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Growing out Grey Hair Transition Tips

Growing out Grey Hair Transition Tips

Going grey doesn’t start overnight this is something anyone now going grey would know. It started out with one or a few strands before become noticeable, its not just when you are getting older it can happen as early as in your 20s. Premature graying affect a few people, I have a cousin that also have grey hair since he was a kid. If you are thinking about transitioning, just putting the dye away. 

Although going grey takes a process somethings it can feel like you just wake up and see it, maybe because someone may point it out. You may feel to just get it cover with some dye but if you are reading this then you are thinking to let it out. A lot of woman when going grey start looking for new hairstyles. 

1 . Look for a great new style

A lot of woman dont want to have the sudden older appearance so gradually. You want to grow out but still look young and fresh not even with grays. So getting a good haircut that will flatter your look is great. Something that will flatter your face shape and body.

A popular choice is getting short hair but doesnt mean you have to follow the norm and go with pixie cut. If you want to keep your hair longer, you will have to do more maintenance. This is even more a necessary if you are growing out a previous dye job. Getting a  regular trim will keep split ends away, this will keep your cuticle nice and smooth. If you are looking for hairstyle inspiration check these out  Short hairstyles for Mature Woman.

2 . Get Highlight for Growing out Grey Hair Transition

Blending your grey hair is not really hard these days since you can get some white dye in there and that’s pretty trendy right now. You can choose to get highlight and lowlights as your hair transition to gray from dyed. Choose highlight that compliments your personality and skin tone, you can ask your stylist for help. 

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Depending on which color you are transition from the experience may be different. According to others they suggest you get at least some new growth in. Be sure to let the stylist know you want thin streak of highlight / low-light to help blend the hair.

Spray Your Hair

You can choose to spray your hair instead. You can use temporary hair color or temporary hair chalk that matches your natural hair color. Apply this to your grey hair only and you will be good until next wash. Transition may take some time and can become expensive.

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