26 Baddie Women’s Feminine Spine Tattoos

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Looking for baddie women’s feminine spine tattoos to match your vibe? We choose to get tattoos for plenty of reasons and sometimes we are not yet committed to a permanent one.

Here in this post, we have temporary tattoo ideas you can shop on Etsy if you are looking to just try out something before committing.

Amazing Baddie Women’s Feminine Spine Tattoos

1. Flowers & Moon

baddie women's feminine spine tattoos

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2. Delicate

Baddie women's feminine spine tattoos

3. In Red Ink

Baddie women's feminine spine tattoos

This amazing red baddie spine red ink tattoo with full quotes is eye-catching.

4. Cute Baddie spine tattoos

Baddie women's feminine spine tattoos

5. Cute and Lovely

baddie spine tattoos

6. Baddie tattoo ideas

baddie spine tattoos

7. Colorful Bird

baddie tattoo ideas

8. Words female baddie tattoos

female baddie tattoos

9. Small and Cute

female baddie tattoos

10. Female baddie tattoos

female baddie tattoos

11. Lotus small baddie tattoos

tattoos with color

12. With Quotes

baddie tattoo with quotes

12. Dragon baddie Tattoo Idea

More dragon Spine tattoos

dragon tattoo idea

13. Dragon with Cherry Blossom

female baddie tattoos

14. Red Dragon

red dragon tattoo idea

15. Lotus

lotus tattoo

16. Flower Baddie Tattoo

vine spine tattoos

17. Small Tattoo Idea

cute spine tattoo idea

18. Rose Tattoo on Spine

small baddie tattoos

19. Elegant Baddie women’s feminine spine tattoos

Baddie women's feminine spine tattoos

20. Vine spine tattoos

Baddie Women's Feminine Spine Tattoos

21. Dragon Spine Tattoo

dragon feminine tattoo idea

This dragon spine tattoo is feminine, this mystical reptile has a lot of meanings. In some cultures this represents destruction but in Chinese culture is believed to represent good luck, strength, and health.

22. Scorpion Tattoo

small female baddie tattoos

Image source Pinterest

Here is another version of a female tattoo with a dangerous creature that can sting and poison you. The Scorpio carries a lot of meaning or it could just be a choice base on your zodiac sign.

The Scorpio represents independence, intelligence, and transformation. This creature also has dark meanings such as evil and destruction. However, for me, I would get it because of my Zodiac sign which I think is great and carries a lot of personal meaning.

23. Celebrity Inspiration


flower spine tattoo

Whether you are into a big tattoo or small flowers carries a lot of meaning. The baddie woman tattoo is also feminine and pretty. This is one of those pretty flower tattoo ideas that we just have to share with you that will give you inspiration.

25. Butterfly and Full Quotes Tattoo

Butterfly baddie spine tattoo

The butterfly tattoo looks like they are living off the skin and ready to fly out. The artist is talented and you will need one to recreate it. These are popular choices because of the beauty they symbolize.

You could incorporate them with other designs but for this inspiration, it’s done with quotes.


Chakra spine tattoo

Which of these baddie women’s feminine spine tattoos are you gonna save? These are so tempted everyone will want to get inked.

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