Why Won’t My Hair Take Color (Reasons and How To Fix)


This weekend I decided to color my friends’ hair and she was left frustrated because her hair turned out unchanged. So now you may ask why won’t my hair take color? Why didn’t my hair dye work? Just so you know this is kind of common.

When this happens it can cost you more money and leave your hair looking worse. With that being said there are a few reasons and this article will help explain some of the reasons.

Why Won’t My Hair Take Color

Why didn’t my hair dye work? comes with many questions that you can keep wondering about. To save yourself time, money or even your hair take a step back and evaluate each of the points we made below. These are things you can do before thinking to dye your hair again.

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What causes hair color not to take Why Won't My Hair Take Color

What causes hair color not to take? Here are 10 reasons why your hair might not take color.

This may seem like a hard question because you didn’t get your desired result. Why your hair isn’t taking color could be a number of reasons and we try to borrow them down.

The color dye you chose isn’t right

Sometimes people post pictures on social networks and you like the color of their hair too. What hair color do you think is possible to get? The hair base tone will determine your color choices and whether your hair absorbs this new color.

Does the color change the color of the hair? Your hair can stay dark if you are using a light dye color but it doesn’t matter. If you had level three dark hair using light blonde 9 it wouldn’t affect you. Your hair keeps getting darker.

Black woman with purple curly dye hair

You Didn’t Use Enough Hair Dye

Why does hair, not color maybe because you don’t have enough dye? When coloring your hair with the dye it is necessary to thoroughly wash your strands.

If you have healthy, thick, or long hair it is necessary to use 2 or 3 boxes of hair dye depending on the thickness and length of the hair. When coloring hair, always bring a box with you.

Your Hair Dye Didn’t Sit for Long Enough

This is another common reason that is sometimes easily looked over. Rushing through the dyeing process is a certain way to end up with an undesired result. The developer need sometimes to penetrate the hair cuticles.

The instruction on the box could say 25 minutes but this is not exactly the best time for everyone. To be safe you should really let the hair dye sit for 30 minutes to up to even 1 hour.

You are Using the Wrong Shampoo or Conditioner

We have all different type of hair texture and one size don’t always fit all. This is another reason that causes hair color not to take. You may be using the wrong hair color holding shampoo.

Use a hair developer that is made for your hair texture when you are done with the coloring process. Washing your hair out with a good shampoo and plenty of water to replenish your strands.

Yes. Every day your product changes the color of your hair. Once you have colored the hair you should use hair care, which can help maintain that color. Look at a variety of dye products with little or no chemicals to keep your locks healthy.

You’re Using the Wrong Developer

If you are trying a permanent dye then this is an important step that you should keep in mind. Especially if you have dark hair then you will need a higher volume developer when trying to get a lighter shade.

This could do more harm than good because you don’t want to do multiple processes. If this happens then you may end up doing multiple processes in order to get your desired color. Some hair color kit doesn’t come with a developer and if they do make sure it’s the correct strength for your hair texture.

Why Won’t My Hair Take Color after Bleaching? Your Hair Is Too Greasy

While some of the natural oil is protective for sanding hair, the excess may cause the dye to penetrate into your hair. Rather, the color will simply disappear and leave your skin patchy or nonexistent in color.

Although dyeing unwashed hair may help the hair grow longer and thicken it keep it clean. Make sure you wash them gently after dyeing. Try to buy yourself a developer dye that works with greasy hair or naturally oily hair.

Why won't my hair take color? You Have Hard Water

Why won’t my hair take color? You Have Hard Water

This is another reason your hair dye didn’t work. We sometimes look over this because it’s just water and we are not thinking it could possibly affect our hair dye. Hard water is rich in minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, which remain on your hair strands.

This build-up creates a barrier on the hair that prevents the color from getting to the hair. I recommend you invest in clarifying shampoo to stop this from happening.

I also recommend you get this shower filter for hard water.

How To Make Sure The Ends Of Your Hair Take Color

This part of the hair can be a lot more stubborn sometimes because it was previously processed. You should try and keep the hair dye on longer, not because the package said 20 minutes doesn’t mean that may be the case for you.

It could be that simple, you are washing off your dye too soon and some parts of the hair don’t take color as fast. The roots of the hair hold the color a lot faster so you should tackle the ends first.

why won't my hair color take

When can I dye my hair again if I chose the wrong color dye?

When you comply with two-color laws then it’s possible to dye your hair immediately. Depending upon the shade of hair you are using or the color you are using, you should go into a hair salon to buy the best. Please don’t use fewer sizes than you’d like with your current product.

You’ve Chemically Processed Your Hair Recently

If you recently had some type of hair chemical process then you may have a negative result. Hair won’t take Color if was recently relaxed or have those type of harsh treatment.

Using incorrect hair pr cant lead to even split ends, or worse hair loss.

If this is something you have to do, advise you to get a beauty planner and make these dates in advance. This will not only save your strands from damage but also save you money.

