26 Best Pixie Haircuts for Women 2024

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A pixie cut hair is the most relaxed and powerful hairstyle for a fashionable woman. It looks modern, chic, and effortlessly gorgeous. Back in the day, long hair is like a symbol of grace and beauty.

Short hair is no longer about political reasons, it’s now stylish and lots of working women prefer to go with short hair. You want to wear a pixie hairstyle but still pull off your grace and femininity. A curly pixie cut can be romantic with a little toughness also.

With a good stylist, the pixie hairstyle is very easy to pull off, and it is very charming. Pixie cut hair is for everyone and over the last decades, they seem to become more popular with younger women as well.

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Are pixie haircuts low maintenance?

One of the best attributes of a pixie cut is how versatile they are and fairly low maintenance. These looks are appropriate for women of any age group.

Classic pixie cut hair

If you are dreaming of classic pixie cut hair in dark color this is perfect for you. With the short side bang that looks chic and will look good on any shape face.

pixie cut hair

Source : ru_makeup

Classy Side Swept Bang Pixie Cuts

This pixie cut is a keeper and I think it is safe to say it is not going anywhere. This next option can be considered as a longer pixie cut with bangs. Short hairstyles with bangs are some of my favorites.


Undercut Pixie hairstyle

This style dont need a lot of styling to look good. The color and the cut are a head-turner. Cute pixie cut for thin hair that looks editorial and amazing.


Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Platinum blonde hair color become popular with Kim Kardashian. If you get this striking color here is something you need for platinum blonde hair care.


Very Short Pixie Cut

Choosing a pixie can really show off your nape with a shaggy crop top.

best very short pixie haircuts

Pixie Cut for round face

A short haircut for women with a round face that stands out and shows empowerment. You can look and feel cute with cropped short hair and this is profit.

best very short pixie haircuts

Black Longer Pixie cut

Getting jet black hair is a nice fall and winter color. These colors will enhance your style, shaggy thick cut for a more fun look.

longer pixie cut

Modern Two Tone Pixie Haircut

Getting the right hairstyle is one thing matching it with the right color can make all the difference. If you want a modern pixie, save this picture and show it to your stylist. This style has just enough attitude but still can look professional. Style your hair using some pomade to enhance the texture and keep the hair in place.

best very short pixie haircuts

Longer pixie cut

A long pixie cut looks cool with bright red hair color. I love side-swept personally as well.

Swooped Pixie Cut

Cardi B shows how it is done with this stylish swooped pixie. This is a wig but it makes some of us wish she would try this on her real hair.

Textured Pixie cut

The little bang adds depth to the choppy cut, this offers room to play and layer as you wish. We love how perfectly unperfect this style is.

Textured pixie cut

Blonde Pixie Style

The blonde look has always been striking on every skin tone. You can choose to have the different highlights of blonde on your already blonde hair to enhance it. The beauty of blonde is that there are many different shades that you can try to flatter your skin tone.

longer pixie cut

Pixie Undercut with glasses

Wearing clear glasses can make your undercut style look great. You can use hairspray or light gel to smooth your hair back.

pixie haircut with glasses

Cool Pixie Crop Style

When you are confident in your look this really short hairstyle is great. For women with a more edge personality, rock this look in summer.

Curly pixie cut and Flip Bangs

Play around with your pixie y adding a nice flip bang for the flair. A cute curly pixie cut can really frame the face as well. The hair looks voluminous, pretty, and soft and the ombre on dark hair is a plus.

curly pixie cut

Pixie Crop Haircut

Beautiful short hair pixie cut with a classic look to it. While sticking to the classic cut you may choose to play around with various hair colors such as jet black like this one.

Golden Blonde Pixie Haircut

The traditional classic pixie with trendy hair color is a beautiful combo.

Gray Feathered CurlyPpixie Cut

After transitioning to gray hair you may need a hairstyle inspiration and this photo is the start. A curly pixie cut makes your hair appears fuller. This style has a curly pixie cut at the top and a nice buzz cut around the lower part of the head.

curly pixie cut

choppy Brown Pixie

One of the main reasons many girls love short hair is versatility. Age less and if you want to try more colors it’s best to try them on short hair and if you don’t like it you can grow it out easily.

Side Part Pixie Haircut

pixie hair cut

Ash Disheveled Pixie

Best shaved hairstyles for women who want to make a bold statement with a short pixie-like this. Very short razor-sharp cut with an ashy blonde look on the end with dark roots.

pixie hair cut

Elegant Short Pixie

Haircuts for petite women that actually look great.

pixie hair cut

Choppy Pixie Style

This spike-like hair cut look good on both young and mature women. If you are looking for an elegant hairstyle for mature women try this one out.

pixie hair cut

Boyish Pixie Hair Cut

For women who are bold enough to rock a daring look.

pixie hair cut

Long silver Pixie

When it comes to getting a haircut it’s good to have an idea in mind, to begin with. Keeping the top long and the sides really short with silver tone color. This style of cut makes the hair look more voluminous.

long silver pixie cut

Instagram / @MOJAMEZIE

Shaved Side With Long Layers

This next look is so dope, shave hairstyle for women who love a longer pixie cut. The other side has nice layered hair.

Shaved Side With Long Layers

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