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Butterfly tattoos are some of the most majestic and interesting designs. Every design has its own unique and interesting design, from bold colors strong outlines, and meaning behind each. The butterfly hand tattoo design is cute and I have gathered some ideas to inspire you.

Hand butterflies tattoo are feminine and they are also not too soft. They will get noticed easily as they are on the hand. The butterfly tattoo is trending for women and has also been a popular choice by females for a long time now.

I love how creative these designs can be, butterfly and flower tattoos are a lovely combination. We love hand butterfly tattoo and you can do a lot of different things to make them stand out.

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23 Best Butterfly Hand Tattoos

Butterfly and Flower Tattoos

This tattoo with a mix of flowers, roses, and butterfly symbolize growth and transformation. This may not be for everyone but the design is pretty and eye-catching and will have you feeling confident in your choice.

colorful butterfly tattoo on hand with flowers

Red hand tattoos butterfly

The red and Black butterfly tattoo is a good choice for those looking for something bold and different. The red ink in the middle and the black create the lines. The red butterfly hand tattoo contrasts well with the black outline on all skin.

red butterfly hand tattoo

Image credit tattoos_by_.38

Detailed Blue Butterfly Tattoo

Blue tattoos are rare and pretty unique, these butterflies range in size. The larger butterfly is on the wrist of the hand, leading down to the index finger.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

Image credit tattoos_by_.38

Simple small butterfly tattoos on hand

Who else loves minimalist tattoos? We here at Inspired-Beauty.com love them. This little black line tattoo is on the bottom of the thumb finger. This could be your first tattoo and that gives it meaning.

simple butterfly thumb jammer

Image credit: _jose_g_p_

For the Minimalist Hand Butterfly Tattoo

This next design features two tiny tattoos, these are just simple line tattoos. If you don’t like pain but want to get inked this is not a bad option.

hand butterflies tattoo

Image Credit: mirandapokes

Small Feminine Butterflies on Hand

I personally love these because they seem so dainty and delicate. These are perfect for girls wanting to get inked but have a more elegant appeal. Elegant butterfly tattoo designs on hand that are not too overly designed.

butterfly tattoo on hand

Simple Blue Tattoo

Here is another butterfly tattoo for women looking for something cute and simple. This could look amazing in other colors too but a blue ink tattoo

simple butterfly tattoo

Image credit: malyphitetattoos

Black Outline Butterfly Tattoo

This large design features a large butterfly on the back of the hand. The butterfly tattoo on hand idea is very detailed. This design is bold and you would need to choose a talented artist to recreate this design.

hand butterflies tattoo

CREDIT: tattoos_by_.38

On Palm Another Level

Have you ever wanted a butterfly in your hands? now you could have a tattoo such as this one! This is a nice one if you love attention because every time you make contact with someone they will see it.

butterfly tatoo in the palm of the hands

Image Credit: @giseo_tattoo

Butterfly Hand Tattoo with Flowers

Butterfly flower tattoos are pretty popular and you can see why. The mix of two popular tattoo designs combines to create a stunning design. This design is wonderful for anyone who wants to make a statement with a tattoo.

butterfly flower tattoo

Rose and Butterfly Star Tattoo Ideas

A butterfly tattoo with rose and stars on the hand like this can have a lot of meaning. Here again, the design has a lot of detail and every part stands out.

rose and butterfly tattoo

Simple Line Sparkle Tattoo Design

This is another line design, it’s quite simple and cute. The single butterfly surrounded by plenty of small stars sparkles.

star tattoo ideas

A large Butterfly Covers the top of the hand

This next design features, flowers,m rose, and a butterfly in the middle. When it comes to butterfly hand tattoos all the designs around it help to create something amazing.

butterfly flower tattoo

Image Credit: tattoosbynikkirae

Cute Butterfly Hand Tattoos

Hand butterflies tattoo with a vine wrapped around. This design is a great option for anyone ins search of a fresh start. The smallest butterfly on the finger can remind them of how far they have come.

hand butterflies tattoo

Colorful Tattoo Design

Regardless of anywhere on the body the tattoo is placed it will make an impression. The colorful wings spread across the top of the hand. Butterfly tattoo on hand with a lot of other smaller designs around it.

Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

Meaningful small butterfly tattoos

This design is not the most bold but we always say beauty in simplicity. This tattoo idea speaks for itself and the part in its place is so cute. The colors are pretty and cheerful.

meaningful small butterfly tattoos

Sweet Hand Butterflies Tattoo

Two tattoos of a butterfly on the hand, a smaller one on the finger with wings closed and the larger one spreading its wings. This design is elegant and graceful in black and a tint of colorful hue.

hand butterflies tattoo

Image Credit: inkfierno_tattoos

Half Butterfly Half Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos are some of our favorites and the butterfly have a lot of meaning. Look at how beautiful the small details on the wings are. A black butterfly tattoo can symbolize freedom and beauty.

half butterfly half flower tattoo

Skull Butterfly Tattoo

This butterfly skull tattoo features a scary design but it is a lovely design. We know skulls are a more popular design among males but modern females are rocking these now.

Skull hand tattoos butterfly

Small butterfly tattoos on hand

These next hand butterflies tattoo can have many meanings such as moving on. The smaller tattoos started on the ring finger and then went upward into larger ones.

small butterfly tattoos on hand

Image via @laurenscarletshades

Matching Simple Design

Matching couple tattoos are great and it’s not hard to find butterfly designs. The design is clean and simple and it’s a symbol of love and togetherness.

Tattoos can have a lot of meaning but one thing we all share is that we want to feel connected to something. Love is very powerful and we want to connect with our loved ones.

Matching butterfly hand tattoo

Matching Butterfly Tattoo on Hand

Here is another way you can get your design, half on one hand and half on the other when put together they become complete. The design has a lot of black ink which makes it rich and stands out.

butterfly tattoo on hand

Butterfly Finger Tattoo with Sparkle

Small single butterfly hand tattoo on the finger with a sparkle around it. The three little stars enhance the appearance of the butterfly and not overshadow it, work well together.

sparkle tattoo design

Red Butterfly Hand Tattoo

These hand butterflies tattoo are so cute with three black and one unique red ink design.

red butterfly hand tattoo

Which of these butterfly tattoos on hand which is amazing are you going to get? Tattoos can be permanent so try to get one you will not regret. Tattoos are a great way to express yourself and they look good most of the time.

butterfly hand tattoo

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