17 Trendy Sneakers for Women To Add Your Wardrobe

Sneakers are comfortable, fashionable, and practical for daily activities. Here are ten trendy sneakers for women to add to your wardrobe. Sneakers can go with almost anything, I love them. You can add a few of these from classic to trendy whichever you prefer I got you!

Whether you are wearing them with your favorite jeans or to the office. Sneakers have also evolved from just street style to even now business casual as well. You can enjoy their athletic use or just the functional everyday style.

Trendy Sneakers for Women 2023

Stacked Canvas Sneaker

White sneakers offer versatility as they can go well with other colors. This has taken the usual high-top to another level.

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trendy sneakers for women

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FILA Trendy Sneakers for Women

The ugly dad shape sneakers are all the rage right now. These sneakers are versatile and come in a variety of colors as well. I love this, who doesn’t? xd

dad sneakers for woman

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Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Women’s Maya Sneaker. Sneakers as I said before are so versatile and can go with almost anything in your wardrobe. These Calvin Klein sneakers will look good for the office casual blazer.

cute brand sneakers

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ACNE Studios High Top Sneakers

High-top sneakers are the top choice if you are looking for an effortlessly cool look. These trendy women’s sneakers are easily an everyday go-to look. These sneakers may be a bit pricy than the others but it’s more sustainable making it a smart buy.

trendy sneakers

Air Bubble Trendy Sneakers For Women

These iconic Nike sneakers have a visible air technology design giving them a futuristic look. The classic Nike Air Max 90 sneakers have been in our hearts and are not going away any time.

Nike trendy sneakers

Image via @thugginn

trendy sneakers for women

Adidas Athletic look

I love this color, usually, I would go for something brighter however this neural color is calling more out to me. If you are like me and want to try a new athletic sneaker this is worth trying. These trendy sneakers for women neural are cute and will last a while.

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Women Running Shoes

These next sneakers make a good one for the daily runner. Looking for fashionable sneakers to pack in your gym bag, this is it. These are lightweight which makes them perfect for running.

Cute Pink and White Sneakers

Trendy sneakers for women that offer both style and functionality are a win in our book. These shoes will look great with your golf and tennis skirt outfit as well.

Trendy Sneakers for Women

Platform Sneakers

Platform Calvin Klein is classic ’80-’90s vibes. These sneakers are still fashionable and current. This will look great with your work casual outfits.

Nike Women’s Air Force

Nike is one of my favorite sneakers brands: Read also Nike You Can totally Get Right Now. Trendy sneakers for women in simple black can easily fit with many pieces from your wardrobe.

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Basketball Sneakers

These sneakers have been rising in trend for the last few years. These are most popular among younger girls and women. One of the biggest trendy sneakers that have been released is these types.

Basketball trendy sneakers Sneakers

Soniemke Air 270 Women’s 

These white sneakers are just adorable, I love them. Remember when these types of sneakers wore by mostly men? now they look feminine and stylish on women.

Odsy 1000 Trainer Sneakers

A lot of women are enjoying these chunky-looking shoes. Althought you can get them in a few other colors I have listed these in off-white because of their versatility. Trendy sneakers that combine street style with Aesthetic fashion.

trendy sneakers

The New Balance

These sneakers are super cute, and the neural tone and fabric are adorable. Although these sneakers look quite cool you can rock these at any age. My friend got lots of compliments on these.

Cute slip-on sneakers

A slip-on sneaker is perfect for casual wear, comfortable and cute. These are also good option for toddlers. What I love most about these sneakers are how comfortable they are and how affordable they are.

The Superstar

This is a sneaker I had before and I can bet you have too. We love them and they still look great today. Get yourself a new pair dont hold back.

Trendy Sneakers for Women
Trendy Sneakers for Women

Balenciaga Lightweight sneakers

These sneakers have been getting some attention, you can buy the copy look for a lot less compare to the original.

Trendy Sneakers for Women

Puma Trendy Sneakers for Women

I am always looking for the best trendy sneakers and this has captured my design love. I love the vibrant hue we are getting from this design.

Trendy Sneakers for Women

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