32 Stunning Butterfly Tattoo Meaning


Butterfly tattoo meanings are plenty but they symbolize beauty, feminine charm, and transformation. These are popular and they are magical and who doesn’t love a cute little butterfly tattoo?

With a good artists, they will create beautiful patterns on the wings, and there are so many unique and exciting designs. Butterflies show that they are rebirth and you can transform into your best form after a dark state.

While they are popular some people will shy away from them because of that. So if you are a person who is looking for something unique we have these fantastic butterfly tattoo ideas.

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Butterfly hand tattoos and monarch butterfly tattoo is a good options if you want something to show off with a modern style.

Some of the things butterfly tattoos symbolize:

  • Resurrection
  • Change, transformation
  • Love and Charm
  • Growth
  • Rebirth and Freedom

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

1. Butterfly With Flowers Tattoos

First, let’s kickstart this list of butterfly tattoo designs with this colorful idea. Stunning butterfly flower tattoo colors such as green pink, light yellow, and black outline.

Half butterfly with roses tattoos

2. Small and Interesting Tattoo Behind the Ears

Butterflies tattoo behind ear is not only trendy but you see a lot of celebs wearing them. Tattoo placement is just as important as the style design you want to do. Two small black-inked butterflies with two sparkles.

butterflies tattoo behind ear

Image credit:_jose_g_p_

3. Butterfly with flowers on the wings

I love tattoo designs butterfly and flower combinations. This design has two designs and can mean growth with the flowers and transformation with the butterfly.

Stunning butterfly tattoo meaning

4. Butterfly and chrysanthemum neck tattoo

This next tattoo is beautiful; if you are a November girl, you may appreciate this design. Chrysanthemum is the birth flower of the month, and it is quite pretty and it symbolizes rebirth.

Butterfly and chrysanthemum neck tattoo

5. Blue Ink Tattoo

Blye butterfly symbolizes more than just beauty, they also represent luck and joy. This back tattoo is timeless and will last a lifetime and will only be visible when you want it to be.

butterfly tattoo meaning

6. On the thigh tattoo

This tattoo’s next option is for bold women who want a placement and design that is a bit larger. The design features a moon-like circle, with two small dots above it, a flower, and a large butterfly in the middle all creating a circle.

On the thigh tattoo

7. Butterfly Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos are some of the most badass designs. The skull symbolizes new life and immortality and with butterfly represents the circle of life. Butterfly tattoo meaning is one of the inspirations that help us to choose.

Butterfly Skull Tattoo

8. On the Belly Center

Here is another interesting spot to have your tattooed and the design is not overly complicated. The butterfly tattoo design comes in many shapes and sizes and this is pretty minimalist.

belly butterfly atttoo ideas

9. On the Arm

This design and ink are stunning and represent strength, and your ability to write a story. The design is cute and its place on the arm could be easily covered if needed.

butterfly on the arm

Image via anouka_tattoo

10. Matching Half Butterflies Tattoo on Arm

Stunning butterfly flower tattoo ideas for best friends. These are a good choice if you want to express your love and connection with someone special. The designs are breathtaking and we highly recommend them, especially for sisters.

butterflies tattoo on arm

Image via anouka_tattoo

11. On the front of the shoulder

This butterfly shoulder tattoo looks amazing, with both wings spread, and has small dots and heart shapes on it.

12. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoos

The Semicolon tattoo’s meaning is a deep message for those who may have health with addiction, or depression its an affirmation. So if you are facing something like that this is a tattoo that symbolizes strength and resistance.

Also, note that these can also just mean something light-hearted.

semicolon tattoos meaning

13. Cherry Blossom And Butterflies

Blue butterfly pigment can last a long time so getting them is a good idea if you want a lasting stunning hue. The other butterfly tattoo is a monarch one of the symbol of royalty and beauty.

The flowers are also a lovely touch, the whole tattoo design is stunning. The cherry blossom is full of life and beauty.

blue tattoo and monarch

14. Colorful Tattoo Idea

We love how every color on this butterfly tattoo design is magical, soft pretty hue. The design also has a waterdrop effect which is so cool. The wings are spread and seem to represent freedom.

Image credit: Instagram/carlatattoos

15. Shoulder Small Meaning full Butterfly Tattoo

Here is a lovely shoulder butterfly tattoo idea with wings a bit together. Not all butterflies have color and this black outline butterfly is just that. The best part about black ink tattoos is they are preserved better in the long haul.

16. Tiny Butterfly Tattoo

Tiny tattoos are some of the most on-trend right now, they are perfect for everyone. These small tattoo ideas can be done on most parts of the body. They fit well behind the ears, finger, and arm endless possibility.

Cute Tiny buutterfly tattoo

17. Butterflies that Sparkle

These butterflies’ forearm tattoos are just so pretty. The design features four average size butterflies with stars. You could choose a larger one but these small ones are just dainty.

butterfies tattoo ideas

18. Neck Butterfly Tattoo with Word

Up next is this butterfly side neck tattoo with Chinese writing. The Asian word is a popular choice for a tattoo and the combination of the two popular design blend flawlessly.

Chinese writing butterfly tattoo

Image Unknown

19. Transforming Neck Shoulder Butterfly Tattoos

This next design features a small tattoo on the arm leading to the top of the shoulder and a larger one on the neck.

Transforming Butterflies

20. Still into You Butterfly Tattoo With Meaning

Well, looking for butterfly tattoo ideas with lots of meaning then these are worth getting. They have a funky, fun look that we can smile about while they have a deeper meaning for some.

21. Spine Quote and Butterflies

Next these elegant female spine tattoos, the butterfly seem like they are living off.

spine quote

Image credit: instagram.com/esluckykat

22. Feminine butterfly and flower tattoo designs

butterfly and flower tattoo designs

Image via @laurenscarletshades

23. Mini Red Butterfly

24. Monarch butterfly tattoo

monarch butterfly tattoo

25. Rose and Butterfly tattoo

rose and butterfly tattoo

26. Colorful Butterfly and flower tattoo designs

rose and butterfly tattoo

27. Rose with a butterfly tattoo

rose with a butterfly tattoo

28. Cute Little Tattoo With Butterfly

29. On the Arm

30. Butterfly on Back Neck


butterfly flower tattoo


butterfly flower tattoo

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