17 Gold Eyeshadow Looks For Any Season

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Gold makeup has been around for many years and it has always had a regal vibe to it. There are many ways to embrace this eye color powder. Gold Eyeshadow looks work with every skin tone which is a plus.

From sparkly glow, glam, shimmer, and even smokey golden swept style. We have gathered the most stunning golden eyeshadow looks to enjoy all season long. I am trying to give you inspiration almost every week.

Best Gold Eyeshadow Looks

1. Glam Gold Look

First up this gold eyeshadow looks will make you appear as a godess. I think it would look amazing, especially for those wanting something for a festival.

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Gold Eyeshadow Looks

Image @by_makeupbabe

Gold Eyeshadow Looks

2. Shimmer Gold

Here is another golden makeup idea for women looking for a easy look.


3. Gold Top Lids

This smookey gold eyemakeup look is so pretty. Shimmer gold over the eyes and under eys has a smokey black finish.

Image Instagram

4. Soft Cat Eye Makeup Looks

This shimmering gold looks like a goddess’s features. The minimalism of the look is speaks to the clean girl aesthetic trend right now.

Image from ingenue

5. Glam bold Eye Look

When it comes to fall makeup, I think I would see this doing pretty well. The gold starts out at the inner corner and then blends into brown at the end with well well-slayed wing.

cat eye

6. Black and Gold Eye Makeup

Black and gold makeup can never go wrong, they blend effortlessly. You could apply even more shimmer of gold and stun everyone. This look is great for brown eyes but I assume any color eyes would look good too.

7. Gold Glittery Makeup

Glits and glam area great to pair with these New Years Eve outfits. The look has medium glitter gold above and below the eyelids.

8. Golden and Green Gress Shadows

This next look has a few different shades of color blends to create a beautiful color scheme with gold. If you want golden ombre makeup for any time of the year.

9. Softly Contour With Bright Red Lips

The soft look is a lovely touch for professional women who want to stand out. I think this look is classy and amazing.

10. Love The Crease Liner

The tint of gold glitter right under the eyebrows and the inner corner of the eyes. This look is beautiful and I recommend it for a summer day as the color will glow in the sun.

11. Glitter and Gold Shimmer

The white line in the crease looks amazing above the gold shadow power blends into glitter gold. This look is so pretty and I can see it working well for a Christmas party.

12. Lush Lashes and Soft Glow Gold

You can add lashes to your gold eyeshadow makeup for a extra look. The soft pink blush on the cheeks is pretty.

Image vanitymakeup

13. Everyday golden eyeshadow

When you are looking for a makeup that is practical for work and school this is a soft touch. I love this soft golden eyeshadow look for my everyday inspired look.

Soft golden eyeshadow glam

Image vanitymakeup

14. Euphoria inspired

Choosing Euphoria makeup looks to show off your love for the show and current trends. This look is on the next level of glam with all the gold stones around the eyes.

Image source @nikkiaraju

15. Gold Goddess

Gold shadow on dark skin with glossy lips. The sharp crease of black liner contrasts well with this tone of golden makeup looks.

gold eyeshadow looks on dark skin

Image from @chimomz_chacho

16. Subtle and Sweet

The soft look has just a touch of makeup powder scattered over the eyelids. Use a brush or finger to get a level of desire.

17. Glitter Line

This is a great festival makeup idea for those summer events. The gold shimmer powder is placed and then decorated with jewelry.

Hope you loved these creative ideas we have curated, they can be worn to festivals, prom, weddings, and other important events.

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