15 Best Hairstyles For Thin Hair to Stand Out

It’s not very easy to achieve a flattering style when your hair is thin. So having a hairstyle that works for thin hair is great. You can have naturally thinner hair or your hair becomes thinner as you age. So here are some of the best hairstyles for thin hair.

We have gathered some of the best haircuts that will give the illusion of thicker hair. If you want an easy fix to add volume and life to your hair a cut is the first option. There are plenty of style options if you are experiencing thinning hair, we can help you navigate them.

Long Layers

woman with Long Layers

Long hair for women is stunning and choosing to get layers is the perfect way to make your hair appear fuller. Adding hair mousse can help to give the hair definition. Soft layers are perfect for fine thin hair.

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Adding Curls to thin hair

Adding Curls to thin hair

For the woman with thin hair, curls that bounce add a difference and depth. This is something you can do yourself using a curling wand or iron to make the hair look full.

You can run your hands through your hair to add beach waves which is also a good styling option.

Long beautiful bob hairstyle for thin hair

blonde bob cut

Getting a bob haircut for thin hair is one of the easier ways to look. We love the sleek straight hair with a small middle part. This style is face-framing which is striking and elegant.

Classic ’90s Blowout

'90s Blowout is one of the best hairstyle for thin hair

If you want a long holiday hairstyle this classic look with modern styling is perfect. Chanel your inner 90s diva and get that supermodel blowout. You will need a lot of hairspray to get maximum volume.

Blowout helps to give the illusion of volume to longer hair. Flat hair is not flattering on thin hair so give this a try.

Image Credit @mua_ariadna

Shag Cut

shag cut

A shag shoulder-length cut could take attention away from thin hair if your scalp is showing. Shag cut has beautiful subtle layers, on your shoulder and curtain bangs. The slightly jagged bangs add an edgy and effortless vibe.

Choppy Two-Tier Bob

Choppy Two-Tier Bob

A choppy-tier bob can be a nice way to elevate your look. The style helps to fill in gaps great if you are experiencing thinning hair or have naturally fine hair.

A Wavy Bob With Layers

soft choppy layers on blonde hair woman

Stacked bob with soft choppy layers that look stunning. Curls and waves help to make any hair look fuller. This is an amazing option for women of all hair type and side bangs are flattering.

This Straight Tucked Behind the Ear Bob

short edgy haircut on woman

Another cute hairstyle for women who have thin or fine hair. This style you can do with the proper flat ironing tools. Use volume spray to prevent the hair from falling flat.

An alternative look to the classic bob, for modern and confident women.

Top Knot Braid With Curls

Braided Top Knot

If you want to get box braids with curls this is a good opportunity to help thin hair be protected and look more full. In the black hair community, there are a lot of recommendations for the use of braids as protective styling.

Waves with Blunt Cut

blunt cut

You can tuck the hair behind the back of your ears to pull off an easy look. Sweep hair more on one side with a deep part, and curl the ends for a classic romantic vibe. If you already have a blunt bob cut you can incorporate a deep side part, and work on both long and short haircuts.

Pixie Undercut Hairstyle for Thin Hair

women platinum blonde pixie cut

For women who love short hairstyles with layers. This platinum blonde pixie cut is modern and edgy and a lot of women are going for an undercut with a shaved side to add something extra.

Piecey Short Hairstyles

Piecey women with short haircut

When it comes to thin hair, short haircuts are flattering. With one side swept to the back and the bang to the side. This will make fine hair look fuller to the eyes and with soft brown color highlights.

High Bun with Bang for Thin Hair

high bun and curtain bangs

Easy hairstyle for women on the go but still need to look chic. Bun hairstyle has been one of the easiest to recreate and it’s a staple in the hair community. choosing a high bun or low bun whichever is more flattering to the shape of your face.

A Messy Bun

messy bun

A messy bun is another option to help hair appear more full. Similarly to a messy ponytail, the bun hides the end of the hair to keep it looking classy and protected.

Image credit @ashs.beauty.bar

Curtain Bangs

curtain bang

Curtain bangs are flattering on all face shape, no matter the length and texture of the hair. Bangs can help to increase the volume with the right styling product. These types of bangs will look great even as they grow out.

Another option is wispy bangs they also look good but at best with face-framing layers. You can choose between long or short hair either will look lovely.

Here are some tips for styling medium-length hairstyles for thin hair:

  1. Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner: These products can add lift and fullness to the hair, making it appear thicker.
  2. Blow-dry with a round brush: Using a round brush while blow-drying can add volume and body to the hair.
  3. Use a volumizing mousse: Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair before blow-drying to add volume and fullness.
  4. Add layers: Layers can add volume and movement to the hair, making it appear thicker and more dynamic.
  5. Use a root-lifting spray: A root-lifting spray can add lift and volume to the crown of the head, creating the illusion of thicker hair.
  6. Use a curling iron or wand: Adding loose curls or waves to the hair can give the illusion of more body and fullness.
  7. Use a texturizing spray: A texturizing spray can add texture and fullness to the hair.
  8. Play with your part: Experiment with different partings, like side or zigzag, it can create an illusion of thicker hair

It’s also important to keep your hair healthy, regular trims and treatments can prevent hair from looking limp and lifeless.

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