16 Pretty Spring Makeup Looks 2024

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After the winter season, we want to change things up from minimal and we are ready for spring makeup looks. We are ready to switch things up in full force and embrace the season with some colorful makeup looks. Some of these will be natural spring makeup looks, purple makeup, and spring makeup with flowers.

I love to embrace each season and play around with makeup, pastel nails, and new clothes.

Lime Green Spring Makeup Look

Lime green makeup at the corner and the wings look gorgeous. The look is not over the top and is perfect for spring. I love how the green eyeshadow gives us a teaser with just a dot in the eye corner and wing. The look also has a fine black outline around the green.

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spring makeup looks

Image from Instagram/amykatrianne

Full Brow Pretty Spring Makeup Looks

This makeup look is clean, making it a nice fresh spring makeup look if you still want to look all-natural. Natural look makeup is a clever way to be all made up without anyone knowing. I love how her freckles are enhanced instead of being hidden. This is nice makeup for brown and hazel eye girls.

fresh spring makeup

Source Instagram/Pilitaguadines

Pink Blush

Spring makeup looks like this one, you choose the best drugstore foundation for dry skin if you are on a budget. I love the soft doll look of this makeup, delicate pink eye shadows, pink blush, and stunning pink lips with a glossy cover. If you have blue is green eyes this makeup will look really good on you, your eyes will pop.

Angelic Eye Liner

If you are feeling clean white line makeup in the shape of angel wings. The minimalism about it makes it stunning and just as bold as ones with a brighter color. The overall makeup look is delicate, from the lip stain, blush, and well-done brows.

Image via @imdiana.jpg

Flushed Lips natural spring makeup looks

Pink lips are always pretty and they are even more pretty when blurred out like this one. The overall makeup is stunning with glowing skin. Keep your skin healthy and moisturized this spring makeup look will go beyond spring.

natural spring makeup looks

Image Via Instagram/gracemargaretha

Beautiful colorful makeup looks

Choosing to go with a splash of colors like this is just perfect for the spring season. Pastel makeup over your lids will give you a unique look. This is one of the most playful colorful makeup looks on this list. If you are confident and want the attention, be afraid to try this one out.

colorful makeup looks

Image via Instagram/yourstylishself

Spring makeup looks with flowers

If you are feeling creative and want to incorporate actual flowers with your look. This makeup is for the artsy people who love a good photo. Hope you are inspired by this look to make a social splash. Spring makeup looks with flowers like this one will stun everyone you enter.

spring makeup looks with flowers

Image via Instagram/caitssdarling

Glowy Skin Makeup

The cloud skin trend has to be one of the prettiest trends for spring. Cloud skin has a soft look with a natural glow when the sun shines on you. To achieve this you will have to maintain proper skincare as well as the right blend of makeup. I love that her whole look seems natural and the bright wine red lips stand out and seem like it’s the only makeup.

Soft spring makeup look

Bright colorful makeup looks

This spring dive into bold pastel colors such as this one. The look features a green shadow on the top eyelid, a purple bottom shadow, then a tint of pink and light green in the corner. The look is really a spring look and complete with soft pink lip gloss.

colorful makeup looks

Purple Fairy Look

Here are other colorful makeup looks that you can enjoy this coming spring. The makeup features a lavender eye shadow rather than an outline with a deeper purple. This look is not over the top but it’s bold and interesting. The styling such as rhinestones together makes this spring makeup idea stand out even more.

colorful makeup looks

source Instgram/justjadelauren

Black Dramatic Makeup Look

Black dramatic looks are one of those looks that never gets old, always a safe choice for any season. If you aren’t feeling the natural look then this one is for you. The smokey eye is a classic look that always gives a dramatic effect. This is a night makeup look, the super black look shadow with a tint of silver in the eye corners. The look is complete with thick full brows, soft blush, and nude lips.

night spring makeup look

Hot Pink Eye Shadow

The next look is beautiful multi-tone pink shadows. If you love pink and purple shades this look is for you. bright shadows and soft lipstick to balance the look. This makeup will look best on girls with dark or honey-brown skin tones. It will be a nice transition from the winter season as well.

pink makeup

Image @aquinomara

Blue and Purple Colorful Makeup Looks

Looking like an absolute doll with this pastel color combination. The face is mostly done with a doll appearance which makes the eyes striking. If you are looking for colorful makeup looks that are a bit more minimalist in light colors.

Spring makeup looks

Chocolate Smoke

Try out this look using Maybelline New York City Mini Palette. This look is clean and although spring makeup looks it’s also an elegant Christmas makeup idea. Putting on light makeup that is not too cake face.

White Graphic Liner

The graphics liner with a touch of brown shadow may seem complicated but it is not. Start with light pressure to get the shape you want then, trace your outline with more pressure.

Spring makeup looks

Image Instagram/makeupmadhouse

Freckles and Bold Brows

Spring makeup ideas

Pink Makeup For Spring

Creative makeup looks are another big trend at the moment. Following a lot of Instagram influencers, you are seeing more and more bold creative looks. This look features bubble gum pink and lemon green eye shadow. The look is accessories with oversized loop earrings and pink lipstick. Bright up the spring with a beautiful pink doll makeup look.

pink makeup for spring

Image via @nyane

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