Skull Halloween Makeup and Tutorial

Skull Halloween makeup has become very popular over the last few years, so it’s a great idea to try the lookout for yourself. I liked the style and the art so, I decided to make this gallery and tutorial so you can find ideas and learn how to do it yourself.

There are plenty of ways to do skull makeup for Halloween, it’s really up to you to choose the look you want and do the makeup.

diamond skull makeup
Skull Halloween Makeup

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I have also added a great video tutorial to help you get started on your Halloween look.

I Have no Idea how the Skull makeup Has become So popular for Halloween but If you’re looking for ideas to these will surely blow you away.

Skull Halloween Makeup Ideas

This is a great way to do skull makeup and with this idea, you will scare everyone with this amazing Halloween Makeup. Art like this is why skulls are perfect for Halloween.

skull Halloween makeup ideas

Pretty Skeleton Makeup

I wish every skeleton makeup could be this pretty but the beautiful red makeup gives the white and black colors such a gorgeous look. It just makes me want to try them all.

Pretty Skeleton Makeup

If your creative this makeup is the perfect idea just for you.

NEON Skull Makeup

Neon makes the best makeup and you can see the way the neon look transform this skull into something unique and different.

NEON Skull Makeup


Candy Skull Makeup

Nothing says taste like a sweet candy skull and this is one of the best examples of what you can come up with if you only try. I have seen a lot of candy skulls but this is the winner, it has a really cool and creative design and I can see this makeup looks good for Halloween.

candy skull makeup


Pink Neon Skull Makeup

When it comes to neon makeup you don’t need to limit yourself to one color but red is definitely is one of the best colors.

Skull Halloween Makeup cute

Multi-color with white and black contacts

I really love how she put the makeup together it really looks amazing I can see myself wearing this look, very beautiful.

Multi-color with white and black contacts Skull Halloween makeup

Diamond Skull Halloween makeup

Sometimes you come across The Most unique stuff and this is wow, yes it’s scary but you can see that the makeup artist really knows what she/he was doing.

Diamond Skull Halloween makeup

Scary Skull Makeup Easy

Wow This really scares me but I love it. This skull makeup easy for women. You can find tutorial online that can help recreate this look

Scary Halloween Makeup skull

Green and Black Halloween Makeup Ideas

I have never seen a Green Skull before but the look is really unique

Green and Black Skull Halloween Makeup Ideas

Diamond Skull Makeup for Halloween

Some people really know their art, I mean just look at this. The makeup is white and black with crystals over the eyes.

Halloween skull lips makeup

Full Halloween Makeup


Full Halloween Makeup

Half face Makeup

This half-face skull has a different look this is creative and stunning. Show your both side, behind the scary makeup there is another person.

Half face Makeup

Cute Skull makeup

I don’t know why but I really love this and the colors

Cute Skull makeup

Scary Diamond Skull Makeup


Creepy but Cool

Halloween makeup

She Doesn’t Have on a lot of makeup but this still looks really great

Halloween makeup

Glitter Skull Makeup Colorful Halloween

Glitter makes everything looks better and this makeup looks amazing

Glitter Skull Makeup Colorful Halloween

Skull Makeup Easy

Some of these skull makeup is way more easy then some, but with a vision, you can turn your face into a wort of art like this.

Skull Makeup Easy

Full face paint with black lines really cute

Half Skull Halloween Makeup

The Half skull makeup really stands out with half face showing and the other half with full makeup.

Half Skull Halloween makeup

Skeleton Face Makeup with Crystals

Adding some crystals to your skull makeup is so interesting. Place the crystals in the right place and they should come out perfect. This is beautiful diamond skull makeup.

Skeleton Face Makeup with Crystals

Bright Colors

Do your makeup with some bright colors, rainbow clown. This has a scary cute appeal to it.


skull makeup for your next Halloween

Skull Makeup Tutorial Video

Not everyone will find it easy to do this makeup tutorial, but it’s super fun and you will enjoy trying until you figure out how it’s done. I had a lot of fun trying out this tutorial, and it’s good practice.


Sugar Skull Makeup

Nothing is as sweet as a sugar skull and this makeup makes you think about candy all day long. I just can’t get over how gorgeous putting a white skull with pink hair could turn out.

SUGAR skull makeup

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