Your Hair Is Too Damaged

Like the point above damaged hair cuticle doesn’t take or hold onto color very well. You need to examine the health of your hair before you choose to put your hair through another permanent dye process.

Dye your hair after doing some prep to your natural hair. You can look into protein filler for brittle ends. If you don’t get your hair healthy it will continue to fade, retaining color is important.

There are a number of things that could cause your hair shaft and cuticles to become damaged such as:

  • Excess heat from flat iron, blow dryer
  • Chlorine or salt water
  • Too much sunlight
  • Overly Process
  • Harsh hair products

Please note that if you have recently dyed or bleached your hair then the new color may not take. Bleach is a harsh process that can easily dry out.

If your hair has been overprocessed and becomes brittle it won’t take the color as the hair cuticles are open and the fiber underneath is exposed. This is especially bad for women who have relaxed their hair recently as well.

Your hair isn’t used to these kinds of processes, or it’s very thick

I suggest going to the salon to get some information. Often, women choose to dye their hair, and then continue it. So the hair has no necessary porousness that can absorb dye if they want the same color.

Because they have the same color they just apply the new colors to the root and they do nothing else. When hair is thin, the dye developer may have difficulty splitting cuticles to make hair absorb the color. The same happens with women with darker hair.

Why Won’t My Hair Take Color ? You Have Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity hairs have a tightly closed cuticle and do not easily accept pigments from dyes. For identifying if the hair has low porousness, you should dip your hair in warm water and wash it thoroughly. If they stay below water after a few seconds, it is low porous hair.

It is possible to offset low-porosity hair with heat during color processing or by letting the dye stay in place.

Note that the social acceptance of hair porosity tests is not scientifically valid for humans. This is also pseudoscience but is fun.

Lovely hair dye,

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How to Fix Hair That Won’t Take Color

So your hair color process is not taking well and you want to find solutions that even you can do at home? So here are some steps you can do to get your hair in top shape before attempting another dye job.

Use A Hot Oil Treatment

Alternatively, it may be done by heating oil you can buy box type or eat your own essential/natural oil. Whatever way one moves, hair color is very drying. Warm oil nourishes and strengthens your hair before your treatment.

If you have dry hair then getting such treatment could be good for you. The color process can be even more damaging on dry brittle hair, this could help your hair become more moisturized.

Use a clarifying shampoo

This may not seem like a big deal but if you are someone who used a lot of product or suffer from hard water then you need to clarifying shampoo. If your hair is dull, and lifeless this type of shampoo will cut through the product build-up and hard water.

Clarify your hair and remember to also get a good moisturizing conditioner. I recommend the Redken conditioner for softer hair. Remember to keep the conditioner lightweight as well to avoid future buildups.

Try a Protein Filler

Protein fillers have a pre-coloring activity to repair and strengthen high density proteins. Fill the holes in your hair’s cuticle creating a barrier that keeps hair from losing color pigment. Protein Fillers also help with hair color whitening.

Treat Your Hard Water

If you are experiencing color trouble with hard water, a softening agent can help reduce its effects. The Filter removes the dissolved minerals before escaping your locks, thereby ensuring a smoother coloring session. In addition, water filters help you maintain a healthy and beautiful look to a healthy extent.

What to do if your hair dye fails? You could Avoid Over washing your hair

You will hear this a lot, especially in the natural hair community and this is true. Washing your hair too often will remove the natural oil. Also, a gentle shampoo even a baby shampoo will be soft on your hair and not strip it.

Your hair being over wash can also cause the color to fade faster. I recommend you get this salt sulfate free shampoo to not strip your hair and cause it to become dry and brittle.

Dont wash your hair no more than twice a week and depending on your natural texture wash it once a week. Do not rinse your hair with hot water after your gentle shampoo step.

women with red ginger long bob haircut

You may be wondering, Can I dye my hair again if it didn’t take?

The researchers recommend waiting two to four weeks after coloring it to get a fresh result. If your hair is badly damaged I would even recommend you wait at least a month and do some treatment in the meantime.

Why won’t my hair take color and what if I want to redye it? In the meantime, you should consider a semi-permanent hair dye like this one on Amazon. This you can apply to your hair right after and not have to wait weeks.

When is The Best Time to Redye your Hair That Won’t Take

You may not have a noticeable change in color to your hair but the dye may still damage your hair. Healthy hair is important but you may want a new color because you truly don’t like the current one.

Try to wait at least two or four weeks before another attempt to dye it again. Hair won’t take if it’s too damaged so give your strands some time to repair. Dyeing your hair in a lighter color will do more damage than a darker shade so dont be in too much rush for another try. Take this time to do some deep conditioning treatments, hot oil treatments, and other healthy hair care routines.

When you ask yourself why won’t my hair take color? come back to this dye your hair guide at any time. These simple changes to your hair care routine could help your colored hair process.

When is The Best Time to Redye your Hair That Won’t Take

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