36 Gorgeous flower tattoo designs & Ideas


Flower tattoo ideas are among the most popular choices for women. Getting a gorgeous flower tattoo design at the right spot is the ideal recipe. Choosing to have your ink colored classic black is the next step. Butterfly and flower tattoos are easily some of my personal favorites.

Flowers can look quite delicate and they are versatile in placement and look. The modern tattoo artist can help your dream ink come to life with variations of flowers, their stunning styles, and colors.

You can choose to have a cute small tattoo or a large tattoo. Tattoos with flowers can be placed practically anywhere. Sunflowers and lotus flower tattoos, sunflowers are among the most popular choices.

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Note: Before attempting to tattoo your design, make sure you have the proper training, skills, and equipment to do so safely.

Best Flower Tattoo Designs

Thigh flower tattoo designs

lotus flower tattoo

Large leg and thigh mix with lotus flower tattoo

Leg Floral tattoos

flower tattoo ideas

Unique mixture of flowers

flower tattoo ideas

source chik.tattoo

Back Tattoo with flowers

Our next inspiration is this butterfly tattoo with flower on the shoulder. Flower and butterfly tattoos on shoulder

Butterfly and flower tattoo

Rose and butterfly flower back tattoo for women

Rose flower tattoo designs

This next idea has some colors to it, beautiful rose with bright solid colored leaves. You can embrace this spine flower tattoo idea.

rose flower tattoo designs

Rose back tattoo

Simple Flower Tattoo Designs

This design is cute and somewhat elegant as well. Picture wearing this with an open back dress or blouse.

simple flower tattoo designs

Minimalist tattoo design for women

Pretty Large Flowers

The details on this design makes it eye cathing as it also look realistic. The interesting colors from clear outline to solid black inked.

Image Pinterest.com

Color in the Flowers

Wanting some color in your tattoo? then check out this next design. It is a beautiful tree with lovely flowers on every branch.

Green and Red ink tattoo

Arm Flower Tattoo Ideas

I know a few of my friends asked for arm tattoo ideas and this is one with a feminine touch as well.

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Delicate tattoo for the arm

Outline snake and flower tattoo designs

This design has a black snake with a red-inked flower design wrapped together.

outline snake and flower tattoo designs

Snake and flower tattoo mix color

small flower tattoos

Blossoms Flower Tattoo Design Image source maibach.tattoo

flower tattoo designs

Black Flower Tattoos For Women

flower tattoo designs

Lily Flower Sleeve Tattoos For Women

 Orchid Flower Tattoo Design

Orchid Flower Tattoo Design

Shoulder Flower Tattoo Ideas

Rose Flower Tattoos For Girls

Rose Shoulder Flower Tattoos For Girls

flower tattoo designs

Red Rose Flower Tattoos For Girls

flower tattoo ideas

Large floral tattoo on shoulder

flower tattoo ideas

Shoulder butterfly and flower tattoo

flower tattoo ideas

Image source chik.tattoo

flower tattoo ideas

Flower shoulder tattoo

Behind the ears small flower tattoos

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small flower tattoo ideas

small flower tattoos behind the ears

small flower tattoos

small flower tattoos

small flower tattoos

Simple tattoo with a flower behind the ear

Pretty Daisy Tattoo behind ear

Ankle tattoo ideas

Let it be Sun Flower Tattoo Design

Image: @la_ligne_de_vi

Small ankle tatts for woman

Image from Tattoobag

Finger Flower Tattoo Designs

@corpusliberi via Instagram

Image @alessandroverziera/instagram

Classy Finger flower tattoo ideas

Hip and Thigh Tattoos with Flower Designs

Bright colorful flowers and butterfly

Hibiscus Flower Tattoos

Tribal, rose, and Hibiscus Flower Tattoos

flower tattoo designs

Pretty sunflower

flower tattoo designs

Rose and Thorns flower tattoo designs

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