44 Gorgeous Short to Medium Length Layered Hair for You

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Medium length layered hair looks great as they are voluminous all at the same time. Medium-length haircuts can bring almost any hair to a voluminous stunning look with beautiful movement.

Inspired Beauty creates this article on hairstyles to give you more wonderful ideas. You can really dress up med-length layered hair with bangs, and highlights, layered in the front so much you can add.

Medium length layered hairstyles are a great option for any woman because of how flattering it is. I think everyone desires to look great but sometimes we get overwhelmed with daily life activities. So we want a hairstyle that is both groomed and practical and that is why medium haircut styles are so popular.

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Wavy Medium Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyles with highlights and low light are to die for when done correctly. The wave will pop more when with a nice color.

Medium Length Layered Hair Highlights

Image from source

Medium-length layered hair

Short med-layered haircuts with loose waves such as this are wonderful for a fashionable modern woman.

Medium Length Layered Hair


Medium Length Hair With Streaks

This is a beautiful and natural-looking way to style your hair. Get your hair colored by a professional to achieve this look.

Medium Length Layered Hair wavy


Blunt Bob with Thick Layered

This next shoulder-length style is more of a thick textured bob that looks effortless. If you want to show off your collar bone make this your summer blunt cut.

bob with bangs thick medium layered cut

Image credit @coolgirl.meg

Short to Medium Layered Haircuts

This is another hairstyle that is timeless, safe, and sophisticated. Lots of women will look great wearing this hairstyle in any season.

Get the look to match the hairstyle and transform an outfit with a style fashion idea for older women

Celebrity hairstyle

Pastel Medium Short Layered Hair

You can be bold and go pastel like this one, blue/ purple root with light pink at the end. This mermaid color is something everyone could try but not all workplaces or schools will be cool with this.

Rock this color when you are free from work and school unless you have a cool job where you can be creative.

choppy pink and purple layers


Brown medium-length haircut straight hair

This light brown color is beautiful and natural-looking. Copy this color easily using dark auburn found on Amazon here. This type of shape hairstyle is a nice haircut for petite women as well.

medium length haircut straight hair

Image credit @glamiris

Light Pastel Curly Length Haircut

Add a mix of your favorite colors that can go for a delicate touch like this or something brighter whatever your liking is.

Straight hair medium length haircut

A layered hairstyle can frame the face that can turn your regular hairstyles into a work of art. You can try out different types of layered such as a choppy look with curls and waves. Try different hair colors and find the ones most flattering to your skin tone.

medium length layered hair

Blonde Feather Light haircut

This look is really beautiful on blonde but would work well with any color of hair. If you have black natural hair maybe add some color to the layered cuts for a more trendy look.

Blonde Medium Length Layered haircut

Image from: jens

Medium length layered hair with bangs

This color is amazing, with dark roots with ash-blonde ends. This hair color is also a nice transition color.

Straight Medium Length Layered Hair

Ash Blonde Bob cute Medium Layered Hair

This is another popular choice for the woman who wants a little fun in their life but is still modest. The front and ends have brighter highlights, the back has small streaks that are almost unnoticeable.

Medium Length Layered Hair amazing color


Cute Short Medium Layered Haircuts

This style is a sweet cut for spring and summer. If you have curly hair you can get in on this romantic look.

Medium length haircuts

Stacked Bob Haircut

Bob will remain one of the most fashionable hairstyles of our time. Here are some of the best stacked bob hairstyles. Medium-layered haircuts are some of the most versatile haircuts out there.

Medium Length Layered Hair Red Color Hair

Via jens.addiction

Medium Length Layered Hair With Brown highlights

Do you love this color as much as we do? Brunettes will appreciate this color combination for more you can check out these posts on hair color ideas for brunettes.

Medium Length Layered Hair Straight


Buzzed Cut Bob

Medium-length haircuts that can bring out your inner beauty. From neck to shoulder length enhance the look.

A-line Bob

This style is geared toward women with thin hair. Medium-length layered hair is universal and with the right hair color, it remains fresh and vibrant.

Sleek bob, long in the front and shorter in the back

Medium-length haircuts For Thick Hair

Sometimes even women with thick hair have trouble and this is why layering the hair is such a good option. You can enjoy the style without giving up too much length.

Medium length haircuts For Thick Hair

Platinum Icy Color medium length Hairstyles for Thick Hair

A medium-length layered hair is quite versatile. The style is fairly low maintenance, it’s shiny and the twirl curls are pretty too.

Long siler angle cut


Layered Haircut With Bang for Women over 50

Medium-length layered hair with bangs is one of the best hairstyles for thin hair. This is a good style for women over 50 years old.

Layered haircut with bang for women over 50


Perfect Lob

A cute lob with a feather cut may be what you are looking for to frame your face. Like most reasons to get layers is to not lose the overall length of your hair.

cute lob hairstyle

Cute Medium-Layered Haircuts

The back of the hair is layered, short in the back, and becomes longer in the front. The color is pretty but maybe a bit high maintenance for some.


Cute cut on your shoulder

If you want medium-length layered hair that is layered in the front and a little more blunt at the end is a nice mix. Play around with layered and texture.

Sleek long bob cut

Mid Length Messy Layer Cut

These short medium layered haircuts are quite striking. With the front strands being longer than the back it gives a flattering look to the face.

cute layered bob

Image from Instagram/ka_espacobelleza

Dark Roots Light Ends

Creating this look will help even thin hair look a lot thicker and make even flat hair more voluminous.

medium cut hair

Shaggy Medium length haircuts

This textured haircut is low maintenance, with a feathered look with bangs. You can notice a lot of the shag texture.

