24+ Summer Nails and Colors Of 2024

Beautiful color nails for your next ideas for summer nails. These 24 summer color nails idea comes in all shades. Yellow is joyous, bright, and trendy for spring. Summer coffin nails are a big part of this year, all the influencers have been rocking them.

If you are looking for a beautiful hairstyle to go with summer try these medium length layered hair for any occasion.

We have gathered some of the best summer acrylic nail ideas you will want to try. Nail art is a great way to wear the season’s latest colors.

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Bright summer nails designs

Stilleto Yellow Nail Art

Stiletto nail shape is one of the most trendy nail shapes at the moment, they can go from short to long. If you want bright color summer nails this design is worth trying.

Simple all nails are colored yellow except for one finger, which is designed in rhinestones to add uniqueness to the design.

summer nails yellow

Trendy Summer Acrylic Nails in Matte

Different shades of yellow for your liking. Matte nails for another liking, if you are somebody who doesn’t like glossy nails great option.

All nails are painted in yellow except for the ring finger, designed in silver studs. Your hand will sure stand out.

summer color nails

Mellow Summer Nails Yellow

It may be a bit difficult to come up with interesting designs. Sometimes the sweetest designs are simple like this one. All nail paint in mellow yellow summer color nails.

summer acrylic nails

Funky Leopard and Yellow Summer Nail

Not sure what colors to go with yellow here are summer acrylic nail ideas that work fine. If you don’t have a skilled hand to hand painter no worries buy the transfer.

summer acrylic nails ideas


Soft Summer Nail Colors

Pink nails are charming and go well with almost anything. Soft summer nail colors with pink and flowers. Pink is considered one of the most feminine colors and many love this color. 

Acrylic nails for spring

Pink and Blue Nail Art

Baby pink and shimmery blue are something we can all have. This will look good with any light colors summer outfit. Glossy pink, and blue nail with glitter, and other nails has interesting design with rhinestones.

Acrylic nails for spring

Baby pink summer nails

There are so many pink nails ideas to enjoy but this design is delicate with summer elements. Simple summer acrylic nails are fun because we can all do them ourselves.

summer nails

Pretty Simple Summer Acrylic Nails

If you want nails that are easy to create at home and look chic and stylish then you will like this next idea. The nails are painted in light pink color with a glossy finish.

simple summer acrylic nails

Chic Summer Coffin Nails

Summer is all about looking our best to achieve that summer body goal so why shouldn’t our nails just get as much attention? This may be what you are looking for, long matte nails with silver strips down the middle on the index finger, and rhinestones designed on the ring finger.

This design looks best on long nails, with more room to execute the design.

summer coffin nails

Light Nails with Accent Nail Art

Paint all nails in a very light color, choose a white base for a white accent, then add two stripes to it. You can choose the color of your liking to create the accent finger. Stick to light colors to recreate this elegant look.

summer nails

White and Silver Nail Art

White nails with the tip of silver touch, painting silver on the half-moon part of your nails.

white spring trend nails idea

Summer Coffin Nails Colors in Gradient Style

Up next are these beautiful ombre pink nails with butterfly and flowers design. These nails use 2 colors to create the ombre and we love the combination. If you are attending a summer wedding this design is perfect for that.

Acrylic nails for spring

Tropical Palm Tree Nails

Nothing says summer as much as tropical palm trees. Our next summer acrylic nails ideas feature bright colors of pink, and yellow, and an ombre design on the ring finger. You can hand paint the palm tree if you have a steady hand or use a palm tree stencil.

Acrylic nails for spring

Pretty Daisy Summer Nails

Having beautiful daisy flower nails is not just for spring. The bright colors are also perfect for summer. Polka dots and blue base nail with the touch of yellow. Short summer nail ideas such as this one stand out.

Pretty summer nails

Peach Palm tree nails

The palm tree reminds us of the beach vacation we look forward to during summer. This next design only uses 3 colors that really compliment each other well.

Tropical orange and black matter nail

Colorful Summer Nails

The next design is fun fresh and clean, let your creativity run wild with lots of colors. To create this tiny art of work, you may need drop pens I will list them below as quite cheap. Square shape nails are a pretty alternative to summer coffin nails.

Acrylic nails for spring

Pretty Blue

Summer acrylic nail ideas are short in blue shades and have creative design patterns.

Beautiful nails

Stripe, polka dots

Classy Summer Nail Art

Sophisticated color combination and design to a really great night of summer. This will look good with dark clothes, the color will pop.

Matte Nails

Cotton candy fun summer nails

These are the cutest nails they remind me so much of yummy cotton candy.

When nails look this good they will surely stand.

Almond shape muti color nails

Almond Pink

Another summer acrylic nails idea is to try these pink nails, light lime green with chunky. If you are looking for a stylish design these almond shape nails are perfect.

summer acrylic nails ideas

Cute acrylic nail ideas

This nail art is a cool design from spring to summer.

summer acrylic nails ideas

Pastel Cactus Time

The next design is so good, look at the cactus in pastel color. How cute is this right? With the help of a nail sticker, you can recreate his simple summer acrylic nails.

simple summer acrylic nails

Stylish Pink Nail Art

Pink is a lovely color and I can’t think of any season in pink that is not welcome. Pink looks more spring-like and that is why it’s a great transition into summer nail color.

This design is done on almond shape nails, with accent nails on the ring fingers. This is cute as it’s chic.

spring nails

Vibrant Green simple Acrylic Nails

Bright green nail design full of life is just what you need for your summer manicure. Be sure to use undercoating to really get these neon nails to pop.

Image from: Instagram/betina_goldstein

Which of these fun summer nails was your favorite? 

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