15 Gorgeous Balayage on Black Hair 2024


If you want new ways to style your hair, check out this balayage on black hair. The balayage coloring technique is one of the most popular even today, it’s been around for some time. This type of style is not going anywhere and become even more popular among all the celebrities embracing it.

With so many colors to choose from, we can say this trend is here to stay. Keep reading to find out why we love balayage so much. This type of hair trend is great for women with all textured hair and it’s beautiful in all-natural colors.

Toffee balayage

Toffee balayage

Image via Instagram/amandalouise.hair

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Auburn balayage

This first look is auburn balayage on black hair that looks natural, especially for island girls. The sun usually gives a similar look but a lovely enhancement.

brown balayage on black hair

Ash balayage

I love this ash balayage among black hair, it’s quite stunning, and it’s great for women who are also looking to transition into grey hair. The style is modern fresh and interesting.

Storm Gray Balayage


Copper Melt

Copper is so cute and if you are not looking for red then this is another version. The style is more a brown melted into orange color ombre.

Red Balayage

Red balayage is stunning and it is one of the popular color choices. I love how the dark color blends into the fire-red hair color.

red balayage on black hair

Dirty Blonde Balayage For Black Hair

Blonde balayage on dark hair, the streaks look great. This would look good on shorter hair as well. This color definitely nailed the concept and is high on our list.

This tone is excellent for fine-haired women with medium length hair.

blonde balayage on black hair

Light brown balayage

This is such a beautiful brown hue and it blends with the black hair so naturally. This look is cute especially if you are looking for a subtle balayage style.

light brown balayage on black hair

Brown soft balayage curls

If you have curly hair you can still enjoy this color technique. It’s beautiful on your curls and looks great in light as it reflects certain colors. The curls will appear more bouncy and full.

soft balayage on black hair

Brown hair mahogany balayage

This is another soft balayage tone on black hair, the light brown meets well with the black hair. The root dark and the color gradually becomes lighter at the mid and ends of the hair.

soft balayage on black hair

Teal Balayage For Black Hair

Want to try out blue balayage? well here is a color inspiration for you.

black balayage straight hair


Beautiful Copper Hues

I love how this is a little mix of balayage and highlights.

Beautiful Copper Hues on dark hair

Image source: kristen.lumiere/

Blakc hair with Caramel balayage

The caramel balayage on black hair looks good on both straight and curly textured hair. You can see that this color will go with any type of hair and length.

caramel balayage on black hair

Cool Blonde Balayage

Here is another before and after hair transformation.

Cool Blonde Balayage

Chocolate Cherry Balayage

If you are still trying to figure out which suble color to try how about this chocolate hair color idea.

Balayage in Purple

This next look is so pretty and I love how the purple balayage blends with the natural black hair. The black hair blends out smoothly into the purple this style is perfect for women looking for a dark tone.

purple balayage on black hair

Platinum Blonde

If you want to test out this color without going all in here is how you can enjoy this hairstyle. I love this and it was one of the ways I did my hair back in high school because I was scared to damage my whole hair. Why won’t your hair take the color? maybe has to be bleached first to get to platinum blonde.

Platinum Blonde

Image via hair_by_oana

Balayage Vs Ombre

Balayage and ombre are both hair-coloring techniques, but they create different looks.

Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep.” The technique involves using a brush to apply the hair color in a sweeping motion, creating a graduated, natural-looking effect. The color is typically applied to the ends of the hair, with less color near the roots, giving the hair a subtle, sun-kissed look.

Ombre, on the other hand, typically involves a more dramatic transition from one color to another. The roots are kept dark, and the color gradually gets lighter toward the ends. The word “ombre” means “shadow” in French and the Ombre hair color technique resembles the natural hair color that one gets on exposure to the sun.

In short, Balayage is a more subtle and natural technique, while ombre creates a bolder and more dramatic look.

Balayage Vs Highlights

Balayage and features are both hair shading procedures, however, they make various looks.

Features include easing up little segments of the hair utilizing foil or a cap. This method is often used to add an aspect to the hair and make a more normal-looking, sun-kissed impact. Features can be applied to all hair types and can be unobtrusive or intense relying upon the client’s ideal look.

Balayage, then again, is a freehand shading procedure that makes a graduated, normal looking impact. As opposed to utilizing foil or a cap, the variety is painted on the hair utilizing a brush. The variety is commonly applied to the finishes of the hair, with less variety close to the roots, giving the hair an inconspicuous, sun-kissed look. Balayage is frequently used to make a more normal looking, low-upkeep hair tone.

So, features include isolating the hair into little segments and applying variety to those areas. Balayage, then again, is an all the more freestyle strategy that makes a more progressive and normal-looking change of variety.

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