Straight hair always looks flattering with some layers and sometimes it really helps flat hair come to life. Medium Length layered hair is a great way to style your hair especially if it’s thin.

Red haircut before and after

Image from via @davidwbullen

Caramel Asymmetric Side bang Bob

The style features shoulder-length hair with medium waves that offer dimension. This is a really lovely bob cut, it’s versatile and it fits all face shapes, including chubby face.

For face-framing layers, this style is one to save for special occasions.

bangs medium layered hairstyle

Peached color with Medium Layers

This peached-colored hair looks amazing with the med-length layer. If you are considering pastel pink color hair with rosey and red hue, give this next cut a try. If you are a modern or fashionable woman who doesn’t mind the color this is perfect for you.

Get an experienced color expert to help you achieve this color and maintain it. The haircut gives volume and vibrance that can be cut to match your features. You may need to bleach your hair so be mindful of that and get tips on how to take chemically treated hair.

Peached color with Med-lenght Layers

Image credit @gerilynghaisarzadeh

Soft Layers with Purple Skunk Stripe

We appreciate the skunk stripe trend, the purple really helps the style to stand out even more. If you are a brunette looking for a soft tone in the back and a vibrant color at the front this is an excellent choice.

The layers on this cute create a flattering look, framing the face. This medium-length haircut pulls attention to your face and enhances your best features while balancing your face shape.

Soft Layers with Purple Skunk Stripe

Image source @gerilynghaisarzadeh

Face Framing See-Through Bangs

Up next this med-layer with a soft choppy cut as well. The style looks fierce and gives off a serious impression the soft color tone is cute too. You can use a round brush to recreate this look.

See Through Bangs on layerd hair

Image Credit @yukistylist

Redish Balayage Medium Length Haircut Straight Hair

Balayage hair technique is one of the hottest trends in hair color. Red balayage brown hair that stands out making the layers look even better. Loose curls with soft cuts that is a bit romantic too.

Balayage medium length haircut straight hair

Image credit @maxgourgues

Appealing medium-length hairstyles Black Girl’s

Were you curious as to how layers look on a natural curly afro texture? Now you know and can embrace the look with small details of curls and a little frizz.

If you don’t want to have much frizz you can use products to create more defined curls.

Appealing medium-length hairstyles Black Girl's

Image credit @maxgourgues

Natural Grey Transition Layered Cut

When you want to grow your hair to its natural color. Stunning long hairstyles for older women with grey hair and layers. At some point, some of us will want to embrace our greys and grow older.

Natural grey transition mid-layerd hairstyle

Image credit @cassiskovic

Fire Red Wavy Layers with Curtain Bangs

If you want to give your red hair a spicy new cute and vibrant color. The beachy waves help to make the layers look even more elegant.

The layers are added to the side and top help to give the hair volume and and dimension. You will also benefit from the movement and the bangs that help frame the face.

red layers with curtain bangs

Image credit @cassiskovic

Stunning Fring Bangs with Med-Length Hairstyle

If you are loving shaggy hair trend then adding some layers to the interior like this can elevate the look. Curtain bangs and internal layers will give your hair more movement and volume.

Choosing the right amount of layering will depend on your individual hair texture and body. If you have thinner hair then

Stunning Fring Bangs with Med-Length Hairstyle

Image credit @yukistylist

Frame Facing Look

Image credit @ashleyb.hair

Silver Layered Hair Styles

We always encourage you to go with whatever makes you more comfortable even if it means rocking natural silver hair. If you decide to go all natural you want to keep your hair healthy and also looking good.

Consider investing in hair products to enhance your hair shine and bounce. This will help to keep your hair looking youthful. This is not the most low-maintenance haircut so you may want to have a good stylist.

Natural silver cut med-lenght hairstyle

Image credit @ericagcuts

Blending Your Greys

Long layers with a blend of grey hair that look even better with the right layers. The cut and color will enhance your facial features.

before and after Short to Medium Length Layered Hair

Image source @un.rooted

Beautiful Blonde Layer Cut

For a soft style to your blonde hair color, this feathery blonde medium-length cut is gorgeous. With the right amount of styling, you can create a look that stands out. The feathered layers are bold and beautiful and you will turn head with this look.

Feathery Layers on Mid Length Hair

Image credit @beyaztunbulofficial

Blonde Subtle Layers

If you were considering platinum blonde hair with small curls and subtle layers. You can achieve this textured with a braid out or twist out.

short blonde cut with subtle layers

Middle Part with a Modern Look

Middle-part hair is not only popular among millennials, you can rock them as genz with a modern look. We love this because it’s suitable for every age group, it’s both classy and edgy.

Overall the look is the middle part softens up your face, it is versatile you can style it in many ways.

mid length shag with a middle part and layers

Image credit @hirohair

A Textured Lob with Layers

This style features a lob with long layers in the front and a shortcut in the back. The part and the bump of the hair at the top and the large soft waves. If you have fine hair this medium style will work for you.

Textured Lob with Layers

Image credit @hirohair

Stunning blonde Swoop Bang

If you had a bang and they are growing out you can change up your style and swoop them to the side. With this color, you get a dimension, and volume, and pairs well. Medium-length layered hair with bangs is easy to keep fresh with little creativity.

Stunning blonde Swoop Bang

Image credit @vlasova_elena_guru

Frame Long Faces Well

If you have a long or oval face shape you may love this medium face-framing layer cut. These look well for colorbone-length hair and the highlights are placed in the right places. Medium-length haircut straight hair shines with the right color and products.

medium layers for long face

Image credit @jhonyveiga

Layers look really good on medium-length hair so if you are considering it don’t be shy. The layers help to add movement to your hair and let the bottom appear less bulky, especially for women with thick hair.

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