit Ideas

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2 . Ditsy Front Swing Floral Skirt

Style this skirt for summer in any crop top or fitted top and you will look great. When the skirt swing pairing it with something fitted makes a big difference.

3. White Floral Skirt with Cami Top

The next outfit is the girl next-door style. If this is your personal style you may want to shop this entire look.

4. Floral skirt outfit ideas

This next look is a long floral skirt, for those who dont want anything above the knee. I love a maxi skirt and this is great for me as we. It goes well with every body shape and if it’s a breezy day then you dont have to worry much.

This floral skirt outfit idea looks good with sandals but you can dress it up with heels as well.

Floral skirt

5 . Short Floral Skirt with ruffles

The next look features a short floral skirt, with a fitted long sleeve white top, white loop earrings, and platform leather booties. The booties complement the outfit quite well and even though it gives some height it’s still flat. Platform booties for women who will be on their feet all day and want comfort.

Floral Skirt Outfit Ideas

6. Cute floral Skirts under $20

The next outfit is paired with a matching floral top. You can mix this look-up and make it really your own. The colors are pretty and will look good with almost any other color.

Floral Skirt Outfit Ideas

7. Cute High Waist Ruffle Floral Skirt Outfit Ideas

For girls or women who want to switch things up and not have super bright colors then you will like this next outfit idea. This floral skirt outfit is suitable for the office as well as the party. I love having pieces like this in my closet.

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