31 Best Friend Duo Halloween Costumes Double Trouble

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Trick or treat here are some best female Halloween costumes to dress up with your girls this Halloween. We have the best friend duo Halloween costumes to copy. Simple clever friend Halloween costumes for two or three people as well.

Halloween can be some of the most fun times to spend with your friends and just be in character. These costumes’ ideas are affordable and most of all cute and sexy.

1. Daphne & Velma

Daphne and Velma Halloween Costume

via @reeganhonaker

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Daphne & Velma are iconic and classic characters, these costumes will do great at any Halloween party. You don’t have to buy the exact look because their colors are a signature part of their character. Orange for Velma and Purple dress for Daphne and you’re all set.

2. The Powerpuff Girls

The power puff girls bff costume

This dynamic trio is a big part of most of our childhood. Here is a little more dress-up version of this style, get a tuto skirt in the matched color and a body suit to match for a clean finish look.

3. M&M Girls

M & M

via @tallblondebell

This is one of the most chill costume ideas to relax and be goofy with your friend. All you need is a large tee shirt in whatever color you want and the M you can do a DIY if you can’t find it. `

4. Bunny Girls

bunny costume with bff

Via wood_twins

5.  Space Cowgirls

 Space Cowgirls halloween costume

via @brittanystyacich

6 . Peanut butter and Jelly

Halloween costumes for best friends

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This costume is so popular on Pinterest I could not make this list and not add this one. All you need is a large T-shirt and felt letters.

7 . Halloween costumes trick or Treat

best friend duo halloween costumes

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Get all your friends in the spirit of Halloween when you show them these interesting costume ideas. Trick looks a bit scary so I am gonna be treated.

8. Unique Halloween costumes for you and your Bestie

swan costumes

We spend lots of time around our best friends, so why not do matching costumes? Dress up each other as two elegant dancers.

9. Chipmunk’s best female Halloween costumes

halloween costumes for 3 friends

Cute and adorable all wrapped in one with these bestie costumes.

10. Wilma and Fred

Wilma and Fred Costume

Via @lorlieofficial

11. Inconic Bff Clueless

Clueless costume for bff

Via marielswan

12. Angel and Demon

angel and demon costume for friends

13. Who is up for some jelly fishing?

best friend duo halloween costumes
Halloween costumes for best friends

When it comes to BFFs Spongebob and Patrick are some of the closest sea creatures we have come to know. Best friend duo Halloween costumes like this are quite funny and people will get it right away.

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14. Starbucks Bestie DIY duo Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes for best friends

15. Netflix and Chill Clever Costume

Halloween costumes for best friends

Who is not Netflixing and chilling these days?

16. Cute EMOJI

Halloween costumes for best friends

dress up your friend as an emoji this Halloween.

17. Cat Dog Halloween costumes for best friends

unique best friend costumes

18. Harley Quinn and The Joker

unique best friend costumes

You and your best friend get to dress up as two scary popular characters. Who would you be?

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19. Halloween costumes for best friends Social media Costume

Halloween costumes for best friends

Who isn’t on social media right now? Everyone can relate to and appreciate this clever idea for a costume. So call up your squad and you all dress up like Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

20. Festive unique best friend costumes

unique best friend costumes

No rule with Halloween so slays together. What makes this unique best friend costume worthy is how gorgeous it actually looks. We want to share with you a nonscary costume you can even wear to other events and style with your Festival makeup Coachella.

21. Bonnie and Clyde Couples Choice

bonnie and clyde halloween costume

This is one of the most iconic couples in history. If you are still looking for a duo Halloween costume try these out.

22. Team Rocket Halloween Costume Idea

duo costume idea team Rocket

This duo is one of the most iconic best friends and their outfit looks awesome too. This is with a long-sleeved cropped sweatshirt and sweatpants.

23. Team Rocket Option 2

team rocket halloween costume idea

This next option is slightly different with long gloves on both male and female.

24. Velma and Daphne

Daphne and Velma Costume Idea

This is the next costume of our favorite neighborhood mystery-solving group. If you have your best friend and you both know your baddie you will lose this next costume idea.

25. Harry Potter Idea

Harry potter costume inspo

Via jordanguestttt/ Instagram

We all know Harry Potter and some of us wish we could be a part of the school of magic, here is your chance.

26. Bring it On

Cheerleading costumes are great and they have been around for years. Wearing these with your best friends can be a childhood dream come true.

bring it on halloween costume

Costume Optin Red Cheer | Green costume here

27. Daphne and Velma Version3

Scooby Doo velma and Daphne

Here we want to show one of our favorite duos. Accessories you look with the right wig to make the look complete.

28. Mario and Luigi For Girls

Mario and Luigi

Up next is one of the most iconic duos that you can dress alike without too much effort. This is just to get matching hats, sequin hats, and matching bottoms.

29. Batman and the Joker

batman and the joker costume

30. Wilma & Betty

Wilma & Betty

The flinstone inspired Halloween ctostume for friends. This look is not veru hard to recreate, get two dress one in blue and other in white if you are a little skill you can go ahead and make traingle edges on the end, grab two wigs enhance the Wilma anbd Betty look.

31. Kit Kat Girls

kit kat

via @juliastulac

I love the matching Kit Kat outfit, the colors are bright and vibrant.

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