Medium Length Layered Hair To Enjoy ( 17 Photos )

Medium length layered hair styles look great as they are voluminous all at the same time. Layers can bring almost any hair to a voluminous stunning look with beautiful movement. Inspired Beauty create this gallery of hairstyles to give you more wonderful ideas.

Medium length layered hair styles is a great option for any woman because of how flattering it is. I think everyone desire to look great but sometimes we get overwhelm with daily life activities. So we want a hairstyle that is both groomed and practical and that is why medium cut haircut styles are so popular .

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Wavy Medium Hairstyles

Wavy hairstyle with highlights and low-light are to die for when done correctly. The wave will pop more when with nice color.

Medium Length Layered Hair Highlights

Medium Length Layered Hair


Medium Length Hair With Streaks

This is a beautiful and natural looking way to style your hair. Get your hair colors by an professional to achieve this look.

Medium Length Layered Hair wavy


Short to medium layered hair

This is another hairstyle that is timeless, safe and sophisticated. Lots of woman will look great wearing this hairstyle in any season.

Medium Length Layered Hair thick

Pastel medium layered hair

You can be bold and go pastel like this one, blue/ purple root with light pink at the end. This mermaid color is something everyone could try but not all work place or school will be cool with this. Rock this color when you are free from work and school unless you have a cool job where you can be creative.

Medium Length Layered Hair pastel colors


Brown Medium Length Layered Hair

This light brown color is beautiful and natural looking. Copy this color easy using dark auburn found on amazon here.

Medium Length Layered Hair Brunette

Light Pastel colors

Add a mix of your favorite colors can go for a delicate touch as this or something brighter whatever your liking is.

medium layered haircuts

Layered hairstyle can frame the face that can turn your regular hairstyles into work of arts. You can try out different types of layered such as choppy look with curls and waves. Try different hair color and find the ones most flattering to your skin-tone.

Straight Medium Length Layered Hair

medium length layered hair

Blonde Medium Length Layered haircut

This look is really beautiful on blonde but would work well with any color hair. If you have black natural hair maybe add some color to the layered cuts for a more trendy look.

Blonde Medium Length Layered haircut

Imagefrom: jens

Side Bang Medium Length Layered Hair

This color is amazing, dark roots with ash blonde ends. This hair color is also a nice transition colors.

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Straight Medium Length Layered Hair

Ash Blonde Bob cute Medium Layered Hair

This is another popular choice for woman who wants a little fun in their life but still modest. The front and ends has the brighter highlights, the back has small streaks that is almost unnoticeable.

Medium Length Layered Hair amazing color


Stacked Bob Haircut

Bob will remain one of the most fashionable hairstyle of our time. Here are some of the best stacked bob hairstyles. Medium layered haircuts are some of the most versatile haircut out there.

Medium Length Layered Hair Red Color Hair

Via jens.addiction

Medium Length Layered Hair With Brown highlights

Do you love this color as much as we do? Brunette will appreciate this color combination for more you can check out this post hair color ideas for brunette.

Medium Length Layered Hair Straight


Buzzed Cut Bob

medium layered haircuts

Cute medium layered haircuts

medium layered haircuts


Cute cut on your shoulder

If you want a medium length layered hair that is layered in the front and a little more blunt at the end is a nice mix. Play around with layered and texture.

Dark Roots Light Ends

Creating this look will help even thin hair look a lot thicker and make even flat hair more voluminous.

Straight hair always look flattering with some layers and sometimes it really help flat hair come to life. Medium Length layered hair is a great way to style your hair especially if its thin.