25+ Skull tattoos for women

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Feminine pretty skull tattoos may first seem like a challenge to find suitable. Here we have some stunning tattoo ideas for you to get inked.

Tattoos with skulls are quite popular among both men and women. Skulls symbolize positive and negative energy, a change of life or death. If you are interested in these tattoo ideas, you will be happy to know they come in various styles.

A girl with a skull tattoo can appear feminine and you can add rose and other soft elements to make it cute.

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Feminine Pretty Skull Tattoo

First up is this stunning back skull tattoo with a snake and flowers wrapped around it.

Feminine Pretty Skull Tattoos on the back

This hand tattoo kind of gives you the vibe to get inked ASAP. So if you were looking for a skull hand tattoo this is a cute one to get.

Girl skull tattoo on hand

palm Skull Tattoos

Image via gabi_ink_lazarova

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Getting feminine pretty skull tattoos doesn’t mean a boring look at this baddie design. The sleeve is tattooed with a skull and it wears a crown with a rose mix look.

Sugar skull Tattoo

This next tattoo has some color to it, red, green, and yellow with a pretty interesting look.

Sugar skull tattoos for women

The sugar skull is a popular design even with Halloween makeup. If you love spooky things then give it a mix with some flowers to recreate this design.

Sugar skull tattoos for women

Image via tatt2_mary

Here is another cool option, they can be fun and not boring one bit even if feminine.

best sugar skull tattoos

Small Tattoo with Skull

Finger tattoos are some of the most popular small tattoo ideas. The design features a small skull tattoo on the ring finger.

Small skull tattoos for women on finger

Here is another cute small skull tattoo idea for women. Simple a solid skull with black ink and an X to mark the spot we suppose? The design is quite subtle so for a minimalist tattoo design this may be worth getting.

small Skull tattoos for women

Matching Ideas

Here is a matching skull tattoo with color to make the design even more eye-catching. I know a lot of people don’t like a color tattoo but with proper care, the color will last.

Matching skull tattoos

Matching tattoos for couples can be a nice vibe that has so many meanings to it. The skull symbolizes both living and death which makes it a good choice for couples.

matching skull tattoos for couples with crowns

Girly Design with flowers

This one is large for some women and the design features pretty outline flowers on the head. The sunflowers are not exotic and everyone can appreciate them.

girly skull tattoos with flowers

Latino, skull tattoo on the shoulder, the red ink makes the design vibrant.

girly skull tattoos with flowers

Leg tattoos can be easily covered, so this also makes them a well-hidden tattoo spot.

girly skull tattoos with flowers

Realism Skull Tattoo Idea

Realism Skull Tattoo Idea

Image via Instagram/jolybengal.tattoos

With a little color

Some people want a little color instead of classic black ink. Here is an idea where you can enjoy some pink ink.

Skull tattoos for women
Skull tattoos for women

Rose Skull Tattoo

This is a full-leg tattoo with a very eye-catching design, skull, skeleton rose, and leaves. If you don’t mind the pain this is worth it in my opinion, the result looks great.

skull tattoos on leg

This skull tattoo is on the leg, a skull with a crown, red ruby, and a rose.

rose skull tattoos

If you were looking for an evil skull tattoo here you go, the skull eye has smoke coming out and the rose inside the mouth as well.

evil skull tattoo

On the Forearm

Forearm tattoo ideas are quite popular if you don’t want a sleeve tattoo.

forearm skull tattoos with flowers

This is one of the best sleeve tattoo ideas for women with a skull and flower that I have seen.

sleeve skull tattoo idea

Cool Skull and Half Butterfly

This next tattoo idea has a mix of skull and butterfly which makes it really interesting. Skull sleeve tattoos for women can be toned down with butterflies for a more feminine look.

sleeve tattoo ideas

This tattoo is very interesting, it shows a couple and this can symbolize a few things.

back tattoo with skull

This next tattoo design is on the leg, half skull with flowers with a lot of interesting things happening around it.

skull tattoos for female

I love this design, it has a lot to look at such as the snake, flowers, and tribal symbol alongside the skull.

skull tattoo with flowers on legs

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