21 Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Women That Actually Look Good 2024

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Here in this post, I will share forearm tattoos for women, some are kind of large and others are small and cute. If you are getting your first tattoo, the forearm is a nice place not as expensive as a full sleeve.

When you get a tattoo on the elbow the pain can become more intense. Having forearm tattoos also helps build a conversation. It is large enough to put meaningful tattoos and at a spot not too secretive you can show it off. In most workplaces, tattoos are no longer being frowned upon it’s becoming more and more acceptable.

I am sure you will find a female forearm tattoo to match your personality and mood. You can shop these trendy forearm tattoos Here.

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1. Butterfly Forearm tattoo

forearm tattoos for women

Tattoos can look beautiful not just big. You can choose a delicate design like this one, butterfly perfect. Wanting to get a matching tattoo you don’t have to regret later getting something like this is a cool idea. 

2. Snake Twist in Flowers on arm

Snake Twist in Flowers on arm

This design would look good both out and inner forearm. Arm tattoos don’t always have to look masculine as you can see with all the designs we collected. You can mix your design up to create something even more special.

3. Matching Double Heart Tattoo

Matching Double Heart Tattoo for Sisters
forearm tattoos women

Forearm tattoos in heart shape, matching sister’s tattoos. Minimal tattoo ideas for women are well appreciated. Cool matching tattoos for a girl for the done on the forearm.

We know our sisters sometimes have our hearts and this is an amazing way to express that.

4. Feminine floral Designs for the forearm

feminine floral designs for the forearm
forearm tattoos women

Rose tattoo is a classic design, you can keep it just on the forearm or go more up to the shoulder, Either way, this is a sweet design and will stand out. This flower symbolizes complex emotions and concepts. Blooming hope is linked to beauty and hope.

5. Symbolic Forearm Tattoo

inner arm tattoo ideas tribal

Inner forearm tattoos for women and this design is interesting. The bold look is also pleasing to the eyes and can be a great conversation starter. People like hearing stories about how you come up with certain things. This tattoo could be that for you.

6. Compass Design Inner Arm

Compass Design Forearm Tattoo

Unique inner forearm tattoos for women that can symbolize whatever you want. This could have a cool meaning like, always find your way home. IDK lol I just think it could be something like that. Makes for a great conversation IMO.

7. Alien Tattoo

feminine forearm tattoos

Feminine forearm tattoos this is another favorite, they’re big but still not as large as a full sleeve. The design is beautiful and well done, so be sure to get yours from a professional as well.

8. Rose Tattoo

forearm tattoo ideas for women

Rose is the feminine forearm tattoo choice as I stated earlier has a few meanings. Back in the olden days, sailors would have the flowers inked to remind themselves of the happiness waiting for them at home. Rose tattoos can have different colors and different meanings.

9. Flower Full sleeve Tattoos

Flower Full sleeve Forearm Tattoo

These tattoos are unique and everyone can surely admire them. I love the mix of the butterflies on the flowers. This is a bold tattoo but perfect for ladies as well. This flower design sleeve tattoo goes down to the forearm with many details.

10. Big Arm Pink Rose Tattoo

Flower Forearm Tattoo

Add Color to your flower forearm tattoo is really pretty. I love how the next tattoo has a light pink and a tint of green that makes it stand out. You may need to take care of this color tattoo more than those with black ink. This is pretty and you can choose to have more colors.

11. Fine Line Tattoo

Line forearm tattoos women

If the rose is not your thing go ahead and try different flowers. Up next this one looks great and you can add some colors to your tattoo if you so like. This inner arm tattoo is delicate and it’s good for a first tattoo.

12. Small Single Minimalist Forearm Tattoo

Small Single Minimalist Tattoo for the Arm

Small tattoos will always have a place in our hearts. These minimalist tattoo ideas for girls getting their first tattoo with a small rose detail meaning. This shows there is beauty in simplicity.

13. Pinky Promise Tattoo

Pinky Promise Tattoo for Friends

This small inner arm tattoo has a symbolic meaning behind it. The tattoo shows two hands making a pinky swear tattoo, this tells it has some meaning behind it. Friendship and trust are important and this tattoo tells it so much.

14. Mourning Cloak Butterfly Tattoo

Mourning Cloak ButterflyTattoo on The back of The hand

Next is this lovely unique small outer forearm tattoo for females. The tattoo starts on the back of the palm and then goes all the way up the shoulder. This is a lovely outer forearm tattoo idea for women.

15. Tiny Life Line Tattoo

inner forearm tattoos for females

I would get this tattoo especially if I am afraid of pain. It is really tiny but it’s also so adorable and seems meaningful. This is a word tattoo that is interesting and many people like these types.

16. Lion Arm Tattoo

Lion Forearm Tattoo

Here is a regal forearm tattoo idea to copy. The lion has a strong symbol behind it, courage, strength, leadership, and confidence. You can try temporary animal tattoos before committing.

The intertwining of both the fierce leader of the jungle and with elegance and softness of the rose.

17. Dragon and Cupid Tattoo

Dragon and Cupid Tattoo

Dragons have been popular in Asian mythology and these dragon tattoo ideas are pretty cool. Dragon forearm tattoo will show your fierce side and Cupid is cute.

The look is cool and it would work well on any gender as well. The design has a lot of other smaller designs such as the baby angel and flowers.

18. Dragon Tattoo on the Outer Arm

Dragon Tattoo on the Outer Arm

Embrace the mystique and power of a dragon tattoo adorning the outer arm—a bold statement exuding strength and symbolism. The sinuous curves and intricate details of this mythical creature evoke a sense of resilience and wisdom.

Positioned on the outer arm, it captivates attention without overpowering, creating a harmonious balance between presence and subtlety. Whether it represents protection, courage, or personal transformation, this dragon tattoo speaks volumes about embracing inner strength and embracing one’s journey

19. Cross Forearm Tattoo

forearm cross tattoo

If you are a person with a religious belief a cross forearm tattoo is a good symbol. So if you are thinking of proudly declaring your religion then this is a good idea for you.

This idea will remind you of your faith whenever you look down on your tattoo. And it being on your forearm makes it visible enough to enjoy it and smile. Forearm cross tattoo with rose and flower detail around it.

20. Professional Women Tattoo

Professional Women Tattoo

Delicate women’s form of tattoos, and inside arms are a cute way to keep cover. This dainty tattoo looks almost more like a flower.

Forearm tattoos among professional women have become more common and widely accepted in various workplaces. These tattoos can range from intricate designs to meaningful symbols, often showcasing personal stories or beliefs.

21. Tree Forearm Tattoo

Tree Forearm Tattoo

Another tattoo with a good meaning behind it is the tree tattoo. Trees symbolize growth and the ability to weather any storm. You can choose to have a small or large tree tattoo.

Which of these forearm tattoo women? women’s forearm tattoos are creative and it is nice if you are looking for one not too large.

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