22 Scarecrow Makeup Ideas for Halloween


Choosing a creative Halloween makeup, to complete your look is important. We have some cool and cute scarecrow makeup ideas for you to choose from. With Halloween around the corner have you considered this Halloween Classic? Scarecrow makeup has many varieties so you can complete your costumes even if it’s a scary one.

It doesn’t matter the event or costume idea, I am sure there is a scarecrow makeup for Halloween. We have found some complicated and easy scarecrow makeup ideas online.

Best Scarecrow Makeup Ideas

This first look is pretty and eye-catching literally. The look has a half face stitched together down the face, stitched nose, and a smile.

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One of the eyes has a red button, the lips are cherry red. I love this look because the red button gives the combination of a doll and its giving Halloween.

Image via Instagram/hildachriss

Black Lips Makeup with Orange Eyeshadows

This next idea is another cute one that is not too complicated like others on this list. This Halloween makeup image features a soft delicate look with a bit of darkness in the lips. Cute stitches and freckles make it a lovely pretty look too.


Easy Illusion Makeup

This next look is cute and it has many features to stare at. Burnt orange makeup is bright and pretty too. This fantastic scarecrow makeup has stitches around the eyes, a black outline around orange lips, and a shiny nose.


Creepy Dark Scarecrow

Scarecrow makeup for Halloween that you want to scare everyone. The contact lens really adds to the look as if black tears are falling from her eyes. What makes this cool is the bird accessory on the head and the skull-like look around the lips.

Image via arimarguerite

Cute Glam Scarecrows

This is such a cute fall look as well as Halloween. The makeup features stitched nose and along the lips. The freckles are cute and the orange blush is so cute.

Image via yazmooremakeup

Bright Yellow Creepy Eyes

This amazing look for parties features a patched-together look which is interesting. The look doesn’t just stop on the face but the makeup carried to the neck and upper chest.

Image via @a.j_artistry

Pretty Sunflower Scarecrow Makeup

This next popular choice is a stunning design that a lot of people like wearing. One eye features a brown glitter shadow, white lining and the other eye features a sunflower design.

The designs is also complimented with the classic stiched on the mouth. The sunflower on the nose is cute and overall this is a pretty makeup choice for Halloween.

Source: Instagram/beautydope

Sunflower version 2

Here is another version of the sunflower design with bright yellow contact lense to match. The sunflower is a pretty cool idea and worth giving a try.

Cute Look with Very Red Lips

This look may be more advance than others and it has lots of vibrant colors. If you are someone who want to look both creepy and cute this is a nice option.

Image via @maddys.makeup

Smokey Eyes Makeup Look

This next look is a cool creepy look and we also include a video tutorial. This scarecrow makeup idea features smookey eyes, patchy nose and lips, bushed eye brows and stiched on the mouth.

The creepy white contact lense help with finishing off this look. The look is easy toa accessories and the straw hat looks great.

Cool scarecrow makeup idea

Source: @sonjdradeluxe

This Scarecrow Makeup tutorial

Soft and Easy Scarecrow Makeup

If you want something that is glam but still easy to do you may like this next one. This makeup look features a small orange nose with little stiched, stiched around the mouth and bright color blush on the cheeks.

easy scarecrow makeup

Cute Orange Blush Makeup Look

easy scarecrow makeup

Image via @sharnirosebeauty

Scarecrow with a Frown

This design features a sad scarecrow and maybe the only on this list. What I love about this look is instead of a wide grin it features a sad face with tear drops.

Image via Instagram/bangtsikitsiki

Fashionable Scarecrow Makeup

Here is another classy looking scarecrow and its not creepy at all. If you want to look fun and fashionable then try this style. The scarecrow makeup idea features stitches and freckles which is so cute.

pretty scarecrow makeup look

Image source @yomemakeup

Scarecrow Look with Rosy Cheeks

Gather your favorite shades or orange, yellow and black liners to recreate this look.

Scarecrow Makeup ideas

Pretty Creepy Scarecrow Look

There is no wrong way to apply glitter and this lovely gold glitter eyes, freckles on nose, checks and over the eybrow is pretty. The makeup look also features stiched up mouth.

Scarecrow Makeup ideas

Source: Instagram/itsnicholelee

Scarecrow Cover in Flowers

Here we have a innocent sunflower makeup look with orange nose stiched and dark lips with siched too. This look would make a great photo shoot or go well with a garden Halloween costume idea.

Cute Scarecrow Makeup

Image via Instagram/beatsbylizzie

Pretty scarecrow Makeup

Here we have another cute scarecrow makeup idea. This makeup features, a patched forehead, nose, and smile, bright red lips and cute orange eyeshadow.

Cute Scarecrow Makeup

Source Instagram/nikkii_makeup

Illusion Makeup Ideas For Halloween

This Illusion makeup is a good idea for people who want something scary and interesting. This scary makeup look has large black eyes, patchy nose, and stiched-up mouth and nose. This is a good idea for those who want to look terrifying at a night party.

Creepy Scarecrow Makeup

Image via Instagram/kassieeferrel

Gold Glam Scarecrow Makeup Eyes

Althought it’s Halloween you can still dress up and look glamorous with this makeup. The eyes have stunning gold eyeshadows and black wing liner is thick and nice.

Scarecrow Makeup

Image via Instagram/makemeupmuranda

Cute Maple Leaf

This next design features an amazing makuep look and it can inspire your costume as well. The scarecrow makeup features a lot of the classic stiched, gold nose and bright red lipstick.

Scarecrow Makeup

Scarecrows with Creepy Contacts

We love this makeup look and there is so much elements to it. The yellow eyes and the creepy white contact lense enhances the look.

One of the eys features a bright yellow flowers and white long lashes drawn on. The lips are cute with white polka dots and pinkish base. The stiched on the lips and nose as well is beautiful touch for a creepy look.

Scarecrow Makeup

Which of these scarecrow makeup for Halloween are you inspired by? Will you give these a try this time around?

Scarecrow Makeup Ideas

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