30 Match Tattoo for Best Friends

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Friendship is one of life’s most cherished relationships, we often make memories and deep connections and can become an unbreakable force. With the ongoing world where moments are fleeting a lot of best friends are choosing to embrace their bond with matching tattoos. Choosing such a permanent symbol has a lot of emotions behind it such as trust, love, and a reminder of the adventures you share throughout the years. Whether you and your best friend are looking for something minimalist or more intricate and meaningful there are plenty of of tattoo designs to choose from. In this post, you will find popular ideas to inspire your matching tattoo journey.


heart on the shoulder

Via @livaink/ Instagram

Hearts are the typical symbol for love and friendship making them the perfect choice for BFF’s. Whether you opt for minimalist outlines like the example above. This classic symbol of the heart speaks volumes about the connection share

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Self Love

self love

A lot of friendships form from similar experiences and sometimes we help to keep each other grounded. Self-love is a powerful statement and we have been encouraging all our readers to this and feeling confident is one of our main goals.

Small Faries


Sometimes you want to get something magical and this is a nice choice. This best friend tattoo is feminine and the fairy has a lot of spark.

Lighten in red ink

tiny red tattoo

This small tattoo is intimate and special for those looking for something subtle.

We have a full post on red ink tattoos if you need other ideas.

You keep me safe

You keep me safe matching tattoo

Tiny Stars

matching star tattoo

Stars are known as a symbol of guidance, hope, and dreams. Choosing a matching star tattoo for you and your best friend can symbolize how you both have been each other guidance or hope. You can have a single star or a constellation design like this one.

Colorful Charm

4 small hearts


Small Match Tattoo for Best Friends

A flower tattoo can be the symbol of your flourishing friendship. Going with a matching flower friend tattoo can be a beautiful way to represent friendship. A flower is a timeless c choice so choose something that you both think represents you.

Her On and His Only

his only and her one for couple best friend

Couples can also be best friends and getting a couple matching tattoo can be a great way to express love.

Tattoo on the Wrist

tattoo on the wrist

Via laurenscarletshades

Spooky Tattoo

You may both enjoy a little spooky month and this is a fun one for you to copy. The inspiration is cheerful and light-hearted.

1987 and 1989 dates

1987 and 1989 dates

Half and Half

half and half sun flower

Via @bayinktattoo

Star Tattoo

Moon Within Sun

Moon Within Sun

Via @abstracthippo/ Instagram

These two-part tattoos share or complete each other in a way. It looks like a sun but it’s also a crescent moon inside the design. Combining different elements into a single design can be a perfect way to show friendship.

A promise to a friend

Cute Smiley Faces

Matching Smiley Faces on Wrist

@MAGGIE_JORGS / Instagram

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Matching Tattoo

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Moon and Sun

Close up of two hands, one with a sun tattoo and one with a moon


This simple line tattoo is pretty and you and your friend will love the minimalism of it.

DragonFly Tattoo

Dragonfly on the Inner arm

Tiny Heart

Line heart tattoo match

@FRIDAY_TATTOO_ / Instagram

Delicate Lavender

Simple Lavender Tattoo for friends

With flower tattoos choose placements that complement each other. The elegance of flower tattoos makes them a wonderful and safe option.

Simple Clover

Matching Clover tattoo on the inner arm

Via @@playground_tat2/Instagram

Matching moon & star

Tiny Matching moon & star


Word tattoo breath

Via @tavi_tattoo

Sometimes choosing a single word is good enough for the enduring nature of your bond. Script tattoos are a lovely way to express your connection.

Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise

@SIVXSTORM / Instagram

Going with a pinky promise tattoo is another way to represent your friendship bond. This tattoo can be small or big and look good.

Butterfly tattoo on hip bone

Butterfly tattoo on hip bone

Butterfly tattoos have so many meanings and they are simply one of the most popular choices. For friends that are really close choosing a hip tattoo is a good placement.

Simple Charming Butterfly

Cute small matching butterfly tattoo for friends

You are my Person

You are my person matching word tattoo

Via @alegomeztattoo/ Instagram

Flame tattoo

Tattoo on finger in fire flame design

I hope you find a matching tattoo for you and your best friend to represent your unbreakable connection and love.

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