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Transition To Grey Hair With Highlights Tips

Transition To Grey Hair With Highlights Tips

Going grey doesn’t start overnight this is something anyone now going grey would know. It started out with one or a few strands before become noticeable, it’s not just when you are getting older it can happen as early as in your 20s. Premature graying affect a few people, I have a cousin that also have grey hair since he was a kid. Growing out grey transition hair with highlights and if you are thinking about transitioning, just put the dye away. We have also put together the best hairstyles for growing out grey hair as icing on the cake.

Growing out grey transition hair with highlights takes patience, sometimes it can feel like you just wake up and see it, maybe because someone may point it out. You may feel to just get it cover with some dye but if you are reading this then you are thinking to let it out. A lot of women when going grey start looking for new hairstyles. 

Growing out grey hair with highlights

Blending your grey hair is not really hard these days since you can get some white dye in there and that’s pretty trendy right now. You can choose to get highlight and lowlights as your hair transition to gray from dyed. Choose highlight that compliments your personality and skin tone, you can ask your stylist for help. 

Growing out Grey hair with Lowlights

Low lights help with the transition, it soften the transition to gray. Another great plus about using lowlight is the fact it takes little maintenance. Use a lowlights that matches your natural hair color or goes well with it.

Depending on which color you are transition from the experience may be different. According to others, they suggest you get at least some new growth. Be sure to let the stylist know you want a thin streak of highlight / low-light to help blend the hair.

Growing out grey Transition Hair with Highlights From Blonde to Gray

Growing out grey transition hair with highlights

Image Credit: mysilverworld100

If you are naturally blonde or have been a blonde for a while you are in luck. If this is the case and you wish to grow out your natural hair color to gray you are in a good spot. Soften the demarcation line between your natural blonde and grey hair.

Brown Transition to Gray Hair

This is much more noticeable than those with lighter color hair. If you are brave enough this won’t be as painful for you but for those who want to do it more gradually. If you have a good stylist you can ask him or her to help you transition between the two shade. Also, you can apply a root spray at home that is grayer to fast track your transition.

growing out grey hair

Going from Black to Gray hair transition

Transitioning from black to gray is the most complicated color. If you have long hair you have to dedicate more effort into your hair. If you have longer hair it will take maybe years to fully grow out your black hair.

You can try a root fade or balayage technique for dark hair. This takes a lot of time and patient but will show people you are a confident woman with gorgeous hair.

Spray Your Hair

You can choose to spray your hair instead. You can use temporary hair color spray like these here or temporary hair, chalk that matches your natural hair color. Apply this to your grey hair only and you will be good until next wash. A transition may take some time and can become expensive.

Remember these are also temporary and dye no longer damages your hair anyways. You can choose to cover your roots or spray other parts of your hair gray to see how it feels even for a day.

Best Products for Gray Hair Transition and Upkeep

Best Products for Gray Hair Transition

When transitioning you may want to start taking care of your hair at home. Having confidence in learning more about your new hair. There are a few products you can add to your regular hair regimen. Also, these products will help to make the best hairstyles for growing out grey hair even more stunning.

Shampoo : Choosing a gentle shampoo like this one Centaury Shine Enhancing and Anti-Yellowing “Hair becomes soft, supple and full of volume and radiant shine.:

Silver shampoo here, neutralize the undesired yellow pigment

Root Touch-Up Concealing Powder here

Travel dry shampoo powder here

Smokey Gray Permanent Gel here

Have fun with your grey hair transition, play around with toning as grey hair may turn yellow. Also, you need to minimize the uses of hot tools, grey hair tends to turn yellow after hot styling also causes split ends.

Healthy Natural Gray Hair, you want to keep close attention to your natural hair. Give your hair the proper TLC it needs, use mask, proper conditioners, and nourishing oils. These will add shines to your grey hair and eliminates dryness.

To help keep your hair healthy and smooth Grey hair transition

  • Deep condition your hair regularly
  • Using a hydrating shampoo and antioxidant conditioner every three days or so
  • A sulfide free shampoo formulated for your hair
  • Use toning shampoos and conditioners every other week to avoid building
  • No Max heat blow-drying. Avoid blow-drying techniques which will inflate the cuticle
  • Use a flat or curling iron to really smooth the outer cuticle down ( be mindful of the temperature)
  • Keeping ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks, Cut or dusk away split ends hair regularly using the right tools like these scissors here.
  • Omega 3’s. A diet rich in Omega 3’s is important for healthy shiny hair and skin. You can use omega 3’ssupplements here, to substitute your diet.
  • Boar Bristle and nylon brush here

Embrace the transition to grey hair and let it be 

Image By Tennille Murphy

When should you embrace your gray hair? Well, that is entirely up to you. For most people, it does take time to accept going gray and that is completely natural. It sometimes takes time for your natural hair color to shine through.

When you first start seeing grey hair it may look really flat to you and you may not feel like yourself. Another factor could be money, how much do you have to maintain regular touch up. The regular visit you may have to make to your stylist may become costly.

So sometimes it’s best to make natures take its course as the pigment in your hair becomes less and less. If you need to touch up roots regular after some time it just won’t feel worth it unless you are stacked.

Choosing complimentary dye colors will really help when your hair is growing out and you may not need to dye again. If so much celebrity sporting salt and pepper hair look you can do it too, really why shouldn’t we?

A fun thing you could try when growing out of your grey hair is to play with temporary hair color.  This is fun not only for greying hair but for anyone and some safe to use even on kids. Get something you could do yourself at home to save money. A nice technique you could play with is, create small sections in the front go gray and color the back.

Another thing to consider is your skin tone you want something to compliment your skin tone. Darker shades of grey usually look better on people with cooler skin tones, and if you have warmer skin tone variety of grey colors will work well on you.


Growing out grey transition hair with highlights: Changing up your wardrobe

colors that look best on grey hair

Now its time to update your style as you are embracing your grey hair, this is another big step in life. You don’t have to throw out everything just some little changes could really improve your mood and style. Small changes like adding colors to your style that compliment your silver/grey hair, or accessories that elevate your whole look.

Lipstick: Bright colors looks really pretty against white or grey hair once it’s fully grown in. Try something L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Lipstick in Wisteria Rose.

Accessories: Standout in a positive way with statement colors, that contrast with your hair and looks good with your skin tone.  Choose a pair of drop earrings, If you like necklace something bright like this one, you can also add a bright famines color scarf.

Clothes: Choosing the right color of clothes is a big part. Like all mention above you want to choose colors that contrast but looks good on you.

How long does it take growing out grey hair?

How long does it take to transition to gray hair

Image By jd904

I think it goes without saying that it depends on your feature. We all different for women with shorter hair may only take up to six ( 6) months, women with longer hair could go up to an year.

There are ways to add youthfulness to grey hair as we mention above. Take care of your new hair and it can become healthier and fuller.

Other Ways to Go Grey

There are other ways to grey hair transition, for example, to not go full cold turkey you can choose to wear extension or wig. You can keep doing this until your grey hair is long enough to cut the dyed hair off.

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As mention earlier adding temporary colors to the root of your hair is a good alternative. This will hide the grey hair until its long enough then you can just rinse away and have the world see your new look.

Best hairstyles for growing out grey hair

grey hair transition

If you have reached this stage where you have embraced your gray hair you may need hairstyle inspirations. We have gathered some of the best hairstyles for growing out grey hair for you.

From long layers hair, curly crop cut, pixie haircuts. You can choose among these styles to match your personality and hair color. These beautiful hairstyles will really spark that creativity and we are sure you will find one that suits you.

A lot of women don’t want to have a sudden older appearance so gradually. You growing out grey transition hair with highlights, but still, look young and fresh even with grays. So getting a good haircut that will flatter your look is great. Something that will flatter your face shape and body and help you feel confident. Choosing the best hairstyles for growing out grey hair is not the hardest part of your journey.

A popular choice is getting short hair but it doesn’t mean you have to follow the norm and go with a pixie cut. If you want to keep your hair longer, you will have to do more maintenance. This is, even more, a necessary if you are growing out a previous dye job. Getting a  regular trim will keep split ends away, this will keep your cuticle nice and smooth. If you are looking for hairstyle inspiration, check these out  Short Hairstyles for Mature Woman.

Grey hairstyles to grow into

Ombre braided hairstyle looks good on everyone and so why should you give that up? Embrace your two-tone hair color in long braided hairstyle. Proper hair care to keep your white hair snowy white.

If your hair is not as long yet, do not give up, remember your goal. Get involved in the community with others going through the journey as you. This will help give you the motivation you need when growing out gray hair.

best hairstyles for growing out grey hair

Image by: instagram.whitesalright

Short Grey Pixie look may seem overwhelming if you don’t usually go for short hair but trust me it will look great. There are a few different types of pixie cut so be sure to select one to fit your face shape. Growing out gray hair can be fun with all these new experiences.

When you make bold changes like this your long hair will be cheerfully overlooked. Also during the hot time, you will be happy. Try to not dye your hair but if you do then go for grey silver hair dye.

best hairstyles for growing out grey hair

Growing out grey transition hair with highlights short curly crop cut is perfect for it. You can dye your hair with little white dye to enhance the look. Curly crop tops are perfect for women with naturally textured hair and it doesn’t have to be uniform.

You can apply a curl wave gel to add shine and hold to the curls. Check this one out this S curl wave gel it is all the rage right now. One of the best hairstyles for growing out grey hair.

best hairstyles for growing out grey hair

Mid-length lob these shoulder hairstyle been trending for some time now. If you notice lots of women now are rocking blunt and polished lobs. These hairstyles are styled with shiny, loose waves.

One of the beauty of this hairstyle is that it also works if you have thin hair. If you have thin hair cut more into the hair ends. This will keep the hair from falling flat. Making it one of the best hairstyles for thin hair.

growing out grey hair

Ash Gray Hair is another hot trend while silver is quite popular as well. Grey is great if you are ready to embrace the darker tone. Be sure to get a good stylist to start off this journey.

Your stylist can help you choose a good haircut for your hair. Ashy Grey hair will look good with dark color hair such as black or brown hair.

Grey hairstyles to grow into

When choosing hairstyles for growing out grey hair you can be really creative. This is the time to let your creative juice flow. You can use hair accessories such as beanies, hairbands, headbands, bandanas, scarves, and hats. These accessories have muti purpose they can hide the transition of your grey hair and so give your style flare.

You have been thinking about going grey for some time? and growing out grey hair with highlights crossed your mind? Now just do it and embrace natural grey hair.

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